Redway Man Sitting Alongside 101 Had Five Pounds of Marijuana, Says Mendocino Sheriff’s Office


Richard Franciskovich

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 10-06-2016 at approximately 12:55 PM Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were patrolling the 45000 block of Highway 101 in Laytonville, California.

Deputies contacted Richard Franciskovich [a 52-year-old male from Redway] who was sitting along side of the highway and while speaking with Franciskovich they discovered he was in possession of over five pounds of marijuana, with over one pound of the marijuana being packaged for sale.

After further investigation Franciskovich was arrested for possession of marijuana for sale.

Franciskovich was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held in lieu of $25,000.00 bail.



  • Is that a singular front wrap around dread? Sweet!

  • Damn bro, if it were a kilo of crank you only would have gotten a citation… weed related crimes smh

    Looks like he pulled out all his hair trying to figure out the marijuana laws…

    • Trying to understand this comment. Besides the personal attack I guess you are lobbying for less severe penalties for crack.

      • Pretty simple realy, a guy was caught with a kilo of crank not crack and was given Only a citation to appear in court, hence the pulling out of the hair because the cannabis laws are so twisted…

    • Yeah, they are pretty complicated. As in it is illegal.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    They out to break him off ten out of the evidence locker and give him Sy Sperling’s number.

  • That hairline tho

  • Wow!only in The

  • Dr Strangelove

  • Sometimes, it’s best to just shave your head!

  • He was going for that trump look but ran out of hair

  • Actually, a decent guy as far as the Sohum street life goes. He might be homeless (not sure) but he has been a regular NON-threatening fixture around Redway for many years, from my experience. He definitely predates the recent transient rush by many years. A very good drummer too. He usually wears a hat so I’ve never seen his dome, but really, whatever! Should I ever have misfortune to be arrested, I guess I too will be judged by mugshot. Welcome to Salem.

    • I’ve picked him up hitch-hiking for years. Not a bad guy. I feel sorry for him. Never have seen him without a hat!

    • Completely agree with you!! He’s a good guy. And judge not let ye be judged yourselves!!!!

    • He has been here in SoHum for his whole life, born & bred here, his street name is ” 2 cent Rich” a very mellow person, and has a daughter that lives here also. He is not homeless but likes to be non-attached, always helping people, used to live at the dome house in Briceland before it burned down, He always said hi to me, and when I offered to give him $20 he said NO, I got enough already.
      A solid good person.

    • He is a really nice guy.

    • Well said. Dog piles are all fun and games until one grows any sense of basic humanity. Most commentators here are sick human beings who see those less fortunate as amusing objects at best, and more frequently supposedly deserving targets for explicit threats of genocide such as the recent comment on this site “put them all out of their misery”. Sick and evil. Most of the gleeful haters have more pot than this guy but can hide in their fancy houses because they have money. No better than Trump.

    • Rich is a giver not a taker. all ways volunteers at the Roll on the Mattole weather or not he pays. a real Bummer this happened to him. hang in there Rich.

    • Thought I recognized him fro town. After feed back confirmed I do. Good eye contact, couple conversations…Bummer. He’s the kind of free on the streets

    • I agree, I’ve seen him in Garberville for years and he always says hello and smiling. I’m sorry to see him here.

  • What Critter said.. This is embarrassing. LEO are embarrassing. Is he dangerous? Been standing in front of Redway Liquor for maybe a decade..
    Who does this protect and/or serve? “911 is a Joke”

    • What it protects are the archaic Cannabis Laws!!! It’s well past time to legalize it!!! I sadly don’t think we can hold out hope for Decriminalization!!! Proposition 64 on the ballot may not be perfect but it’s time for Cannabis to be LEGAL!!! Vote next month for Prop. 64 if nothing else!!! I know the Presidential election is a joke but at least vote for Prop. 64!!!!

  • I know of him,seen all the time in Redway. He’s one of the OG transients from around here. One of the regulars. Wonder if he stole the pounds and was trying to find someone out the area to buy? Or maybe it’s all his. I guess the homeless grow too.

