Amber Alert Issued for 7-Month-Old Boy

Press release from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office:

HANNAH ASHLEY On Sunday October 23, 2016 at about 8:30 AM a woman in Guerneville, CA called to report that her 7-month-old grandson was taken from a crib in her home. She believes the suspect to be her daughter, 35-year-old Hannah Ruth Ashley who came into her home and took her child. There has never been a threat of violence towards the child and the child is not believed to be in danger, however the grandmother has legal custody. During recent child visitations it was reported that Ashley made threats to take her child back.

At this time a BOL for Hannah Ashley has been placed. Ashley drives a silver Subaru Forester with a CA license plate of 5JKZ255. If Ashley is spotted you are requested to call Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dispatch at 707-565-2121 or 911.

According to information posted by the National Weather Service in Eureka,

…Henry Massey was abducted from Guerneville, California. Henry Massey is a 7 month old white male, 26 inches tall, weighing 15 pounds, with brown hair and grey eyes.

The suspect, Hannah Ashley, is a 35 year old white female, standing 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 125 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes.The suspect was last seen driving a silver 2005 Subaru Forrester, with a California license plate number 5JKZ255.



  • Is the photo the mother or the grandmother?

  • The “National Weather Service?” What? (And my phone just went berserk with…a weather warning?) Message says to contact my local news agency…and that be you! Is this for the missing child or a storm warning or both? af

  • Thanks Kym. My phone went off with Amber Alert too, and you are my local news outlet

  • To whomevers arms this baby boy belongs to I wish him a safe and happy return. I’m honestly relieved to hear that it’s a family issue, involving custody and he has been misplaced within the “legal” families hands. Instead of a nasty creep snatching up a baby to make pedophilla soup with. This baby is likely in far safer hands then most Amber Alerts we hear about. Again, I wish for his safe return and family matters to be resolved.

  • Yes, Kym, thank goodness for you. You are always my go to person for information on any emergency. Thank you for all you do!

  • I know Hannah. She’s a beautiful, smart, sweet woman. She is not a drug addict.

    • So, what led to grandma getting custody of the child if not drug abuse?

    • Thank you for standing up for your friend! The ignorance of these posts are infuriating! So many people have no idea what is happening is our family court system! If you can inform them more on this situation without endangering this Momma & her son then please educate them! She does not look like a drug addict! She looks like she had been crying as most of us would be if we had just been through something terrible as she very well had just gone through.

    • This is an old message, so I don’t know if anyone is reading this. I also knew Hannah a long time ago. I also found her to be beautiful, intelligent and sweet, but troubled. I didn’t realize how troubled.

  • Unfortunately in custody cases, if there is a history of any type of domestic abuse, the baby could very well be in danger. A custody dispute is just as serious, sometimes even more so.

  • More details from the CHP’s website (the Amber Alert info’s been deleted from the Weather Service page):

  • Obviously nobody posting on this site has a brain in your pea brain heads and all of you are heartless with not one ounce of true life experience! I say this with two exceptions of two people who posted comments that show they aren’t inbread judgmental ignorant people! In a domestic violence case are any of you aware that the child is taken from BOTH parents and put in a foster home? Yes! That is our laws! A mother can be beaten and laying in a hospital and guess what happens next? Her child is taken from her because she was a victim of domestic violence and had her child in her home while she was being beaten, raped, stabbed and worse. By the way the comment about anyone driving a Subaru being less than human is entirely stupid! Can you drive to a lot right now and purchase a new Subaru? I doubt it! I pray she is safe and the energy from the love of a Mother is greater than anything on this earth! Stop being so judgmental and ignorant! Do you have kids? Can they read and right? Do they have a relationship with God or are you teaching them to judge others as you are? Shame on all of you ignorant people! Only one of these people posting know her and they are standing up for her! You DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HER AND HER SON! Do you? No you don’t! Look into our family courts a little closer and investigate and see what is actually happening in the system! Do you know child molesters are actually being given unsupervised custody of their children when the other parent has never even received a parking ticket? Look into this! Educate your ignorant minds! Get your hand out of that pig rind bag and off that hams beer can & put on a clean shirt go to the court house and CPS and follow up on CPS cases. CPS gets paid by the government to remove children from parents. If they can permanently take custody away from good parents permanently and adopt them out then they get a 10k check per child from our government. Look into it! This is not bullshit! Dig into the truth. All of you with 2 exceptions are so ignorant I can barely contain my disgust!!! May God protect this protective Momma and her son. May God give all of you some brains as well. Yes, in that order.

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