Car Spun Out on Hwy 101 and Ended Up in the Canal

According to the California Highway Patrol Incident page, a grey Nissan Versa spun off of Hwy 101 and landed partially in a canal just south of the Hwy 255 offramp. Information on the page indicates the Nissan was heading southbound when it went off the roadway and slid rear first into the canal.



  • Where was this at

    • Hwy 255 runs across the south end of Arcata.

      • No ma’am, hwy 255 is a false name. No one on this planet outside chp and caltrans has a clue what a hwy 255 is. That’s samoa Blvd to us humans. And linking to a map program might be an easy fix for these sorts of confusions.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      As you head southbound 101, @ HSU SOUTHSIDE , take the Arcata exit (merge right/westerly).

      You can either go under the Samoa BLVD overpass to loop easterly around to WEST Sunnybrae


      Drift to the right and enter SOUTHEAST Arcata onto Samoa BLVD after curving toward the southwest.

      Accident reads to be as if just under/south of overpass where looping to Sunnybrae, there would be a canal.

      Motorists every year go into the 600 foot drink along that merge lane……

  • Slowing down will increase your likelihood to live at least one more year….

  • In some cases slowing down will insure the continued existence of yourself and your family. Be careful out there! Speed can definitely kill!

    • sharpen your pencil

      Distracted driving is more likely to get someone killed than speeding alone….. Some people seem to want to figure out how many dumb things they can get away with before it catches up to them…

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