    • He was probably working somewhere&got paid in herb, or selling for someone, or who knows.
      Have never ever known him to be a thief and def not out of it enough to sit on the highway with stolen herb!
      I remember his drumming too, he often helped at enviro benefits and has been around redway for at least 15 years. If he was a thief someone would know by now.
      25,000 bail for 5 pounds pot?????? Oh if only real criminals, like rapists and child molesters, got that high of bail!!

    • I wonder how many hundred pounds of weed safely drove by the Mendo deputies while they were busting Richard? Crazy times.

  • Haven’t seen him at Murrish market for a while!

  • What about the trimmigrants walking all over the damn highways in dark clothes in the middle of the night? Or creeping in the woods at every turnout or sleeping literally in the parking spots on the ground at the rest area south of Laytonville. I don’t even feel save to stop anywhere this time of year. Its a sad day when the real problem is apparent and law enforcement is WASTING our tax dollars to harass locals. I have seen this man an unless number of times over the years not once was he ever aggressively panhandling like the pathetic trash we are seeing flood our community in look to make a quick buck what our community. These shady people need to be turned away and told that we are not interested in any work they have to provide our community. We want people who invest in our community to better it and spend their local earned money to boost our local economy!!!! As a group we can solve this problem…

  • You judgemental dumb fucks get a life sit there on your high horse thinking how much of a better person you are your comment s are very enlighting of your selfs pathetic self righteous idoits

    • Your screenname says it all!!! You must have been “up” all night alright, sounds like typical tweeker paranoia to me!!! You don’t seem to have a clue what is being discussed here!!! Not your paranoid delusions for a fact!!!

      • Actually you are the one displaying ignorance here. Many locals have commented here confirming the post you attacked was factually correct. Just check the local news, we have lots of murders and molestation in Humboldt, almost all of which are committed by longtime locals with homes and money. A longtime local resident, this less wealthy person is often seen volunteering and helping community charities and nonprofits as well as picking up trash and letting others know when they are disrespecting local resources.

  • Someone said he got transfered to sales

  • This is very sad, this man has been around Garberville-Redway for decades. He’s not a transient, he’s a member of the community as much as anyone sitting in their own comfortable conventional home. He’s a very kind gentle guy who lives in the woods. Always ready with a smile. Very helpful to people. I’ve seen him gathering up the shopping carts left out in the lot by people too lazy to return them at Shop Smart and returning them to the door. I’ve seen him helping around the Mateel. I’ve seen him pick up trash along the road. We used to give him a ride to his drop off point where he said he had a camp up in the woods near Ruby Valley. He told us he was a protector of the land. Sounds hokey, but he was very sincere about his “mission”. He doesn’t deserve the hate that’s being spewed in the comment section. Shame on you heartless people.

  • I back up Brad’s comment. This us a very true! He always is helpful & kind & compassionate & definately no theif as a judgemental comment above suggests.

  • Not often, but sometimes I’m saddened by the arrest reports. This is one of those times. I’m reminded of a saying around here from the old logging days. “Poor people have poor ways, and desperate people have desperate ways”. I’m thinking that poor Richard simply got caught up in the desperation of no decent legal jobs.

    He is one of the few drummers that I actually enjoyed listening to. So what is he going to do to support himself now?

  • I seen that guy for yeats he never bothers anybody he dosent pan handle he not noticeably high or drunk

  • If you’ve ever enjoyed the view from the Mateel Community Center, or anywhere in Redway, you can thank Richard. He helped save Stable Slopes from getting logged by living out there and doing what was necessary. He also keeps an eye out for trespass grows in the area. He can be rough around the edges but he’s certainly not a criminal. He doesnt deserve to be arrested, and quite frankly he’s gonna need support, not judgment.

    • thats funny, he can have an edge.. but can’t we all. i think you’re right he might could use some help. i haven’t visited anyone in jail in years, i think you may have to be on a visitor list

  • How can people of the community come together to help Richard? – Bail? As character witnesses? Getting him an attorney? Visiting him in jail? Sending him a cake with a file inside of it? (Ok. For all you ‘Agents’ who monitor RHBB, the latter is a joke!).

