[UPDATE 8:56 p.m.] Abandoned Vehicle Set on Fire Spreads to Wildland

Breaking news graphicA fire in a van on Alderpoint Road approximately 10 miles east of the Cal Fire station is spreading into the wildland as of about 8:35 p.m., according to traffic on the scanner.

The California Highway Patrol Incident page states that they received a call at approximately 8:35 p.m. The person who called in saw “something thrown from a white HB sedan then [the] van caught on fire.”

Please watch for emergency traffic headed into the area.

UPDATE 8:56 p.m.: The vegetation fire has been knocked back. But the van is “fully involved.”

UPDATE 9:23 p.m.: According to the scanner, the fire burned an approximately 20×20 spot before being quenched.



  • What a waste – if it’s the car I think it was, there were a lotta good parts on it still….I knew I shoulda took a pic and posted it here. (sigh)

  • It says “burn me” written in black spray paint…

  • Good riddance, they’ll probably pick it up now , Tired of looking at that eyesore, there’s a few more that need to go too

    • Doesn’t it bother you that a bunch of volunteers had to leave their families to go stop the fire. Then a bunch of paid firefighters had to go out to finish the job. I wonder how much this cost the taxpayers.

      • No Kim, it doesn’t. People don’t realize what it takes to be a volunteer or paid fire fighter, unless you are one or have been married to one. Those who do stupid stuff like setting abandoned cars on fire have no clue the valuable time that fire fighter could have been spending with their family. I Don’t understand the joy, set the car on fire, then stick around and watch your work. If you can’t do that, then grow the HELL up. Are you ppl really that juvenile, maybe those that are doing this should try to do something good like volunteer for your local fire dept. and see how your life will change and the time away from your family and friends for calls and training. It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it!

        • I stopped at four crashes tonight to assist. At Buck Mtn on Hwy36 I had excellent help from citizens including a great bunch of folks from Mario’s Tree Service who not only took over traffic, but assist us getting the victim out of the car and to where we could assist her medical needs. I have been a volunteer for 15 years and now a USFS Ranger, but life and our rural communities are a challenge enough without special assistance like these people are giving us. Tonight I saw SoTrinity VFD, and STAR, and Bridgeville, USFS, CalFire and even folks from Eel River Rope Rescue rolling to scenes of accidentS in Ferndale and Rio Dell fire rigs out hwy36….we do need people to grow up!

          Kym as always if questions come up about the Mad River Ranger District please hit me up on my work email or the one I posted here.

      • Well of course it bothers me, I was a volunteer ff for years too, I know the ones who responded last night,, I’m glad the riffraff had an early night and didn’t do it at 2 am like usual and it wasn’t in the middle of August. I wish they would hold the owner of the car responsible for damages, anywhere else they would, it says right on the title if you don’t fill out the release and send it in your responsible, yes you have to keep a photo copy because dmv is not very efficient and will probably lose or not file it, but there will be the new owners name and address on it, instead they sit on the side of the road until some punks smash and burn them and waste our time resources, after they burn there usually gone in a week, I don’t know if it’s cheaper because it’s just metal to dispose of or less weight but that’s what I have noticed. thanks for belittling me on your site tho

      • I don’t understand why these things happen since there are many places to donate these wrecked eye-sores, like KMUD, and several charities do not even require registration papers! af

      • Um, yeah!.Kim. the volunteers. I was scrolling wondering that same thing. If you’re gonna b###h about something…..it bothers me that these volunteers had to go out and leave their families.
        Waste of their time. If that vehicle was bothering you so much, why wouldn’t help ur community? Research see what can be done. It’s pretty easy. but u guys go back and forth.saying oh,no. there was good parts on it, or good maybe now “they’ll’ tow it. Just text each other, for crying out loud. I sure hope, like me ur paying taxes. 🙂

  • I agree. Anyone that thinks that responsible working people are there to clean up after the idiotic behavior of others, by some social or economic arrangement, is not juvenile, but this person may have a disorder in normal cognitive functioning. Children usually behave better than to set things on fire for entertainment while intoxicated.
    A good rule is “You set it, you fight it”.

    Arson is always a bad idea.

  • Well, in the pyro’s defence, it DID have, “Burn me,” written on the fender as seen in the photo above.

  • These idiots don’t have anything else in life,so they create mayhem,stupid is as stupid does.was it a mol.cocktail??thanks to great volunteer ‘ s and fire dept.for what you do.you saved my grandfather,and my lives I’m forever greatful,that’s why I fill the boot,and donate when I can.So please donate to your firefighters every chance you can

  • Great, a new low for the vandals.

  • The red sedan is still sitting in the grove at the bottom of Elk Creek rd on 254. Getting a little beat up. Hope no one sets it on fire before it is towed. Been there for quite a while

  • Wasn’t it a burn day?

  • yesterday around 11 am, i drove by the van. Two highway patrol with lights flashing were looking at the van that was teatering on the cliff. What the hell…van wasn’t burned till that night. Glad the cops could help…

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