North Coast Rainfall Records Continue to Be Broken This Week

Today, we had record breaking rainfall on Woodley Island in Eureka. So far 1.05 inches fell and the previous record was only .99 set way back in 1914, according to the folks at the National Weather Service in Eureka. We wonder how much more will fall today!

The Weather Service also tells us that on Thursday, Crescent City had 5.19 inches of precipitation which obliterated the old record of 1.34 inches set in 2009.

Eureka also broke it’s old record that day. It had 1.71 and broke the previous record of 1.09 also set in 2009.

In fact, both Crescent City and Eureka had so much rain on Thursday alone they came close to or exceeded previous averages for the entire month. (See graphic below.)

Thursday the 13th rainfall

Rainfall for Thursday the 13th [Graphic from National Weather Service]

Del Norte folks say they’ve never seen so much rain as they have today. We wonder if another record will be broken there today.




  • Man made Global Warming

  • I was born in Crescent City in 1963, remember the “64”flood vaguely–As a kid growing up there until 1982 when I left home, it would start raining on Labor Day and not quit until Memorial Day. 8 LONG months of rain Maybe the earth is going back to the way it use to be. Lord knows we could use it

  • Henchman Of Justice

    The NWS chart is difficult to understand because there are not code definitions for the column prefixes and information is mashed, squashed together.

    Also, a couple bloggers so far have predicted record rainfall totals this season because of the fact that June yielded a new record for rainfall and the last June record was 1964……call it a stock pick prediction based upon chart busting.

  • Rain doesn’t bother me. Just sucks that it can never just wait till the very end of October before it rains all it wants

  • Snow is cold, rain is wet…

    • Most any Eskimo could tell you that some snow is wet and some rain is cold.

      • They aren’t called Eskimos any more, the PC term if you’re interested is Inuit, which translates to The People!!! Anthopology lesson for the day DONE!!! ;-]]

  • Crazy day for football and it was storming like hell. Transformers exploding on the poles in crescent city I have never seen a game like this before. Wow

    • I was one of only four people who were on the home side bleachers. Let me tell you that it was something else, but that’s just how DEL NORTE plays ball.

  • Spent about 3 hrs. standing in the rain Sat. at the auction in Fortuna. It was a nice steady rain, falling at a slight angle from the east. Actually I kind of enjoyed it, people were nice. No snivlers. Still drying my boots.

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