    …..Seriously. How might we help him?

    • Old Thymer:

      I would like to help him. He is very nice guy & one of the only hitchhikers I feel comfortable picking up. He waves to me every day when I drive to work & again when I drive home.

      I would like to help. Can someone set up a GoFundMe page or a bank account for his bail that we can donate to? I will donate for his bail & legal fees. Anyone else want to help with a solution instead of berating this sweet harmless man?

      Oh & his hair looks like that cuz they don’t let you fix your hair for a mugshot. The sheriff probably messed his hair up when they arrested him.

      People are so judgemental sitting in your home’s paid for by selling pot (just like him)… Does it make you feel better to make fun of him?

      • Thanks SourTangent, Sweetp, and others who want to help!

        I WROTE REPLY ABOUT THIS. PLEASE READ IT about 25 messages BELOW…….

  • Maybe help in a long-term sense would be most appropriate. Help with job placement, counseling, referrals to support services. Sounds like he wants to walk on the right path just needs help finding the entrance.

  • This lovely man brightened my day every time I saw him. What an amazing soul!

  • Rich is one of the good homeless persons in Redway. ..don’t know the details but sorry he’s in trouble now. I’ve never known him to be a tweaker or a junkie like most of the transients around here.

  • Richard is a good dude, he never pan handles. I’ve bought him coffee before which he would graciously except. I’d be down for pitching in funds to help him in his bail or defense.

  • Maybe a go fund

  • The positive comments here on this story are pretty heartwarming instead of the usual barrage of hate., well done, thanks for speaking up.

  • This man is precisely the type of person who should not be arrested and the priorities of law enforcement remain skewed toward busting the poor and kissing the ass of anyone who can afford an attorney. Most of the comments reflect on the ignorance and poor judgement of the usually anonymous fools with keyboards.

  • I’m so sick of these cops spending OUR TAX DOLLARS on something that isn’t a problem. They discovered the weed??? Yeah Right!! After they illegally searched him for anything they could pin on him… (Profiling). Once weed is legal these same cops will be securing the market for Philip Morris, Reynolds and Budweiser. The law is actually the crime, not that poor old man who basically just had his life ruined by some young buck cop. Anger doesn’t even come close to what I’m feeling about these mean spirited thugs with badges.

  • Don’t kid yourself, these are college educated cops that are trained to to profile you, me and everyone. I’m just a common person, but when I see someone like this old man, I can tell within 5 minutes of conversation them if they’re a thieving meth head junkie, or just a peaceful pot smoker who is probably a really nice person. There are far more of these poor people being singled out than the real danger and problem…. Heroin and Meth dealers. If you can’t tell the difference between a pothead and methhead you have no business enforcing laws you don’t have the ability to discern between. Anyone with a brain knows it’s because cops see potheads as an easy safer credit for an arrest made than an armed methhead dealer would be for them.

  • Those of us who can afford it should put a few dollars on this poor victims books.

    • Richard is one of the nicest guys I know. Always smiling and a nice hello. never bothers anybody. That was probably his stuff he worked on all year. This is plain and simple profiling the unfortunate looking. Rich is a great guy. I wish there was a way we could help him. Maybe put some money on his books. I’ve offered him money before and he told me no keep it I have enough to get by. Once a person lost their dog in phillipsville. He rode his bike all the way there and back looking for that dog. Not even knowing the girl who lost it just because I was looking he was helping me. He has a heart of gold. Let’s try to help him out here guys

  • I think the good fund me idea is a great one.

