Weott Haunted House (Not Recommended for Small Children)

Haunted House Weott



  • Henchman Of Justice

    Is the haunted house ADA accessible.

    If not, why not?

    Public event advertised.

    How about gender preferred restrooms?

    Business and non profits in the good ole US of A.

    Oh, and breast feeding areas too, like the Humboldt County Fair…….liberalized progressiveness style……

    • My entire life I always thought that bathrooms were designated based on sex, not gender.

      Gender is a social construct, I thought sjw’s are against social constructs such as race, so why do they embrace the concept of gender?

    • How is a breastfeeding area “liberalized progressiveness style”? I’m surprised you’re bothered by that; you seem the type to get offended by an errant nipple being used for it’s intended purpose.

    • you are ridiculous. Seriously

    • You’ve become a predictable bore….

  • It’s supposed to be scary ,and nothing is scarrier then being trapped in ur wheel chair pissing ur self while being chased by a clown with a chainsaw!!😂😂😂

  • Love how it’s not recommended for small children but yet they have a price for children under 8. Lol. But seriously though, is it cool for a 10 yr old? My kids really want to go.

  • My daughters pretty confidant. She had been going since she was 3. I keep telling her it’s going to be scary this year and she just tells me “they are just costumes mom!”
    She’s so adorable and brave for a 5 year old. :p

  • It’s just a few locals having some fun scaring other locals last year was really good so I hope they do even better this year and I also agree with kids eight and up though there are games downstairs for the little ones butt if you go to a haunted house you asked for it.

    And everyone there is very friendly so even if you are a breastfeeding paraplegic I’m sure you will still have a great time

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    Watch Out for Vampires they are so scary.

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