Surprise Visits to Cannabis Growers in Mendocino

Inspection cannabis inspectThe Mendocino Voice, our sister site, pokes into why the Mendocino Sheriff paid some unexpected (and perhaps unwelcome) visits to cannabis growers enrolled in the 9.31 (or Zip-tie) program late last month. Here’s the Voice’s look at the why this happened:

Sheriff’s inspectors made some surprise visits to cannabis growers enrolled in the 9.31 program on Friday, September 30, as they begin to wrap up their first round of initial inspections. Undersheriff Randy Johnson, who leads the program, said in an interview that inspectors would continue to make such visits through the season, and farmers should prepare for evolving cannabis regulations in the future. Explained Johnson, “It’s going to take a lot of work, it’s an education process for the next couple years…Farmers are going to have to realize it’s not going to be so smooth. They need to know that if they over-communicate, it will go more smoothly.”

Although unannounced visits are allowed under the program, some prominent cannabis cultivators, including Tim Blake, expressed frustration, saying they had an expectation of advance scheduling from the Sheriff’s Office when the 9.31 program was updated this spring.

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  • what is the “zip tie”program all about

    • I don’t know a whole lot about it but I believe it is something of a permit structure where they pay per plant to be zip tied, get their fencing and everything inspected and are on a list that is supposed to show they are doing it in accordance with the sheriff’s guidelines and they aren’t supposed to be raided as long as they are abiding by these rules. The way it has been enacted has not been uniform though so it’s very confusing and I don’t think many people have continued with the program.

  • First of more to come, a marketable product requires inspections

  • Kym, the read more link just takes me to a pic?

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    I thought the zip tie was history?

    Are they using old data to storm people for shakedown, or is there a new one?

  • I was in Mendo for a zip tie season back in 2011.

    A DJ for KMUD that I’d met was participating in the program. He claimed the Sherrif did an inspection and gave him some leeway on an untagged indoor crop. Apparently left him with the warning that he’d better not have that scene up and running the next time he came calling…

    On the other hand, some folks in redwood valley participating got popped and the mendo county sheriff was “forced,” to provide program records and assist raid.

  • Zip tie program is a joke, mendo sheriff tom is the most lying and corrupt in the triangle. The good old boy network down there makes humboldt look like quire boys

    • If you have any examples of Allman being corrupt or a liar, let’s hear it. Most everyone I know who lives in Mendocino County thinks highly of him. He has personally done more to advance mental health treatment around here than anyone. Also, the zip tie program is a lot simpler to adminster and prove compliance with than all the alternatives.

      • How ’bout Northstone Organics? Allman did nothing, after appearing on Frontline on PBS with Matt Cohen as “poster child” of legal medical in CA and the “ziptie” program, while Melinda Haag destroyed Cohen’s property, put he and his wife facedown on the floor at 6AM, stole their laptops and did donuts in their gardens and tore down fences (it was a vegetable farm, as well). One of Allman’s boys accompanied and watched the fun that morning. Then they left, no charges, never to be heard from again. Cohen packed up and left CA, disgusted. Can’t blame him.

        • I remember that one. Not going to defend it, since Cohen really was the poster child as far as being legally compliant. Not sure how Allman is responsible for the actions of the Feds, though.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Allman on tv claimed pot was evil, and growers are all criminals.

        Allman fucked himself as far as trust.

      • Allman started the zip tie program years ago and got in trouble with the Feds for bragging on tv about all the money they were making and new vehicles they bought (with money from the zip ties)

  • Over communicate? WTF?

    • My thoughts exactly! Please give us way more info than you need to so we can use it against you and the people you love.

      Everyone shuld have a lawyer retained and “under-communicate”, say as little as possible. The cops wanting everyone to just trust them and what they say and do is a joke. Since 215 passed none of them seem to be operating under the same law, they’ve bent the rules and straight up lied regarding regulations in the past so what’s to stop them now?
      It’s gonna take a lot longer to repair the cop/community relations, and some good sheriffs who actually do their job, not picking and choosing what they investigate or violating people’s civil rights. No matter the situation, I hAve yet to have them help with anything so I can’t imagine having to work with them, they’re liars and thieves and thugs.

