As Approximately 60% of the County’s Nursing Home Beds Face Closure, Residents Protest

Photo by Betsy Totten

A protestor holds a sign proclaiming, “My mom is not a profit margin” in front of one of three care homes set to close on the North Coast. [All photos provided by a reader]

Photo by Betsy Totten

Austin Allison holding a sign at the event.

In Eureka yesterday, a frustrated crowd gathered in front of Pacific Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. It along with two other Brius-owned care homes are supposed to be closed in Humboldt County soon. The protesters argued that these closures by Brius Healthcare Services which is controlled by LA-based multi-millionaire Shlomo Rechnitz will cause hardships for patients and their family members.

“The closure of Pacific Care Home, and others currently on the chopping block, will be catastrophic for individual patients, and our larger community,” argued Austin Allison, candidate for Eureka City Council who helped organize the protest. “These patient transfers will tear families apart and put our most vulnerable citizens at risk of trauma and death.”

According to an article in the Times Standard, “The company owns all but eight of the county’s nearly 460 nursing home beds. The closures would reduce the total number of skilled nursing beds by nearly 60 percent.” Read the rest of the story about the closures by clicking on this link.

Another excellent source of information is this North Coast Journal piece.




  • Thank you good citizens that are speaking out about this issue!

  • According to billionaire Shlomo Rechnitz the owner of Brius Healthcare, profit is all that matters.

  • Shlomo? Isn’t that a Yiddish word for the Bezillbubs
    * hole.? Must be Hurowitz’s dominatrix.

    • U r sofa king stupid

      Covelo or busted?? Isn’t that Yiddish for girl with brown teeth who smokes way to much bath salts.. ps. us covelo residents would much prefer the busted option if it sent you home.

  • I guess fortucky s home is the only one that is not closing .if any of them that is closing it should definitely be this one here I why I think it should close .my mother was there until she died ,but I feel I should tell you that while in there care they popped out the hip that was replaced then they broke her leg .everytime they put her under to fix her sent her farther Into dementia. Worst nursing home ever .

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