  • Sounds like DED DENSON our man, Hes a famous pot lawyer from the notorious EASTSIDE and has done ALOTof PRO-BONO work over the years , a lot like Carl Shapiro+ Toni Serra kinda dude, though i hear hes charging the poor loco slobs 500.00 per hour to do the 215 thing. Ille bet he knows Richard from the Mateel , and all his volunteerism over the passed 20 years. ED-ED -HEBB – BE- OUR- MAN, HELL SPRING RICHARD IF NO ONE ELSE CAN!!! Never see Rich w/o a cap ….He has always reminded me of one of the characters in the Brothers Karamazov….. Wonderful kind human….. Where do we send go find me$$$$$$$? Sign me up.FREE RICH!

    • I agree Covelo, Someone who’s in the know needs to help. I don’t have much, but I’m going to put some money on his books. You never know these days when you’ll be next on the hitlist of the wealthy’s gentrification of poverty.

    • Carl Shapiro is 95 now, and still going strong as far as I know. He was very instrumental in saving the Sausalito Houseboats on Gate 5 and guiding the United Stand actions which secured State recognition of Cabin builders/livers.
      Thanks for the memory shaker. af

  • Wow, nice going Mendo Sheriffs! A Redway guy, with pot. Amazing. Good value per bust.
    Check ANY backpack person hitching South! Might be carrying? Noooooooooo!

  • By what is reported about the arrest, I wonder; what was the ‘just cause’ for arrest. If he was sitting BY the road, and not IN the road, what was crime that he was committing? Why were the sheriffs allowed to search this person?

    I am so happy to see so many positive remarks. Not too many of the off-the-wall disparaging comments, that some seem to feel the need to spew as quickly as possible.

    • Simone, He broke the law of being there… This is similar to the inner city profiling of blacks and hispanics.

  • So sorry to hear a nice local got picked up. Unfortunately, he probably got profiled because of the people who have been coming through town causing problems. It’s a real shame the way many of the new arrivals are behaving this year and that a harmless local ended up suffering for the response to that.

  • I plan to talk to a local lawyer soon to ask if he can help and/or what he suggests. (Plan to report back HERE after that).
    Isn’t bail 10% of the total amount? Or is that what a person has to give a bail bondsman?
    It’s AWESOME that so many people see Richard for the good soul he is and want to help. (Think it may be unrealistic to expect him to change his lifestyle. We can offer, and let’s let him remain the way he has been if he choses. Someone can ask him, PRIVATELY if his money situation is difficult, etc).
    WHO WANTS TO START A ‘GO FUND ME’ OR CREDIT UNION ACCOUNT FOR HIM??? (I think an account may be better since people can deposit CASH, where as Go Fund Me operates on credit cards and money ‘in the bank’/ on paper, which is not as ‘convenient’ for many people around here. Know what I mean? ;-).

    • I think it’s great that you’re stepping up to help figure out what to do. A go fund me is a wonderful idea. If he’s homeless money probably isn’t something he has much of. And selling 5 lbs of weed in a saturated market isn’t much these days. I’m guessing he was just trying to make ends meet. I have no idea of how to set up a go fund me, but I sure would add a little money to it once it’s up and running.

    • I’m definitely thinking a credit union account… That would be awesome I would be willing to put in a hundred bucks. Richards an awesome person has a heart of gold. He’s always willing to help. Rode his bike to phillipsville one day to help me look for a lost dog for a little girl. If that isn’t a beautiful soul I don’t know what it is. I love all the good comments some of these people need to be a little more kinder. There by the grace of God go them

    • Thanks Coletta, Peggy and others!
      (As I said I would) I TALKED TO A HUMBOLDT ATTORNEY TONIGHT. He is planning to call a Mendocino lawyer he knows to explore the options to help Richard.
      He said ‘we will talk again on Friday’. I WILL AGAIN UPDATE YOU HERE after then.
      I encourage interested, caring people to stay tuned to this story, here on RHBB.
      I suggest that you listen too to KMUD News and/or All Sides Now for any updates.
      WHO CAN TO WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR, to encapsulate the story, peoples’ reactions and the options for helping Richard???

