Man Killed in Stabbing Incident Identified

Homicide investigation

Background photo by Oliver Cory

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has identified the man who died after being stabbed in Weott has been identified as 23-year-old Jordan Dennis Antonsen of Weott. The man was stabbed Friday, October 7 on Newton Road.

The man who leaves behind a young daughter died after being rushed to the hospital by a private person. In rural areas, it isn’t uncommon for people to be taken to the hospital by someone they know in a car rather than wait for an ambulance as it could take less time to reach medical assistance that way.



  • A death caused buy drug abuse in lil old weott .the meth plague is getting g stronger ever day .I’ve said it before time and time again If enept Downey would form,a meth and heroin task force ,and do proactive policing .DTF is about Mary Jane . When was there a bust done with good old fashion police work .the only time they investigate a drug house is if they get complaints of drug traffic from neighbors in the hood .I don’t recall if that ever happens .some one or something has got to give .enept downey is the worst sheriff I can remember .if I was him I’d go all bufford pusser on the meth dealers ,and the heroin dealers .let hope the next sheriff Grows a pair.

    • Just a reminder: The DEA has deemed cannabis more deadly than meth (schedule 1 vs schedule2) and that’s the way the grants pass out. af

    • The Sheriff’s Department knows all of the ins and outs of all of the Heroin, Methamphetamine, and Marijuana going in and out of Humboldt County. They have the scoop on all the dealer’s, buyers, traders, and they know that the minute you close down one drug house three more open their doors! They attempt to manage the drugs as they learn information about other crimes and issues through their involvement with the drug house management. It’s those managers that choose not to participate that usually get shut down! Law Enforcement is not going to fix our problems! The solutions lie within our community and being able to provide treatment, food, housing, training, employment and for most, a life outside of poverty! The disease strikes all generations, economic diversity’s, and environments! Some are just better able to beat it when and if it strikes. The majority have hidden behind the prescriptions for years, keeping their jobs, puttering along, insurance covering the majority of the costs, but now the majority of scripts are being monitored on a closer level, then the scripts are being denied and they introduce themselves to heroin! Not all addicts are out on the streets as they have families that protect them. Those that wear out their welcome are usually those you see with their hand out! For most, if provided a compassionate hand and not a dollar can and will if able, attempt to get back in control of their lives. If mental illness is involved as it is in almost 50% of those dealing with addictions, the road can be longer and curvier!

    • U have no idea who or what your talking about in this case. I detest people like u who ramble on and assume u know it all

  • This cannot be solved by more police. Decriminalization & treatment plus dealing with poverty & hopelessness are the only viable answers

  • I wonder who he perp is I guess the sheriff s office doesnt think its worthy of a bolo .

  • He is not in jail.

  • Just heard on the news it was self defence .the victim was in his house minding his own biz ,and he started a fight /argument, so the victim stabed.him .saw pics of the victum he had a thug mentality,and his pictures showed it .

  • I think we all agree a lot of people need help but these type folks are up all night robbing stealing doing crazy things. Once again my question is what if we held property owners responsible for whom they contract with. If you know they’re bad people in advance maybe they should be liable for outcomes

    • Long gone humboldt

      So let’s blame the home owners for trying to be decent people by giving “not so decent” people a chance, well now we all know where you stand. They are home owners not glorified babysitters!!!! Home owners have no control on their renters actions. Jack has been renting that cabin for 10 years consistently!!! Yeah, let’s blame the home owners. Cause it’s easy to place the blame somewhere else rather than holding someone responsible for their own actions!! Is that how you deal with your own problems blame somebody else for them!!!!

      • Just calling it like it is. I take responsibilty for my actions everyday. Not one misdomenor or night in jail. Cause i have choices everyday to pick from, right & wrong.These units had many chances time n time again. They all have been far beyond three strikes, more like 4 dozen strikes. The landlords need to take responsibility for their rentals and the safety of the neighborhood they reside in. You say they are not glorified babysitters, ur funny, But by Law they have a responsibility to provide safe places to rent. They knowingly have rented to people who push poison, who had plenty $ from their drugs they sell. These dealers are not hard up & have only taken advantage of cheap rent & landlords kindness. These dealers have made more $than enough to do something else in life but stayed to continue selling drugs plus keep cheap rent. If the landlords thought they were helping anyone, their fooling themselves.

  • Long gone humboldt

    Nice way of showing concern, concerned!! [edit]

  • As I said before shut your narcistic sociopath mouth you are nothing but a coward chicken shit hiding yourself behind a made up name and spewing toxicity you care nothing about the human cost. Unless you are the anomaly that caused this. See Jack and Jordie history was live to fight another day, they always did. It was not about killing each other, they would have already done so long befor now; but they did not…..until now. Ask what was the anomaly on the pariferie….🤔As I said ((((((shut up)))))).

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