[Located] Lost Grey-Striped Kitty

This morning, a member of the extended Redheaded Blackbelt family fled a vet’s visit. Lily, a grey cat with darker stripes has been missing for several hours. Her paws and underbelly are light tan. She is sleek.

The owner (Kym Kemp’s mother-in-law) is in the process of moving. On top of being upset about the changes in her life, Lily wasn’t happy about going to the vet. While she was being moved from the car to the Garberville vet’s office, she frantically clawed her way free from her owner and fled. Calling and searching hasn’t helped.

We’re so hopeful that one of you might locate her. She’s very shy but might be lured into a carrier with food.

Unfortunately, because of the move, we don’t currently have any photos of her. But to the left is a photo of a cat that resembles her. If you locate her, please contact the Garberville Vets Office at (707) 923-2023. If you live in that area, will you please ask your neighbors to lookout for her?

UPDATE Saturday: Lily has been recaptured due to the diligence of the Garberville Vet Staff. Thank you!!!



  • Put an object of your mother in laws down next to some food. Chances are she will be there.
    Hope you catch her

  • I had this experience at Gville vet. My feral kitty raced across the busy Alder point Rd into the wooded area . Advice from cat trapper was…don’t try to follow her. She’s hiding. The first day, I placed bowls of water and the dry food she was used to in several places, to make sure she had reason to stay nearby. With his help, the next day, I placed 3 hav-a-Heart live traps in the area. Each trap was covered with a cloth to cover and shade them. In each trap, I put tuna mixed with dry food. By the next day, my kitty was in one of the traps. She had the minor surgery that she was going to the vet for, and was home from her big adventure 4 days later. She was about 15 years old at the time…all I can say is stay calm and be prepared to crawl thru brush. I will always be deeply grateful to the staff, and the feral cat trapper, (i did the brush-crawling but he loaned the traps and gave all the advice). Goid luck and goddess bless!

  • If I find a cat that resembles her, is that OK?
    (sorry, couldn’t resist – keeping an eye out as I drive by there frequently….)

  • Fingers crossed!

  • My little mountain kitty was lost for a whole month in the woods until someone found her about a 1/2 mile from my house. Hope y’all find your kitty safe and sound soon!

  • Any luck with the kitty?

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