  • No offense, but the man was sitting on top of an average of 16 grand worth of product, in a public space, with evidence to sell. I can’t imagine it was anywhere near the first time he’s had that or more. Regardless of your stance on legalization (I’m all for it), I wouldn’t help him with a solitary thin dime as some here are asking for. He knew that was criminal amount, hes undoubtedly been making money off of it for years, and all tax free. All at the expense of those around him. I help pay for their under the table earnings with higher prices and higher taxes, and I certainly never have that much money in under the table cash value to sell. Should the laws change, I believe they should. But they haven’t yet, and guys like this would be minimum wage employees if it were legal. Let him pay his own fees. He’ll be back to this in a week or two either way.

    • He certainly doesn’t appear to have been living the rich life if he’s been doing this for years. Most folks think he’s homeless.

    • Maybe yes, maybe no, about the value. The odd thing about the report is that it say 1 pound was packaged for sale. That sounds like a pound of bud. The rest of it was … what? Bud, trim, bud on the stick? More facts are necessary.

      I’ sorry Rich got busted. I’ve known him for years and he’s always been pleasant and helpful.

    • askhiskidifhe'sagoodguy

      Hrazzzle –your dealer is stoking you out! Apparently get 16k for 5lb??!? ! What is this? The nineties?

      Note : only one was processed. – could have been smalls…

  • For sh*ts sake leave this guy alone and go after some bad guys

  • Apparently if you can’t drive to mendocino, but would like to give him a few dollars you can use a service the Mendocino County Sheriff contracts with. And just like the official payments that Humboldt once used they charge a hefty fee. It looks like $3 for the first $10 and $1 for every additional $10.

    Mendocino County Sheriff
    Richard Franciskovich

    From the Sheriff’s web site: Money may be sent to an inmate via the internet at Cash or money orders sent through the mail will not be accepted.

    Money can be deposited to an inmate’s account 24 hours a day at the jail lobby by using the money kiosk. The moneys deposited into the kiosk may take up to 72 hours to process.

    Money must be deposited on an inmate’s account before 11:00 AM on Tuesday if the inmate wishes to use the money for Commissary that Wednesday.

  • Thanks Coletta

  • Old Thymer: Yes bail can be negotiated down to 10 percent. Often lower. However if the person it is posted for does not show for hearings etc then the poster is responsible for the full amount. Richard may have difficulty complying with the system. Please know I am not criticizing him. Just putting it out there as ‘fact’. If I could contribute in any way I would. I would risk the 25000 if I had it. Unfortunately I don’t. It is likely that I could sometimes get him to Mendo for hearings. I would be glad to. If he were willing to go.

  • Where did the pot come from???has anyone ever asked him where he comes from?what a shame the cops kinda picked on him.

  • Drop the charges.

  • .I guess you can’t sit buy the road I guess that’s the new probable cause .way to go cops .if there is any justice they should give him back his weed and set him free.

  • 5 pounds of pot, lions and tigers and bears oh my…… Allmans Team saving and protecting Mendocino County from that evil pagan sacrament which makes white women run with colored men. Makes rapists out of children, and gives men a small weenie. Not to mention those deadly munchies….. Lions and tigers and bears oh my….. what a complete waste of time and resources locking up our comunities old hippies. Shame on those officers, MCSO is a joke…

  • Rich is not in the Mendo jail as of this afternoon. I don’t know whether
    1. He bailed out
    2. They filed charges and he was released on OR
    3. They did not file charges immediately so he was released pending charges
    4. They are not going to file charges.

    More as it occurs

  • Thanks for being the man ED. We knew you could get the red, green, yellow and black tape cut on this .

  • So what do we know today? How can we help?

  • He should be admonished. There’s no criminality or risk to the public. When people come forward saying what a nice person he is i think that speaks volumes as to his character. The negativity seems to be about his hair-do. I bet that braid acts as his in built Ahole detector.

  • IT is sure no e to hear some of you still have some humanity help the guy out. As far as you pathetic submitters go I’m going to laugh when you lose youre properties because the weed crash is inevitable. I can’t wait till I see you on the side of the road hitching a ride to the food bank. You guys are the reason the community needs son serious restructuring. 500 a pound bring it on.

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