Trinity County’s Latest Most Wanted

Here is the latest poster for Trinity County’s most wanted. Links below allow you to see each suspect and their charges individually.
Trinity County Most Wanted

If you can help locate these suspects, the Trinity COunty Sheriff’s Department would like you to contact them at (530) 623-1227.

For more information and larger photos for each suspect, click on the links below.



  • Same pieces as a week ago. And kym, let’s be real. What’s the point. Maybe these wonderful folks will do 48 hrs. in the can instead of 2. More book and release. This is the first year i have ever voted, translation, jury duty. Mmkay…now I will be hunted down if I don’t serve on a jury. REALY? F’ed up system…

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Most are Hayfork, it’s too far to drive to Weaverville or other points, see Kettenpom murders for more info.
      Honestly, it would be better if Trinity County stayed out of Hayfork and didn’t come back.

    • People are being jailed for failing to show up for jury duty. This incarceration culture has got to change

    • Let me get this straight…. You are bitching about our justice system, and in the same breath bitching about your jury duty. Plus you have never voted. Wow….. Ive read and written some pretty ridiculous posts….. Do they still teach Civics and American Gov? Just stay home Nov 8

      • Actualy buddy, i would love to serve on a jury! Too busy trying to feed my teenage son all by myself! No assistance at all! As far as voting goes, never got involved until freak groper trump got in. But you’re right, i will forever vote now! And, kiss my ass.

    • One of the reasons juries tend to be filled by establishment oligarchs is because ordinary people consider judging their peers to be a nuisance, not the social equalizer it is….or can be. And the reason that good people go to jail for BS crimes is because “good people” skip out on this precious responsibility.
      You won’t be “hunted down,” but at some point you may regret your free ride. af

  • What’s next? Most wanted for non- jury service??? Wtf! Who’s gona pay my rent, feed my kid, oh wait, never mind…I’ll be lumped in with these fine folks. They’ll show me the ropes. No need for rent or food…just a fix😂

  • Did Josh Wentworth get caught yet?

  • I see Michael Berry was caught. I know his brother…Dingle

  • Sydney kirkman sure has the classic ‘zero F’s given’ face in that pic.

  • As a “Most Wanted” group, I’d say Trinity County’s is a lot better looking than the ones in Humboldt (North or South), or even Mendocino.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Better water in TC, no chrome, shallow wells, and all that.
      Plus, it’s not a Bay Area suburb so less freeway action, processed food, no coops selling organic Chinese produce, just better living in general, Humboldt is track row in many aspects. Don’t get me wrong, love the hum, but it has traffic lights and parking meters…. tc doesn’t.

    • Calendar material, for sure.

  • Do Not Pass Go . . .

    Wow. Fresh looking crew. Lots of glass pipes and glassine in them there pockets. Round ’em up!

  • What a bunch of whackadoodles.

  • No one is being jailed for failure to appear for jury duty! Turn off yer t.v., put down the bong. Paranoia leads to trumpiness, not pretty

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