Windy and Wet This Morning

The National Weather Service reported this morning that “a line of showers off the coast is slowly moving east.” This will bring moderate to “locally heavy rains” at times and winds of up to 45 miles per hour in the Humboldt and Del Norte areas. However, the rains should taper off this afternoon.

According to the Weather Service’s website, between 1/2 and two inches of precipitation is expected with the Humboldt Bay region getting the lower amounts and the Garberville and Crescent City areas tending towards the higher amounts.

UPDATE 7:37 a.m.: Here’s some of the wind gusts reported by the National Weather Service in Eureka so far:

Crescent City: 39MPH

Ship Mtn: 57MPH (Wow!)

Kneeland: 52MPH

Arcata Airport: 35MPH

Fortuna: 30MPH

Rodeo Valley: 26MPH



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