[UPDATE 6:14 p.m. Hwy 36 Closed to Remove Pickup] Two Traffic Accidents Within 12 Miles of Each Other on Hwy 36

Be aware of rescue vehicles on Hwy 36 at mile marker 44  and mile marker 32. As of 5:20 p.m, we heard reports on the scanner that there are two separate accidents on the road.

Accident # 1:

Hwy 36 Mile Marker 44: a white GMC Tahoe is on its side 20 feet down an embankment. Several people were reported trapped. Eel River Technical Rescue was called out to this accident. Rescue crews were still on the way to the scene at publishing time. An air ambulance has been called in for at least one patient.

UPDATE 6:01 p.m.: The patients have been taken from the vehicle and are being loaded into an ambulance.

Accident # 2:

This reported by Cal Trans at Hwy 36 mile marker 27.88. It is a non-injury accident but one lane is partially blocked.

Be careful out there folks!! Take your time tonight driving.

UPDATE 6:14 p.m.: Caltrans is shutting down both lanes to remove the pickup that was in the accident at mile marker 27.88.



  • And it’s not even raining yet. Let’s hope that we don’t a get a bunch more wrecks once the storms get here.

  • Slippery out, folks. Please SLOW DOWN and stay on your side of the road.

  • Hope everyone is ok.please folks slow down this week,and weekend it’s going to be bad.BE alert BE SAFE

  • Eastern European Autobahn , Humboldt style

  • Darwin at work on 36 again. As much stupidity as I see alone…. I have no idea how there are not more casualties. Shame people are in such a hurry that don’t know the road. Sooner or later…. yall will pay.

  • Abra Abra cadabra Highway 36 will reach out and grab ya.

  • WOW Kym Accident #1 was way over reported….I was on it with a great bunch of citizens..I had just left my office at Mad River FS. I had excellent help from citizens including a great bunch of folks from Mario’s Tree Service who not only took over traffic, but assist us getting the victim out of the car and to where we could assist her medical needs. No rope rescue needed and she went to hospital for precautionary measures in good spirits. As an original rope rescue member back in my CMC and Scotia VFD days there was no need. However, for those of you who have larger trucks…a long chain and some tow straps come into service great here to keep that rig from going further down slope and to stabilize it for helpers to be safe…THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE TONIGHT WHO STOPPED IN THE RAIN TO HELP..I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A COMMUNITY RESPONSE AS TONIGHT..GIVES ME HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.

  • This first decent rain will bring a lot of oil and slippery stuff to the surface of the road. Might be a good idea to do as little driving as possible the next couple of days. Good Luck and Happy motoring.

  • Highway 36 the best place in Humboldt County to practice Darwinism, as in removing yourself from the Gene Pool stupidly!!! I & several other vehicles were following a slow driving RV yesterday on my way home form a quick town run before the storm hit one little while “Pregnant Roller Skate” a small vehicle of foreign make) decided they had had enough & passed the RV along with several other vehicles in front of him by crossing the double yellow line!!! Luckily for the fool no one was coming in the other lane such as a loaded logging truck!!! There seems to be something lately about driving this road taht brings outthe stupidity in some!!! This year has been the worst for accidents on this road that I have seen in my 30 years of living on it!!! I’m not sure if it’s something in the air taht affects some but it certainly has been “an interesting” Summer!!! Interesting in the Chinese Curse, “May You Live An Interesting Life” type of interesting!!! Far too many vying for those Darwin Awards!!!!

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