Car Stopped to Let Children Cross Street Struck From Behind


Emergency personnel extract an elderly woman from her vehicle while a firefighter interviews the driver of the dark sedan. [Photos provided by a reader]

At approximately 5:30 p.m. a woman driving a light colored hatchback stopped to let school children use the crosswalk at the corner of California and Harris in Eureka, according to a witness.

A man driving a dark sedan struck her car from behind. No children were injured but the woman driving the first car was taken by ambulance to the hospital.


Firefighter atop an engine that responded to the accident.




  • That’s what you call paying NOT attention to your driving.
    I’m always fearful of this happening anytime I stop for someone in a crosswalk.
    I’m sure that speed and/or tailgating was a factor.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      What if this collission is the fault of the car that stopped?

      Often, pedestrians are not in the crosswalk because they are waiting on sidewalk for traffic to flow an go away.

      Often, HOJ stands on the concrete corner and a vehicle just stops…..kind gesture, but illegal driving.

      Law does not say yield to pedestrians NOT WITHIN CROSSWALK……until peds are in crosswalk, keep driving.

      • California Vehicle Code automatically faults the driver who rear ends the other – either following too closely, going too fast (or both) or being inattentive while operating a motor vehicle. Had the driver of the first vehicle failed to stop for the children at the cross walk, she could have been cited.

        • Henchman Of Justice


          HOJ knows of several situations that defy the law.

          Impaired driver in front.

          Brake lights not fully functional


          Theoretically, manmade laws have too many flaws, and politicians lie about effects of laws too.

        • “The Vehicle Code ‘automatically’ faults the driver who rear ends the other”? Really?

          What code section says that, please? As HOJ suggests, there can be any number of causal factors in a traffic accident and the apparent fault depends on the totality of the circumstances. Oftentimes both parties can be at fault.

      • If you are waiting for a pause in traffic, you need to stand away from the curb.

    • Unfortunately, the best thing you can do for pedestrians (especially children) is not stop to let them cross. Just because you’re are paying attention, doesn’t me everyone else is. One-ways are the worst cuz the car in one lane will stop and the other lane won’t. See it all the time

      • the law says stop.
        don’t let other cars tailgate: stop, turn, pull over..especially if they are too distracting and or appear to be inattentive. You have to drive your own car, if another driver is endangering you and the other drivers and pedestrians ahead, take action to eliminate the threat.

        Luckily the pedestrians were’t hit by the car that stopped.

        This happens all the dam time, all over…especially at school time. kids just go and jitterbug around, it is very tricky to drive when schools out, low sun etc etc..

      • Henchman Of Justice

        A driver who stops is not paying attention, that is the problem.

    • Me too! sometimes i cant stop for crosswalkers because the car behind me is so close, if i did i would for sure get rammed,,,ugh

  • How does what looks like a pretty minor fender-bender from the rear lead to elderly woman being “extracted” from her vehicle?

  • I hope her injuries are minor and that she’s completely recovered soon.
    And thank goodness she had stopped – the nitwit that hit her car might as easily hit the children she stopped for.

    • Thank you for saying that. It is absolutely true. We could have been reading about a much worse situation this evening if the dark sedan had hit the children walking in the crosswalk made for them–and others. All the best to the person recovering. And thank you for stopping for the children. ♥

      • Henchman Of Justice

        The story does not state factually if the kids were waiting to enter as opposed to already have entered prior to woman stopping.

        Ya dont stop for any ped who is on the corner but not within sidewalk.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Um, that means she woulda ran down the kids first.

  • Rosemarie von Boomhower

    Henchman you have one negative attitude.

    • He enjoys spreading his own dismal outlook on topics and personal negativity to all of us. He feeds off our responses to his nauseating point of view on the topics of the moment. Most forums have at least one like him.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Or Mike,

        it could be the dismal society portrayed that is reflective in the comments by a person with a big ass heart, ever consider that???

        HOJ is a messenger… write HOJ enjoys dysmal outlooks is, well, quite frankly, your own words as HOJ is only a messenger, not a skilled emotional psychiatrist.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Yes, because requiring fact over fiction is upsetting to the PC culture and anyone looking to pick a bone with HOJ.

    • No, he has many negative attitudes!

  • It seems most posters are blaming the victim, rather than the person holding the steering wheel of the vehicle who collided into the car ahead. It’s 100% the fault of the vehicle owner with damage to the front of their vehicle, regardless of what any other poster on this board thinks.

  • Folks need to focus on driving instead of Facebook while sitting behind the wheel.

  • SuperAggressiveDriverof2TonWeaponofDeath

    HoJ is correct. Unless peds are IN THE CROSSWALK, no need to stop. I wish more people would better themselves and learn the rules of the road.

    If I see someone walking down the street sorta near a crosswalk, should I slam on my brakes?

  • whenever I stop to allow pedestrian to cross, I worry if and when to car behind me decides to go around me. I suppose not realizing there is a person crossing the road. We all Gotta be a defensive drivers.

  • I almost got rear ended stopping for a stop sign. Now I don’t stop for stop signs anymore!

  • One car length for every ten miles an hour. Tailgating is a common problem all over Humboldt County. BACK OFF M.F.!

  • It doesn’t matter if she “slammed on her brakes”. The other driver should have been x amount of cars behind her BECAUSE things happen and sometimes people HAVE to slam on their brakes. What don’t people get? Who’s to say the kids weren’t in a crosswalk? What if they did just jump out into the street? What, she’s supposed to just run them over? No, that’s why it’s illegal to tail gate. The driver that rear-ended her is 100% to blame as he should have been following at a safe distance.

  • Bet she was hit by one of those aggressive drivers who can’t ever seem to get anywhere fast enough.

  • Good idea to tapp……. the heck on the brake………….. Saved my life at Renner exit…. lets the car behind you see the brake lights better … you can also hit the emergency flashers, ********** If that dont work, hang onto your virginity*******your about to get a rearendo.

  • Elizabeth Bareilles

    My two cents: put on your hazard lights if you’re going to stop for a ped. It’ll make other drivers aware that something is happening.

  • The lady is my neighbor and she’s home now doing ok. There was a car in front of her who was stopped and she was rear-ended after she had stopped.

    HOJ wins the prize for the biggest asinine comments. She’s not manipulating anything. She’s home hurting. Shame on you for being such a nasty person.

  • 30 mph not much either, nothing to really mention

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