Fortuna Deaths Yesterday Appear to Be a Father/Son Murder/Suicide


Law enforcement and Coroner gathered at the death scene. [Photo provided by a reader]

Names of the victim and his son have not yet been released.

This is a press release from the Fortuna Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On [October] 8, 2016 at approximately 2:05 p.m. Fortuna Police Department patrol officers were dispatched to 1000 block of Emerald Lane to investigate a report of two unresponsive subjects located in the garage.

When patrol officers arrived at the residence, they made entry to conduct a welfare check on the parties involved.

Upon entry into the residence, officers located two adult males on the garage floor who were both deceased from apparent gunshot wounds.

An investigation was initiated by the department and preliminary information indicates that the males were father and son. Based on evidence at the scene, the department believes that the son (age 50 of Hydesville) killed his father (age 81 of Fortuna) and then turned the gun on himself.

Anyone with any information about these incidents is urged to contact the Fortuna Police Department by phone at 707-725-7550. To remain anonymous, contact the WeTIP Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME



  • WOW!!! WTH is in the water in Fortuna lately???? First it was Tim Smith broght down by an enraged husband, that I could almost understand, but this incident is very much mystifying to me!!! Not to mention extremely saddening!!!

    • Depression in the elderly is very common and in men, it is more likely to result in suicide. My heart goes out to the family; incidents such as these are so heart-rending for their survivors.

      I surely hope this had nothing to do with the closures of the local skilled nursing facilities. Quite often, in episodes like this, it’s the need for skilled services (or lack thereof) that is the root of the issue. Whatever the reason, I only wish these men had reached out for help.

      • Before you make assumptions on what happened and it being about the elderly why don’t you get the facts. These two men were my uncle and cousin.

    • Just stop talking about Tim, Dan, tim is a personal friend of mine, you know nothing other than what you have read, I am inside the circle and know the facts, I can not explain to you the actions as it will interfere with the trial, however I am asking for respect please, thank you in advance.

      • I knew Tim well & have known him for years I know the female involved in this whole muckin’ fess as well!!! He was my wife’s cousin by marriage!!! So I think I know a bit more than what I “read”!!! Thanks for your concern but it’s not needed in this particular case!!!

      • I think snapping at people for talking about the news is only going to make them talk about it a lot more. If I didn’t want them talking about a friend or loved one I sure wouldn’t be telling them to “shut up”. After all it’s very much part of the public news. The story also has the image of massive betrayal all over it. People are going to talk about that stuff in a small town, whether you or anyone likes it or not.

        • You’re probably right, I was trying to be as nice as I could, today is a bad day for me so I’ll let you people have the show, and I’m out.
          Rest In Peace Tim Smith! I love you brother.

      • Are you saying he was not an adulterer?

        • Who cares at this point. Doesn’t warrant killing someone.

          • Exactly my point, besides the one on top of my head at times!!! I can uderstand Mr Goldberg being pissed off but by NO MEANS do I think muder was justified!!! Not in this case or ANY for that matter!!!!

    • Rodney Brunlinger

      What kind of sick f**k can “almost understand” murder?

      • ^^^Exactly

      • I am NOT by any stretch of imagination defending Mr Goldberg!!! I can understand why he was p!ssed off but that by NO means makes what he did legit at all!!! Just saying!!!

      • I dont see murder as all that much worse than adultery. Neither are justifiable, in any context. I suspect adultery can harm a person’s life just as much as being raped.

        • Adultery is mental pain , rape is physical and mental pain ,hardly comparable , that and if someone commits adultery and no one finds out like most cases then no one is hurt.Adultery is closer to Jay walking, rape closer to murder, don’t think I want a rapist living next to me but a cheater ,who cares

          • Covelo or busted

            Its really something when men profess to know”’ How it is” about women being raped. What about the spirit of a person who is raped? Don? Its the same when men go off about abortion .Blah Blah Blah…To thine own self be true…

        • My wife has no problem with adultery and nor should you, since she is running for president

      • I agree and cheating is not a reason to kill someone anyway I don’t think that’s what happened I know the family and I just don’t see it there good people he was very well loved I saw that more today at his memorial service

    • Apparently this shooter and Jon can’t control their emotions, pretty simple task but too hard for some.

