Traffic Collision Briceland Thorn Road.

Traffic Collision Car Accident Crash

About 11:45 am a report of a Chevy Silverado is over the side of the road on Briceland Thorn Road near China creek. A female was out of the vehicle but a male was pinned in the vehicle. Emergency personnel at scene requested a tow truck to stabilize the vehicle. An Air Ambulance (Reach Air) was requested and expected to be on scene around 1:00 pm. Originally emergency personnel requested Southern Humboldt Technical rescue but they where cancelled as they had enough personnel on scene to extricate the male out of the vehicle. Scanner traffic chatter between Reach Helicopter and dispatch the male has “lower extremity injuries”

If in the area of Briceland be aware of the emergency vehicles ( and helicopter)

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Hope there okay that road is no joke people slow down its not the autobahn!

  • I hope all will recover from any injuries! Please drive safely on Briceland, and don’t speed through Redway. No time is saved if you hurt yourself or others!

  • The idiot that drives the Cobalt Blue Toyota Tacoma btwn Shelter Cove and Redway is going to kill many people if he doesn’t take himself out first, hoping. I was inches away from becoming a victim of his reckless, irresponsible, little dick syndrome driving last week. Can we not do something about this idiot?

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