T-bone Accident Between Redway and Garberville

A silver mini van and Dodge truck collided near the intersection of Evergreen and Redwood Drive at approximately 3:06 p.m.  An ambulance responded to the scene.

Brigette Parker took a video of the scene.



  • You have to tell your child to keep their seatbelt on cause there is a cop behind you? I would be too embarassed to post that

  • yeah, and how safe is it for the driver 2 be making a a video and driving. Great parenting…..

  • Potty mouth Mommy! Jeeze..

  • Number one the child wanted to help the kids in bus and was told to keep in seatbelt. Number two the potty mouth was a passenger not the mommy. Way to worry about the people in the accident, nice. And yes a passenger was videoing, not the mommy.

    • Right I was thinking the same thing.
      Damn people are so quick to judge and nit pick this poor lady!!
      You people should be ashamed.
      Worry about your damn selves, I bet your not perfect drivers either!!
      God! And not one comment hoping the people involved wernt hurt. Just parent shaming a poor mom. Shame on all of you!!!

  • I say, “Start em early” To the woman driver who is talking to her young child: Way to go your child is going to talk like a truck driver by the age of 8.

    • Live in a bubble? Your kids maybe, but not my fucking kids, they learned how to talk like anyone they want so they’re not caught flat fucking footed when someone swears around them. Swearing is part of the American lexicon, maybe you should educate those around you instead of sticking your head in the sand.
      AND what the fuck is wrong with “talking like a truck driver?” you should be so lucky that your kid grows up to be a truck driver instead of losing their mind because their parent lied to them about the world.

      • response to Truck Driver Mom,
        I am a truck driver.
        I was only commending you on yours skills and training of the future tradesman. Go Trucker

  • This always gets me lol

    I think the children are going to be ok.
    Just sayin

  • Given the amount of traffic at this dangerous intersection, the increasing amount of foot traffic along this road, and the constant danger of falling rocks from the bluffs, why is the speed limit here still 55 mph? Surely 45 mph (if enforced) would be adequate.

  • We need to have that section of roadway a “Daylight Headlight corridor”. Often people are so concerned about getting to their destination they don’t notice the grey or tan car speeding at them, too bad people are so impatient and can’t just wait for a clear spot.

    I had a rather stupid [edit] jump out in front of me as we were both going southbound and I swerved and slowed safely enough to avoid slamming into the guard rail or off the cliff or into her car (FYI I was going around 47mph not 55 as traffic was thick at the intersection and in the northbound lane). She actually turned into the southbound lane in front of a person sitting in the turning lane, who had the right of way. I followed her all the way to the post office and gave her an intense reaming and asked if she got her drivers license out of a cracker jack box, and did she even read the drivers handbook or just guess… she was wide eyed the whole time and I was like don’t look at me like I’m a bad guy, you almost fucking killed or seriously maimed me, what if my family was in the car, or someone else’s family.

    • You do realize when you edit out bitch it leaves it up to the imagination. It’s not as though I called her something vulgar like the C word. I also happen to stand by the original name I called her, anyone who blatantly ignores traffic laws and endangers everyone in their car as well as everyone around them is a bitch, woman or man…

  • Well it is your blog, feel free to censor or delete anything you want. I thought I’d point out that editing that particular word makes it appear as though I used an actually dehumanizing term. Editing out bitch is a personal decision and I find jumbling it in among those other terms is arbitrary as it has only three real meanings. The original meaning is to describe a female dog, fox, otter, or wolf. Then an unpleasant or difficult situation, thing, or person (my intention). Or the act of “bitching” to express displeasure about something. Intelligent and rational people already know this about the word, unfortunately a lot of ignorant and horrible people use it to defame, shame, and label people which ruins legitimate use.

    The only reason I am pushing the subject is because editing out the word shows that you misread my intent, my intent had no place in the realm of the horrific words you placed it in. I find no particular “group” of people to fit into the category of the word bitch. I may be a bit abrasive at times but I am not a chauvinist and do try to consider peoples feelings.

    I apologize if I unintentionally offended you Kym, I will try not to overstep your boundaries, thanks for hearing me out.

    • I appreciate your thoughtful reply. I know that not everyone feels the same way about the word as I do but it has always seemed like a way of shaming women and I decided awhile ago that I no longer want to allow it on my website.

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