Gas Leak in Garberville Caused by Vandalism

Humboldt house Inn from their website

Humboldt House Inn from their website.

Early this morning, occupants of the Humboldt House Inn in Garberville were awakened by a fire alarm. Many of them flooded into the parking lot. The smell of gas had alerted the staff to a problem. It was soon discovered that a regulator at the inn was broken.

“We got a call about 4:25 a.m.,” said Kirk Chaney, regional operations manager at Blue Star Gas. “Somebody had vandalized a regulator…Gas continued to spew. We were able to isolate and shut it down fairly quickly….by 4:35 a.m.”

Humboldt House Inn was the only property affected by the vandalism.

A new regulator was quickly installed. “The main time was spent relighting the hot water boilers,” Chaney explained. “These are commercial grade water heaters.” Hot water wasn’t restored until after 6 a.m., he said.


  • Laytonville Rock


  • I just saw a photo of a tattoo shop in Portland, OR that was leveled by a gas leak explosion. It blew the building to pieces. Lucky nothing bad happened at the hotel.

  • Nocturnal elf-nomes addicted to propane have returned to roost

  • The Garberville ‘walking dead’ at it again.

  • Someone needed a part for their meth cooking at the other hotels in town.

  • Close Call u are so right. WTF is with people these days. Spoutn off like its nothing. Walking Dead. wow unreal. Someone did this for a reason. knowing what could of happen. if not then what. No mention into investigation?????
    WHO WAS A GUEST AT THE HOTEL!!!!! Think about that!!

  • Security camera footage? Attempted murder really should be investigated. Probably too far away for HCS to investigate…

  • Darned kids! When they can’t afford Whippets they break gas regulators and sniff the gas! Unbelievable – why, when I was knee high to a grasshopper we were perfectly happy sniffing gasoline – no need to vandalize the local facilities…. ;*p

  • It is really a shame this horrible place of lodging (read 24/7 drug supermarket) did not burn to the ground after being evacuated. Hey Garberville, no thinking person would stay in that wreck of a motel strip! Try the orange fence treatment you love so much!

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