Did You Know Felons in County Jails Can Vote This Election?

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One of the many propositions that inmates will be able to vote on. [Photo provided by a reader]

The Mendocino Voice, our sister site, has an article on this new law. Here’s a teaser:

Thanks to a new law, felons incarcerated in county jails will be able to vote in this year’s election, on November 8. On September 28, Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill removing voting restrictions on some incarcerated felons.

Previously, the law forbade people imprisoned or on parole for a felony conviction from voting. But AB 2466, sponsored by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber (D-San Diego),narrows the definition of “imprisonment” to mean serving a state or federal prison sentence.

Read more about this new law by clicking here.



  • wtf? That’s bull

    • Majority in for non-violent victimless BS..
      You’re right.. perhaps we should make it great again like the 40’s and silence the population you don’t agree with–scuse me–are “better than”.

  • They generally vote Democrat so of course the bill got passed. Same as the fact they offer to sign my brother up every year even though he is severly developmentally disabled. People in his group home l “help” the other residents vote even though they have no clue who the president is. There have been lots of recent news exposé on dead people voting and a guy who went undercover and voted 20 some times in one day because no one checked ID or if he was even a citizen. They claim there are enough false votes to have swung elections to Democrat favor. Guy that shot up the washington mall was a foreign alien voted last three elections. Funny thing huh. So why not let prisoners vote. We let non citizen, the mentally handicapped, and the dead vote.

    • Sadly, what you say is 100% true.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Bullshit, ernie. I thought you knew better. There are no credible incidents of significant voter fraud anywhere. But You and your insane, fanatic right wing websites make up any story you want just like your standard-bearer. What “lots of recent news exposes” are there? Name a few. I guess if we let Tudor vote, that is a good example of letting anybody vote. Shame on both of you.

        • Lost Coast Outburst, I assume you’re being sarcastic? otherwise you must be one of the most naive persons I’ve ever read a comment from. Or have drinking so much mainstream media Kool-Aid that your bladder must be close to bursting. There are cases on record in every state of dead and ineligible people on the voting rolls casting ballots. California recently passed a law that anybody getting a driver’s license is automatically registered to vote unless they opt out, this includes illegal immigrants however a computer and the bureaucracy is supposed to decide whether they’re eligible or not. How efficiently do most bureaucracies run in your experience?

    • Step 1) Turn off Fox ‘News’. 2) Remove the tin foil from your head. 3) Seek help.

      • Saying fox news is worse then CNN msnc or any other government controlled media is like saying the Democrats are less corrupt then the Republicans. They are all controlled by they same international corporate interests. Not by us the citizens.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Doesn’t matter one bit…

    Nobody even counts votes, it’s just a magic show that ads up to 33.

  • Here comes trump

  • I think it’s a good thing. Even incarcerated people are citizens.

    • Not to mention the fact that most people in jail/prison are there only cuz they can’t cough up the green.

      The ‘injustice’ system gets it wrong fairly often, too, in case you were thinking it’s all fair and stuff.

    • Veterans friend ,Well over 30% of them aren’t.

  • Regardless of your feelings about crime and punishment. Nobody should ever be prevented from voting unless convicted of a crime ageist our nation such as treason. That is unless you’re afraid most people don’t agree with your political views and you want an unfair advantage. These wise men (caugh caugh) who wrote our laws also prevented blacks and women from voting. The reasons laws like this get changed is because things such as separate drinking fountains for white and blacks was horribly bigoted idea. Just as preventing anyone from voting is.

    • I’m sorry but I don’t agree with you. These people made bad choices and have had there freedom revoked because of it. We don’t need people that have already demonstrated there bad decision making skills allowed to make decisions that will effect EVERYBODY.

    • Coletta, so I suppose that convicted felons should also get their rights to bear arms back and be able to obtain a high security job with the government?
      I would agree that felonies should be reserved for people that have actually committed heinous crimes. I mean in some states you can get a felony for using an assumed name on the Internet or releasing a mylar balloon in the sky. I believe the typical American citizens commit something like three felonies a week without even knowing it. However people that have lost their freedom for raping, murdering and assaulting other people I really don’t think should have the right to vote.

      • Most of them, yes. Everyone you deprive of their rights becomes more of a burden you don’t wish to carry. When you stigmatize a person for life with a conviction that only carries a sentence of limited time, they become unable to find employment, housing & many other things that then require us as a society to care for them. Unless of course, you think they should just be killed.
        A person is arrested every 25 seconds in America for SIMPLE POSSESSION OF DRUGS. This impacts ALL of us.

        • Valid points I have to agree with. Everybody has the right to defend themselves, vote, speak, worship. There is no clause in the Constitution which deprives anyone of their rights, except treason and maybe something else.
          The issue here is whether or not rights should be cherry picked.
          IMO, The solution lays in closing the revolving door. Stop imprisoning victimless crime criminals and stop releasing those who are a violent danger to society.
          Rights should be left alone.
          The states have the power to decide. The states are the people. The representatives are the hired relay messengers. I don’t remember being asked if I would like to allow the incarcerated the right to vote. I don’t remember being asked anything. The people, once again, are not being represented. They are being told to shut up and go along with what the politicians want.
          That’s not America. That’s tyranny.

  • I guess it would make a difference if it were head count voting and not a fixed system, electoral votes… pfft

    • Down with the Electoral College! It is anachronistic and unfair. One person, one vote.

      • Bonnie & Gazoo, that is the biggest issue in voting Faux Pas, that the antiquated Electoral College is still “voting for us”!!!! It should have been abolished LONG ago!!!

  • What’s it matter. .there ain’t any one worth voting for any ways

  • Whatever … one more step closer to the end … I’ve already learned Spanish as a second language so I’m sure I can learn Russian once they invade and take over the shit show that once was a great country.

  • I hate Jerry Brown so much…worst governor ever. California has really gone down hill with him in charge. There’s at least one comment above stating they should be able to vote…which I do not agree with. They did something wrong and thus lost there freedom because of it, yes they are people but I feel like since they lost there freedom, why should they be allowed some of the perks that go along with it? I bet this is a scam to get hitlery more voters.

    • Let him cast a stone at me

      Man some people on here are self righteous small and I gnorant. The moral compass on here I guess… probably just internet egomanism. I know “convixted felons” that were in trouble as younger people, served time did prbation or whatever and didn’t get felonies anymore, and are wonderful people who at one point got caught up but being a felon doesn’t define their life. If you think the system works the both are ignorant. Sorry. And all Hans have rights. Just very judgemental on here

  • According to the link, only non violent felons serving their time in county jails may now vote. (if I read it right)

  • In CA one’s voting rights are restored as soon as time is served.
    I don’t know the provisions of this new law but for heaven’s sake folks, VOTING is a good thing. Way too many of you who are not in jail don’t bother. Why would you object to ANYONE voting?

    • I would object because weather or not they were convicted of a violent crime they still made some bad decision(s) that landed them in prison. People that have had there freedom revoked should not have the privileges that everybody else does. They have already demonstrated they are not good at decision making already so ya sure, why not let them vote? (sarcasm)

  • Incarcerated felons who are legal citizens should definitely have the right to vote. After all they are still citizens!

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