[UPDATE 3:16 p.m. Major Injuries] One Occupant Trapped After an Accident on Hwy 36

At approximately 2:10 p.m. a vehicle was reported to have struck a stump off of Hwy 36 near mile marker nine. The incident commander told dispatch that the westbound lane is closed and that the occupant is trapped as of 2:25 p.m.

UPDATE 3 p.m.: The occupant has been released from the vehicle and is being transported to the hospital with multiple injuries.

UPDATE 3:16 p.m.: The California Highway Patrol Incident page reports that the patient has major injuries.



  • That’s a slick spot on a day like today. Hope everything works out alright.

  • Should we change It to state Rt.86?[ and counting]Add a # every time people loose their lives?SLOW DOWN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, and FOR CHRISTSAKES!

  • My wife drove buy it .half ton pickup white in color looked like a accordion the whole underside was tore from the truck including the exhaust system she couldn’t see how anyone survived the wreck,but glad to here he is on his way to the hospital hope for speedy recovery .please people take highway 36 serious because it’serious on how it will the kill or mame its next driver thinking they are Parnelli Jones oh one more tid bit that’s if I recall correctly that’s the third or 4th wreck on that corner this year .36 has to be in the top five most wreck s in the nation .I’m just guessing. Maybe kym can find out ?

  • ThE Transportation Commission reports the 99 by Fresno is the worst death toll road in US.

  • You have to drive safe on HWY 36..I lost a son and his friend for driving to fast and hitting a redwood tree….5 years ago this month….

    • Redwood trees will NOT move over they’re kinda selfish that way, they will hog the road & or embankment or wherever they happen to be standing!!! They just plain refuse to move you are supposed to go around them, SAFELY, not try to challenge them!!! Hope ALL take a lesson from this latest victory by Hwy. 36 & your local Redwood trees, SLOW DOWN!!!!!

  • Yes this person is super lucky, I was actually 2nd or 3rd person on scene. Can only assume speed was the cause as it was not really appropriate to ask injured party what happened, but right before it had been raining hard and there were tons of needles on road at this point. That being said all the people who drove up on it who ignored the slow sign, you are part of the problem. If the vehicles in front of you are stopped or at a reduced speed that does not mean you try to pass them when you have no idea what is ahead of them as to why they stopped. I was merely a good Samaritan who stopped to help a fellow human and was appalled by how many of you drove by like we weren’t standing there at all. To our volunteer fire personnel, CHP, ambulance, sheriff and all the other concerned citizens, KUDOS to you. If I am ever in need like that, I can only hope someone like you stop to help me. Please please please be respectful of others on our roads.

    • BVFD does great work even as understaffed as they are!!!! As do the rest of the First Responders especially the ambulances whether they are from STAR (Southern Trinity Area Rescue or Fortuna, they ALL do a great job of picking up & hauling off of victims of Hwy 36!!! There have been FAR too many victims of this road this year & sadly the year still has a few more months to go before it’s over!!! As I said before, Slow Down arrive alive etc!!!

  • This is what happens when you drive 36 like you are on the freeway. People have to know how dangerous it is and how many accidents happen especially when it has been raining!! Slow the hell down people.

  • Yes, slow down, but be courteous enough to pull over and let the faster traffic by. Slow moving vehicles are a peril also. Some of the hot heads will do anything to get around you and that is where trouble starts for yourself and others.

    • Agreed 100%+ I have been passed like I was standing still when doing the speed limit & a bit over as well!!!! It’s no small wonder that there have been so many wrecks on this road, especially this year!!!

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