Road Rage Incident Near Loleta

Breaking news graphicOn Hwy 101 near Loleta, a fullsize gold Chevrolet pickup has reportedly rammed another vehicle multiple times. The alleged victim of the attack told dispatch a little before 6:15 p.m. that the driver indicated that they should pull over and pointed a finger at them as if it were a gun.

As of 6:17 p.m. the Chevrolet took the Main Street exit into Fortuna.

Law enforcement is responding to the area.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • People are nuts!!

  • Oh, much worse than that! Folks in Northern Humboldt, or practically anywhere at all in CA, will fully engage in some very crazy shit over practically nothing at all!
    When on the road, it is best to just be mellow and stay out of the way of everything! Yes sir we got pistol wavers, big pickups speeding, idiots from Redding in old BMW’s passing over the double yellow, folks from Oregon everywhere driving like, well, Oregonians…
    Keep the head down, be cool, and don’t engage the kids. Mostly that’s what I do.
    Please, drive safe in Humboldt, try to act decent, and may you get wherever you are going without hurting anyone else or hurting yourself either!

  • Just got off the road. Had an idiot in a chevy truck tailgating with high beems on because I passed him when he was going 40 mph on 101. This could have been me getting rammed.

    • (Just-me)
      Question for you…
      Was this Chevy Truck…
      Gold by chance? If so you don’t even know Friggen Lucky you are, It could have been you who was getting rammed a few times in the rear!!!💜
      I pray that all Drivers are reading every one of the “The Redheaded BlackBelt’s” along with the CHP Incident Reports.” PLZ, PLZ, PLZ Drive Extra Safely because those other drivers might be carrying Precious Cargo in their Cars, JUST LIKE YOU! Think about it…

  • Sounds like it may have been a Dodge… cuz the other driver got rammed.

  • They do say most of Humboldt is uneducated so it doesn’t surprise me.

  • I let the yahoos do their thing and stay out of their way. They can go ahead and endanger themselves, but stay the heck away from me!

  • From the California Driver Handbook:

    dEaling With aggrEssivE
    drivErs and road ragE

    Aggressive driving and road rage happens when crowded roads, rush- ing, and impatience cause one driver to react angrily to another driver. To avoid aggressive driving and road rage situations:
    • Allow plenty of time to reach your destination.
    • Do not cut off other drivers.
    • Do not drive slowly in the left (fast) lane.
    • Do not tailgate.
    • Do not make gestures to other drivers.
    • Use your horn for emergencies only.
    Prevent a potentially violent incident by:
    • Avoiding eye contact with an an- gry driver.
    • Giving an angry driver plenty of space.

    • Thank you for letting us all reread that part of the California Drivers Handbook!
      Also (Thinskin)
      Where the heck did you get your information I from?!!? About how *Most of Humboldt County are UNEDUCATED PEOPLE!!”

    • Stay right EXCEPT TO PASS. Basic.

      • Slower traffic
        Keep right

        • Of course when the right lane has vehicles going 10 under, and Im going 5 over in the left lane, Im not going to even consider moving to the right lane, so that someone wanting to go 10 or more over can pass. If you pressure people so that you can speed, you can go fuck yourself.

    • These are not the only reasons for road rage. There are drivers out there that I call traffic controllers. They drive in the left lane usually right next to another car and will not let anyone pass. These are the most dangerous drivers I have encountered. They will go to great lengths to prevent anyone from passing and God help you if you do manage to pass. I have encountered several of these people. They will chase you down and try to ram you at high speeds as you try to escape with your life. They throw things out of their vehicles. They could shoot you. If you encounter one of these people, pull over and have a smoke, take a walk…whatever you have to do. Don’t engage them. I think they do this because they feel powerful when they get you upset and when they prevent you from passing. I had a gold Tahoe with a black man and woman inside do this to us a few weeks ago. I have a picture of the vehicle and am still very upset about this. It happens all the time. They threw something out the window at us. CHP you need to take this type off the road. If you are a traffic controller, it is sad that your life is so pathetic that you have to behave like this to feel powerful.