      • The shooter WAS Jon or as I saw it originally spelled John, WAS the shooter!!! Tim Smith a FAR better human being who made a mistake by commiting adultery with Mr Goldberg’s wife was the VICTIM!!! He paid for his mistake with his life sadly!!!

  • Just FYI the date is wrong… though it appears to be FPD’s mistake.

  • AUGUST 8???? That far back & it’s just hitting now or a typo on the FPD’s part??? Inquiring minds, or in my case what’s left of it, want to know!!!

  • This has been happening all over the country unfortunately.
    One of my fave things about kym site is the running twitter news feed. Of course media these days capitalizes on shock value so most of the murder/suicides are reported in that feed. There’s been too many.
    People feel desperate and hopeless, coupled with pharmaceuticals that can change your personality and very little, if any, mental health assistance.

    • I blame it on immigration that has gone out of control. Open borders allow over-saturation strain on all communities and depletion of available resources to people in need. . Financial and health despair leads to unhealthy choices.

      • The native Indians feel the same way cowboy…

        • indigenous nation

          I am native Gazoo and you hit the nail on the head about how I feel. thank you. understand though I only get upset about it when other people talk about closing the borders will fix the problems of this country. I love people and believe we should worry about people Instead of government lies and money. The environment and humans that inhabit it should be first priority. Im sorry for your loss and it hurts my heart to hear about anyone dealing with pain and hurt so deep.

          with respect

        • Definitely, And no cowboy here. Dope much?

        • I was once told the most invasive species to even occupy the plant was white Europeans…ps I am one too

      • You are blaming this incident on immigration????? Whoa! Trump[edit] I can assume?

      • Yet another local case of local non-transient white males committing murder. When will we stop the flow of white male US citizens into this country?! Oh damn, too late, their ancestors were the illegal immigrants of the 1700s, 1800s, & the 1900s. But for some reason you hate only the new ones! Or is it that you only hate the brown ones, and blame them for all our problems, even to the ludicrously racist and irrational far out whacked out racist crazy town idea that immigrants are to blame for the rash of locally born and raised middle class white married US citizens committing multiple murders around here?

        • Who said they are white, and who cares what color they are, color means nothing to me but apparently you have a problem with skin color , how about eye color ? Hair color? Get my point , if you have a problem with color then get a black and white tv

    • We don’t have to look back many years to find a time at which if someone we knew was carrying a gun or owned a pistol would have seemed strange. (Motorcycle gangs and other niche groups excepted.)

      Now it seems that many more people have a gun on their person or one close at hand in order to “protect” themselves.

      Perhaps it has been just too convenient and easy to kill each other.

      • Bob, some of us who’ve never even wanted guns around us are now considering getting a concealed weapon permit. It’s the times, people are scared of things like home invasion and being raped. And it’s well known that pepper spray basically only pisses off the person attacking you.

        • Do you think math is valid, or is math just a trick that smart people use to manipulate others? Look at the stats, a gun is more likely to harm you or someone in your family than it is to protect you. Everyone thinks they are the exception.

          • when someone is raping your wife you could try algebra to make them stop, but he may have flunked math in school. A gun might be uncool or harsh but it works. That asshat that tried to rape a 12 year old the other day could use a bullet. making crime a dangerous occupation is not a bad idea at all.

      • We tried everyone being armed, it was called the wild west. Imo the biggest problem is how we store guns when they are not on your person. Guns are frequently stolen and a main target for thieves.

  • El Presidente – this has nothing to do with immigration. Many of us know the people involved in yesterdays event. No names until they are officially released. Take your bullshit elsewhere please.

  • WAKE UP WORLD.. This is just the beginning. We are extremely out of balance… What’s right is wrong, and what’s wrong is right.. So sad..

