Manhunt Monday

Duane James Bowie, Jr.
Duane James Bowie, Jr. is wanted by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. If you have any information, they would like you to call at (707) 445-7251.



  • Sigh. Remember when guys with long hair used to be cool, and it was a sign they were into peace and love? I do!

  • where was he last seen? town he stays in? places he’s known to be? or just somewhere on earth?

  • HCSO??
    how about some manhunts for dangerous people who killed or disappeared these persons, and too many more to mention??

    Sheila, Danielle, Christine Lindsey Walters, Scott Johnson, Robert James Flaherty, Hugh Duggins, Arthur “Cricket” Ruiz III, Brials McCutcheon, Stephanie Gawboy, etc, etc, ECT!

    …”rent or lease a room for unlawful storage of a controlled substance…”!! is not endangering me…

    • I have felt the same way, these last couple manhunt photos are nothing compared to those who are lost or found dead with no explanation. My main concern is the ones who cause true violence.

      • I agree with this but at the same time know that sometimes they are chosen for reasons we don’t know amd they can’t arrest them for like being a material witness to a serious crime or person of interest in another investigation. I do agree that more serious crimes should be the ones they manhunt in general but sometimes they are chosen for valid reasons that can endanger an investigation if publicly listed.

    • My thought exactly

    • No Harm................................No foul

      Maybe you haven’t noticed that the police seek out law breakers regardless of what they are doing. Drug busts are excuses for a bust. No harm No foul. Trespassing another excuse. I live on a corner and people are always cutting the corner across my property. My neighbor across the street goes ballistic when someone cut across his lawn. I told him if he really feels violated build a fence. But he claims trespassing is against the law and the police should chase down people who break the law. Again, No harm No foul. My neighbor behind me grow weed every year for the past 17 years I have lived in my house. What he is doing is against the law. Have I called the police, NOPE, No harm No foul. But the worst was at WINCO when a young woman with a four or five year old in the cart and she was eating grapes from a bag. Some degenerate older woman reported her to the staff. Claimed it was paramount to stealing. The clerk told the mother to not allow her child to eat the grapes. I was so pissed I thought about talking with the older woman, but that would have only escalated the situation. But I did tell the clerk that there was No harm so No foul and that the accusing woman had issues (the young mother had dreads?) and he should have just told her to continue shopping and he would take care of her complaint. Last there are nearly 10,000 laws in California. Just breathing probably is break a law.

    • Don’t forget Jimmy Hoffa

    • So it looks like he was on the lamb from the last day of his multiple felony trial. He is on the way to the pen. So a good BOLO.

  • Looks familiar. Wonder if he has a nickname he goes by?

  • I know where he is but why say anything you guys are just gonna let him back out in a month

  • Probably O.R. after 24 hrs.

  • How do you know he is a man? You shouldn’t assume someones gender, you may misgender them.

  • Oh,lord. He does not look his age.

  • 5’9″ 200lbs: if this guy ain’t fat, then he’s one HUGE motherf-cker. Stay away!

  • He has been on dope at leat 20 yrs why waste tax payer money trying to rehab him .

  • Hey it’s Jim Bowie! Be careful, he might have a knife.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    The mom having her child eat food that has to be weighed at the check out is stealing.

    Yes harm a lot of foul.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Always amazed at folks who think stealing is a O.K.

  • I worked at a grocery store in the 1960’s that constantly lost money due to people thinking it was their right to eat the produce while they were shopping. There were a lot of people that treated the produce department as if it was their personal buffet set out for them to consume.

    As the money lost, do to free sampling mounted month by month, the produce manager decided to put up a sign that read, “Grazing Charge Minimum $1.00.” Once the word got out about the grazing charge, the stealing slowed down and finally stopped!

    Anytime something is sold in a store by the pound you need to make the purchase before you consume or use the item. Otherwise you are stealing from the company or store owner.
    You wouldn’t buy a pound of nails at the hardware store and put a 1/4 pound in your pocket before you came up to the check stand to purchase them. The money lost does add up over time.

    The mother in this case is the person that is in the wrong by sending the message to her daughter that this is OK and acceptable! Then this becomes bad learned behavior.

    The old lady that saw this happening obviously learned this lesson years ago, possibly by a parent that taught her that this is stealing from the merchant! That’s what it is!

  • Solution to people stealing groceries. Weigh them in–and weigh them out.– Just like they do at the dump… Simple—–The kid was obviously hungry as all kids are, give them a snack [-bring or buy it first,] Keeps the Kritters calm ,while you shop — no pop tarts—- grapes, nannannana- apple fruit.—- When days were real, the green groceir would let you sample anything- to see if it was ripe. They would even pick a mellon for you or teach you how to tell if it was ripe- they would plug a watermelon and serve samples.– The butcher? Bones were free- as was liver- heart- tounge kidneys etc. The Barber would give your hair back if you didnt like his cut job… sans grease.

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