Wanted Man Allegedly Attempts to Flee (Again) But Captured by EPD (Again)

Pia ChengOn October 12 about 12:10 a.m., a Eureka police officer saw a vehicle that matched one belonging to a probationer, Pia Cheng, age 31 of Eureka with outstanding felony warrants. Pia Cheng, wanted for several violations (see earlier story of his attempt to flee here) was allegedly driving on B Street near 6th. The officer followed the vehicle and called for backup because Cheng was believed to carry firearms.

According to Brittany Powell, Eureka Police Department spokesperson, Cheng abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. The female passenger, Alexandria Monique Lozano was detained and later arrested.Alexandria Lozano

Cheng, Powell said, was soon located in common hallway of an apartment complex near the intersection of California and Chope which was across the street from the abandoned vehicle. Cheng was taken into custody without further incident.

Officers “recovered meth and meth pipes and over four pounds of processed marijuana from his Cheng’s car,” reported Powell.

Both Pia Cheng, 31 and Alexandria Lozano, 33, both of Eureka were booked on charges of possession of marijuana for sales, possession of methamphetamine for sales, and possession of paraphernalia, according to Powell. “Cheng was also booked on outstanding warrants for possession of methamphetamine for sales.”



  • Her mom and dad must be so proud of there girl

  • Ya’ll just plane ignert….

  • What is their bail?

  • no “the industry” does not in any way fuel the hard drugs trade.. nope,not at all.

    • Actually the hard drug trade feeds off the 420 industry and if alcohol was illegal they’d be feeding off it too. Not all potheads are meth heads. Just as not all republicans are women LGBT hating narrow minded bigots who are dumb enough to vote for a sexual predator like Trump for president.

    • What amazes me the most is how those who have the worst things to say here are too cowardly to show who they are. If you can’t tell who you are, then your opinion is pretty much meaningless. Especially when all it’s about is blaming others and spewing inflammatory garbage about what you have no understanding.

  • it says that he is a probationer, so just wondering why ‘violation of probation’ isn’t also on the list of charges.

  • These two look more like meth pushers, not addicts. They don’t look like they do their product. Their complexions are too nice to be methheads. I feel bad for people who are addicted and trapped in the vicious cycle. However.. those who sell the poison, but know better than to do it themselves… they’re the ones who should be executed.

    • Actually i know the girl and she is very much so an addict, not a bad girl tho, actually a pretty decent person, if u knew her when she was clean u wud definitely know she was gettjng high

  • Let me fill you in a bit of information about that little girl.first off she is my daughter and I am proud [edit]. we don’t choose who we love unfortunately that’s who she loves but you have no right talking s*** about my daughter..she has more heart Amore Drive then obviously people on this site and I love her very much I wish people weren’t so quick to judge because I can almost guarantee it all the rude comments that are made on this Lost Coast Outpost or stupid or made from people that have no lives that all they can do is talk s*** about others but we all know the truth people has your wolf in their crap are just insecure pieces of s*** have nothing better to do with their worthless lives and you know what Karma will get you

  • Well the apple must not have fallen far from the tree..you should be ashamed of yourself because anyone who knows you and knows your daughter know that it isn’t because she loves this guy that she does drugs and sells them. She is the way she is from watching you. Furthermore Mrs. Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, you should just try to get her some help and some for yourself too and stop trying to pretend otherwise. Mainly you ain’t fooling nobody and we all were not born yesterday when our moms fell off the turnip truck

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