  • I think some people are in their happy place when they’re angry at others. They’re the ones who’s always criticizing what others have to say. I’m pretty sure from reading post on the news around town that most of Humboldt should be on psychotropic meds. So hopefully their anger doesn’t spill over landing them in jail, or prison. Yes it is happening all over the country, but Eureka was also named the second most dangerous city in California… the chance of being a victim of a crime in Eureka is 1 in 13. And from the news it seems like Fortuna isn’t very safe anymore either.

    • It’s nation wide

    • Coletta- You are one of the few here on this feed who doesn’t conceal your identity, and I appreciate the open opinions you voice. The other day Mr. Chiv encenuated I was using a made up name, but Penny Pick is my legal name and has been since I was married in 1994. Humboldt is a beautiful, dangerous place that only the residents really understand. The more populated this county becomes, the less we will understand what’s happening, or more importantly, why. So when the butterfly affect is what you know is coming, choosing how you flutter your wings, and know there will be affect to all cause, which is why loud discussions bring chaos and quiet meditation between like minds bring balance. I got a little off subject, but again thank you to all who are actually helping .

    • Um are you criticizing people criticizing? You must be pro Trump.

    • Pharmaceuticals and drugs in general are the majority of the problem, people need to learn to deal with life sober, no help from drugs, I see it time and time again where a coworker out of nowhere is agitated, on the verge of blowing up , wants to fight anyone,and everyone because they are out of their drugs , legal or illegal it’s becoming a huge problem for America , I think life has just become too fast pace for most.

    • Wow. You nailed it. Some of the vicious, hateful, derogatory stuff that these keyboard demons post is amazing. Psychotropic meds and heavy counseling and maybe a warm, caring hug thrown in. This is in regards to Colletas statement. I posted in the wrong spot

  • I’m still shaken by the two teenage girls ran down and killed, then a firefighter, a father and son in one small town in less than 4 months. It’s heart breaking

  • Isn’t Fortuna’s moniker “The Friendly City?”

  • Over population

  • A straight shooter

    Humboldt is still beautiful, yes this is sad, my heart goes out to the family. You can google just about any city anywhere and you will find back things, sad things happen, but Humboldt is still a beautiful place to live. And what are we going to do to make it stay beautiful? Love each other, have compassion, smile, be kind. It’s up to us to be healthy.

  • Omg…i think i know who this is…omg!!!!

  • SHARON…..He ( Jerry) may have been retired from the grocery business ? Hope I’m wrong on this Fortuna case. He is a great upstanding citizen.

  • not going to ask ask "what next".. for fear

    Fortuna has at least 20 churches. Can we have an exorcist help with the possession that seems to have tuna-town in a hellgrip??

  • I’m proud to have known the father who died. I knew Jerry and his wife Gail for over 40+ years. A few years back he had a heart attack and its possible the effects of that attack diminished his quality of life up to current time. Gail was a pink lady volunteer for decades at Redwood Memorial Hospital. She passed away a few years ago so Jerry was on his own. Where the time line goes from there is unknown, but I would feel the concern and pressure on his son Steve for his Dad was overwhelming and demanding. How much do you love your father to perhaps agree together to end his life? I feel this was mutual act by both.From an outsider looking inward, I (we) have a difficult time reasoning the final results. But I know love for father/mother conquers all and perhaps this was the greatest gift of all by Steve. God Bless both of them.

  • This just breaks my heart. I don’t see this as a malicious, evil act, albeit very wrong, not knowing the circumstances. I don’t mean that this is acceptable or ok it just seems like a sad,depressive act. If this has anything to do with caregiving to an elderly person I can understand and relate to the awful stress and helplessness you can feel especially dealing with it by yourself. But it isn’t my business to speculate or assume. I am so very sorry to the family involved. I hope and pray you will find peace. My heart goes out to you.

  • May comfort come to the family that lost a father and son…

    And Tim Smith did not walk on water…

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