      • Yes, the self-appointed traffic controllers are my least favorite characters. That happens to me so often that I’ve been tempted to install flashing emergency lights on the front of my vehicle to move them out of the way!

        • I think some people who do this are “traffic controllers” aka assholes, but I also think some are just stupid drivers who may be oblivious to the rules and courtisies of the road.

          • I’ve personally been someone who has had a great deal of road rage. I’ve learned to instantly assume theses a good explanation for behavior I normally considered moronic or intentional. Maybe their spouse just died or their mom’s in the hospital and they are trying to drive right but distracted by grief. I’m sure not everyone has an excuse for driving like a goober but just in case they do theses no reason to be aggressive or in a hurry.

      • You are talking about people who are going under the speed limit, right? If they are going 5 over and you want to do 15 over, go fuck yourself.

  • We move out of the way!!pull over,what ever it takes to stay safe . people have no driving manners!!BE SAFE a kind driver.

  • Also this:

    traffic spEEds

    Collisions are more likely to happen when one driver goes faster or slower than the other vehicles on the road.
    If you drive faster than other traffic, you increase your chances of being involved in a collision. Speeding does not save much time.
    Driving slower than other vehicles or stopping suddenly can be just as dangerous as speeding, if not more dangerous, because you may cause a rear end collision or cause other drivers to swerve to avoid hitting your vehicle. If you are in the fast lane and you notice vehicles mov- ing to the right lane to pass you, or a line of vehicles is forming behind you, the best thing to do is move into the right lane, when it is safe, and let the vehicle(s) pass.

  • Fortuna Burger King Anonymous

    Thanks Fortuna!!!!
    *(Fortuna is the Friendly City and shall not be implicated in housing a large number of meth dealing white supremacists who still have 2 or 3 baby teeth remaining in their old meth mouths for undisclosed supreme white reasons)
    ** Second generation tweaker scum do not live in Fortuna Ca, (The Friendly City of Not White Nationalist 3 Baby tooth having racist inbred wannabe gangster meth dealers)
    *** This statement does not represent the views of Fortuna, it’s citizens, the values of the Friendly City nor does it hold rights to copy, reproduce, or otherwise broadcast the views therein. Courtesy Fortuna Aweseome Drivers Society.
    Also don’t drive near there…

  • Was the other truck a Toyota? Seen a gold lifted chevy duramax , driving pretty crazy in that area at that time.

  • This waste in the Gold Chevy truck needs to be found and dealt with. He could easily kill someone.

  • How I handle an occasional jerk while driving – I flash an apologetic smile (sincere or not, depends on who did what) & mouth the words, “Sorry, I’m from Iowa.” Works every time.


  • … and leave a slick residue on the road for someone to loose control and possibly die ? Not too bright and may end up in jail for a hazardous spill and someone’s medical bills.

  • are the problem

  • Simple rule to live by while driving: just smile and wave, that’s it, anything else and you might be part of the problem.

  • Great idea in theory, horrible in practice. It may not be in the highway code specifically, but it will certainly be in the criminal code in some form. Be careful.

  • Maybe this guy had one of those sprayers mounted, and sprayed the gold truck, and got rammed over it. Spraying oil on my car while I’m driving, might make me want to ram you!

  • Learned how to get from point A to point B when I used to drive with my cousins, Sydney and Fun Guy. You don’t worry about anything except getting to your destination no matter how long it takes. Let everybody go no matter how arrogant and don’t worry about tailgating: that’s what insurance is for. Good luck and drive carefully.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Drive carefully but tailgate like hell. Right. Tailgaters suck. Wow, I’m in the morgue or hospital for tailgating but at least I have insurance. Did anybody else make it?

  • Any idea what year this gold chevy is?there is a gold 1968-72 Chevy long bed right down the street from me

  • Learn to drive at cooking school ?

  • Take the test.

  • If we all agree to stay within 5 pmh of the speed limit, most of these issue can be avoided.

    When you drive extremely slowly in the right lane, those going the speed limit in the left cannot get over to the right in order to allow speeders to pass.

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