Trinity County Sheriff urges shelter in place as they surround home

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office has surrounded a home in the Councilman Road area of Sawyer Salyer in Western Trinity County. According to scanner information, they are at the scene of an attempted home invasion. The suspects are reportedly still inside. Residents in the area are being asked to shelter in place. Residents are telling us that the Shasta County SWAT team is in the area and we also hear that the Humboldt County SWAT team has been requested. See here for more information.

UPDATE: Home Invasion in Salyer: Photos From the Day



  • Where is Sawyer? What is the closest town to it??

  • I hope they get them with no incident and everyone stays safe. Everyone keeps your eyes open this time of year and please be safe.

  • Salyer is where councilmen road is.

  • Salyer not sawyer. 😉

  • That should be Salyer, not Sawyer just a quick FYI!!! As in… The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office has surrounded a home in the Councilman Road area of Sawyer

    • I was wondering if they were talking about Salyer… Because I’ve never heard of Sawyer in Trinity County. But wasn’t sure if it was just a place I’d never heard of..

  • I live in Hawkins Bar and just saw two armored Hummers(both w/shooting turrets) going that direction…so far at least a dozen marked and unmarked vehicles have gone by…

  • Kym, you’re the best. I do have a request, however. Is there any way that you could list the time that these stories hit the interwebs? With certain news, I am left wondering if it is ongoing or if it has happened hours ago. Thank you…Slayer rules!

  • I think it’s between Willow Creek and Hawkins Bar

  • A hundred years ago and less, well-armed members of the community would have joined the Sheriff. Now they’re told to go to their hidey-holes.

    Another fine example of the Wussification Of America, where disarmament of the populace is used as the basis for militarization of law enforcement and the creation of a total police state.

  • Sounds like ol’ bill frye might have finally have what he had coming all these years. Okie from Oklahoma.

    • Thats funny, I didn’t’ notice it mention a name or address in the article. Do you always throw people you know under the bus. Maybe the kettle calling the pot black.

    • If you ask me he didn’t get nearly what he deserves. That’s just my opinion and I’m his granddaughter, but I know he has a lot more coming his way.

  • The armored SWAT van is on it’s way..CHP escort.

  • I lived in the area briefly and I do remember Bill Frye and his family. Bill had an opinion on everything but he was always respectful to me.
    After you cross the South Fork bridge there’s a church on the right and just past that some houses and then the Salyer Post Office (and a store, if it’s still there).
    Across from the is the road that leads to Councilman Road (left) and Salyer Heights (right). The Salyer Heights road leads to an old back road to Willow Creek.
    Like with the recent closure of 101 due to the tanker spill, you always needed to know the alternate routes, however sketchy they might be.

  • Confusion on name could come from the fact there’s a Sawyers Bar up in Siskiyou county, near Etna. Old mining town.

  • Take em out SWAT we don’t tolerate that kind of behavior in this neck of the woods!

  • Here comes the helicopter…

  • If we all looked after our neighbor there would be no need for all this, the bad guys wouldn’t stand chance….

  • Where they taking marihuana from a grower? Don’t worry marihuana dosen’t kill

  • I was wondering is there anymore news/updates on the stabbing that occurred in Weott a couple of weeks back?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Funny how tcso doesn’t handle forensic evidence, or murder cases unless it’s their liability which means delete 911 calls and promote the culprits.

    Does anyone know the story of the tcso camp chopper that crashed in Humboldt and everyone ran away?

    How about the stalk burning in fork ?


    Yea, they call Shasta because there is more to this…

    Like title company and a dog…

    Just keep them in Weaverville. From that spot you can quad up to 6000 feet and long time back get great tacos…cool riding. Hope insurgents get away.

    Dirty like kettenpom ,

    Dirty is a ” Constitunal Sheriff ” …

    Hot redhead secretary chicks with chop sticks are hard to pass up, even if wife is access to justice in the same building.

    Rooting for insurgents on this…

  • as i sat here this morning in my trailer next to hwy 299 in hawkins bari saw 20 marked and unmarked vehicles, 2 military vehicles, swat, an abulace,and several helicopters headed towards salyer wher i heard there was a home invasion by 3 men. apparently from what i hear they were held up in a place down the road from invasion. seems to be over now have seen several helicopters, police vehicles, and swat headed back towards redding.

  • It must be over. They’re going the other direction. Be careful driving east…

  • Neighborhood gossip has it…
    There was an attempted “Home Invasion”
    Someone was shoot?
    One or more invaders were holding up at a near by house

  • Update Kym?

  • Have they caught them??I think harvest makes people a little

  • It would be great if the media only utilized the term “Active Shooter” for true “Active Shooter” incidents. This was a “Home Invasion”

    An Active Shooter is an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area; in most cases, active shooters use firearms(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims.

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