Parvo Closes Mendocino Animal Shelter

After at least one dog died of Parvo (a highly contagious disease that can be fatal to canines), the Mendocino Animal Shelter has been closed. Some claim that more than one animal has died.

A tweet by Trudy Brooks shows a dog that she says was one of the victims of the disease and claims that three canines had the disease..


The Mendocino Voice, our sister publication, reports of the disease and a burgeoning controversy. They write,

“Why didn’t the puppies get seen by a vet until after one was dead? Why weren’t they quarantined until one was dead?” [ Monika] Fuchs asked in an interview. Fuchs said she learned about the puppies from other volunteers at the shelter but had not seen them herself.

Staff at the county’s animal shelter, which is a division of Mendocino County Health and Human Services, would not comment or provide additional information. Interim Shelter Director Mary Jane Montana was unavailable for comment.

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  • There’s a vaccination for that.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Welcome to the generation of, “vaccines are a conspiracy”…… Between that and people who have no business owning a pet as they don’t have the funds to properly vaccinate them, sure does put a lot of stress onto others.

    • It is not immediately effective

  • Take it from an old pet shop owner……bleach, bleach and more bleach plus all the appropriate shots. Everything must be washed down to kill parvo. It is very hard to deal with Had it in the LA area many years ago.

  • This place makes me very sick. The BOS has no clue how to run a shelter. Everyone there and i mean everyone should be fired including the BOS. MJM dose not no anything about managing a shelter. You guys need to do a managed intake and vaccinated on intake. I know that dose not happen there and they don’t give boosters. This place will keep losing animals. Its very very sad there for all furbabys that are there. That shelter needs to get emptyed and cleaned before bringing all of the animals back in there. Thank you BOS and all of the others for not doing the jobs.

  • I had three out of five puppies die from parvo. I went on line and found a remedy to save the other two which are a year old now. Heavy bleach everything the puppies came in contact with, bleach is a Sure way to kill the viruos.

  • The shots are cheap…you can buy them at most feed stores & give them yourself OR there are clinics in most counties that give them at very low cost.
    Parvo is horribly contagious and a nasty killer.

  • Parvo runs through homeless encampments with dogs that have not been immunized. Some pets have been lucky enough to get their shots even if they are homeless. Service providers offer information on low cost spay and neutering and shots. You can lead a dog owner to water but you can’t make them drink.

    I would guess that an animal shelter doesn’t tell the animal control officer that they can’t take a ‘found/abandoned/injured/stray’ pet to the shelter until they have been immunized. They are a ‘shelter’.

    Getting angry at the shelter because irresponsible breeders or pet owners don’t do the right thing is like me getting mad at my refrigerator because I am fat. The meds are out there and available. Use them people…. or if you chose not to, consider this yet another form of animal control. Sad-

  • I have acquired two dogs from the shelter in Ukiah over the past 10 years. Used to b run by a devoted woman, Sage Mountain. Alas, age has removed Miss Sage from the shelter, what a huge loss.

  • I give all mine their parvos at 6 weeks and a shot every 3 weeks till 4 are given .Then a yearly shot.People….these shots are 10 dollars at feed supply stores.I have had puppies and older dogs that got the parvo disease and its awful.Now its shots no matter what the cost.In Alabama all the shelters here give parvo shots,worm ,and rabies before they let you adopt.I cant beleive a shelter is too damn cheap to protect animals

  • If you over dose a dog with worm pills it will help his chances of living. The cause of death by Parvo is dehydration

  • Paxxon. Google it!!! It saved our puppy from dying. Everyone who even thinks their dog was infected or even a chance they could’s all natural and won’t hurt them!!!

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