Betty Chinn in the New York Times Today

Betty Chinn's Facebook cover photo

Betty Chinn’s Facebook cover. She is farthest right.

This morning Betty Chinn, our well-known homeless advocate, is in the New York Times. Here’s a quick excerpt:

One of her clients, Kim Johnson, 56, said he was on the streets, just out of jail on a drug charge, when Ms. Chinn showed up with coffee in the 1990s.

He now works as a night watchman for a temporary housing project in Eureka that Ms. Chinn spearheaded. Asked where he would be without her, he said likely dead.

“I gave up on life,” he added. “And she believed in me. Still does. I don’t know why.”

For the rest of the New York Times article, click here.



  • Your awesome Betty Chin! I wish you could help down here in So Hum.

    • She doesn’t do it alone… who are advocates for the homeless in the SoHum area who would be willing to volunteer? She has the model and experience to share….

  • Don’t bring her down here, send them up there,she’s already set up

  • Pretty awesome recognition. We may not like the vagrant, homeless situation but instead of sitting back and complaining about it, she is out there trying to make a difference. What a wonderful, , kind woman. Mother Theresa of the North!

  • Being on the route between Chin’s day center and the food bank is a tremendous problem for the jefferson school community. It bring us disorderly, intoxicated individuals, litterers, and petty thieves.

  • I think they should honor Betty something like a mother Teresa for the down trodden .Bravo Betty Chinn u are a saint

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    Betty is a true Blue Angel she executes the Lord’s mission everyday.

  • Calcutta Nonsense

    The idea that anyone would compare Betty Chinn, a decent, humble woman to that charlatan called “Mother” Theresa is an insult to Betty. Chinn is a far better person than that self-serving sadist who was feted for running a scam on literally the most vulnerable people on the planet.

    Betty actually helps people, feeds, houses and clothes them, while that vile woman known as “Mother” Teresa did nothing but exploit them.

    Have a deadly infectious disease? Here, share a bed with some who also has a different but deadly and contagious disease and then you’ll learn the true humility of Christ as you die a slow and agonizing death.

    Betty Chinn deserves a lot better than to be compared to that cruel, cold, old hag.

  • Good lord. Calm down. My intent was to say that Betty Chin is a wonderful person. Sorry you don’t like the Mother Theresa reference. I am not aware of the bad side of her. I am not going to cross reference and google everything I post. Wasn’t she made into a saint? There must have been something good.

    • Calcutta Nonsense

      The comment wasn’t in response to you despite your blinkered ignorance, it was in response to the bullshit the Times printed. I couldn’t give fewer shits about what you type and cross-reference.

      • Wow. Ok then. My mistake. Thank you for your honest and kind response. Angry much? Have a great day.

        • Thank you zen! It’s so sad to see people feeling the need to be so mean, it leaves no room for debate or friendly conjecture. Being kind in the world right now isn’t so easy but is soooooooo important to balance the dark.

      • I hope that whatever is ailing you, leaves soon.

  • Geez all I was wanting to do is pay a Betty a compliment, for all she does didn’t mean to upset certain people wow .

  • Betty seems pretty damn amazing.
    Mother T on the other hand, a mixed bag, to say the least.
    Most people have swallowed the popular view that Mama T was a saint,
    there is another side. (Maybe there is always another side?)

  • I scan these comments so quickly I almost see a movie in my mind, complete with characters. This end had me smiling, I tell ya, & ZEN: you ROCK! with your quick, levelheaded responses. 🙃
    Go, Betty Chinn. What an honor to know her.

  • I tried to volunteer. She’s nuts. The people in support of property rights make it so she is the only one allowed to help the homeless. It’s a scam to make the homeless leave town.
    People like to hold her up as a good example. Someday people will look back and know.

  • Betty is an amazing woman, well deserved accolades go to her. I wish we could appropriate cheers to our legislators for their awesome solutions, but they’re too busy boasting about their latest ridiculous landgrab, UN grant, & funding for unconstitutional bills & studies that restrict us even more. Trains, planes & automobiles should be a movie.

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