      • +1👍 Nailed it

      • Law enforcement unions exist to justify and protect their jobs. That’s the bottom line, and this is true for all bureaucracies.
        As long as Federal agencies hold drugs as dangerous and illegal, as the DEA does with Cannabis, busts will happen and jails will be filled on an “as needed” basis; and the Economic Wheel will grind on… and over all of us.
        People who think our Law Enforcement employees work for any other reason than the perpetuation of their paychecks are sorely deceived. Contrary to what our parents taught us, cops are NOT our friends. Truth does NOT prevail.
        Only Mendocino Sheriff Tony Craver saw it differently; he believed in his oath to protect the Constitution against ALL enemies, within and without. And I believe that viewpoint is what drove him from office: the constant undermining of his righteous attitude by the badge-heavy career malcontents in his own department.
        Here in Mendocino, Cannabis farmers have been betrayed over and over in the effort to “get legal.” This latest tidbit is neither new nor surprising. (Although cop-action being triggered by “rumor” is a novel admission.)
        When Cannabis regulation mimics the regulation of the Cattle and Grape industries, justice will be served. af

        • ‘Rumors’ and complaint based enforcement surely exaggerates interpersonal conflicts using law enforcement as the proxy, a nasty practice.

          The linked article (where the rumors are discussed) certainly shows that press releases and reported convoys and noticeable raids that make the press are only a small part of anti-mj LEO activity in the Emerald Triangle, like an iceberg. The worst is when the iceberg rolls over and crushes all around it.

          It sounds like signing up for legalization means you give up your rights to not be trampled by LEOs whenever they want to, without warrants then?

          Is this some part of the application process, that LEOs can enter your private property whenever they feel like it?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Exactly, where is “over-communication” ever mentioned in life elsewhere, let alone the pot permitting “Peanut” pilgrim pilot program process requirements…….

      Allman can’t be trusted, he is swine.

  • Unannounced search and seizure, might as well have signed up for felony probation!

  • Speaking of probation, I always feel that way when posting on this site. My comments always show “awaiting moderation.” Just because I may have a different viewpoint on some issues it shouldn’t result in censorship. Others use derogatory terms, advocate violence, and use personal attacks.

    • When I’m away, comments get held that don’t meet certain criteria. When I get a chance to check that they are neither spam nor do they break the site rules I approve them. I don’t delete folks because they have differing opinions. Check out the variety of opinions expressed.

      • Kym, what is definition of certain criteria? Are all posters subject to same scrutiny and time delay on the posts or are we categorized? Just seeking a little clarity.

        • The criteria as I understand it consists of

          new commenters get held

          Comments with more than one link get held

          Commenters who have been deleted previously seem to sometimes get held and sometimes not. I’m guessing the method they have for determining who to hold is not perfect and results in uneven application with some getting held and some not.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        You did at LOCO, and you have on your own site too……did you save that email from about 2 years ago after deleting HOJ because he had a different opinion?

  • I get my zip ties at Harbor Freight.LOL

  • The flat fee system is a good idea, say $100/per plant per season, to cover water use, road use, cleaning up the environmental defilement caused by some growers and enforcement. It is the responsibility of citizens to pay for public services, whether they like it or not. The current system in Humboldt is to ignore the 4 billion dollar pot “industry” in exchange for property taxes and income from sales tax on Tundras, Tacomas, Silverados, F350’s, Rams and SUV’s. This was an idiotic approach from the start, in a county which can’t afford to pay for road repairs, schools, mental health services, law enforcement or anything at all. The “Permits” won’t solve anything and won’t generate the money to run the county while the rest of the state is overproducing weed. Good luck to all “Pot Farmers”, you will be needing it, and soon!
    The gold rush ended, the timber thing ended, and the weed thing will end too!

  • Wow! So we complain and whine about everything? Now that they allow you to blow up 99 7-10 pound plants in the full sun you will whine about ” but they came to inspect when I wasn’t ready!” Even when inspection was stated as a condition in allowing you to grow hundreds if pounds to sell in the open market? I guess we are a bunch of [edit] now. I hope this place gets popped somehow. I know they are selling product out the back door and laughing as they make bank by helping destroy the market for smaller growers. That was bad enough. But now they have to whine and complain?!!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Building inspectors make appointments for more serious safety concerns…….the idea that swine can’t is pig flu.

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