[UPDATE 3:42 p.m.] Three Homicides in Less Than 24 Hours; Stabbing Victim From Weott Dies

Homicide investigation

Background photo by Oliver Cory

According to Sgt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, the stabbing victim that was injured last night in Weott (see here for further information) passed away from his wounds. This along with what appears to be two homicides in Fortuna today makes three homicides this weekend.

Although the details are still coming in the victim appears to be a young man from the Weott area. Swithenbank who was reached while off duty did not yet know whether the suspect in this incident has been arrested.

UPDATE 3:42 p.m.: Cpl. Chad Zeck of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (incidentally, he was very kind and helpful in an earlier, sad incident) tells us that the situation is under investigation but no one has been arrested. He believes that the situation as he understands it shouldn’t lead neighbors to be concerned for their safety.



  • Priscilla Galvin

    Any vehicle description?

  • Priscilla Galvin

    Any vehicle description on the possible perp?

  • Love Thy Neighbors

    I think these guys lived next door to each other.

  • Lotsa fights getting taken too far lately!
    Any stats on how many homicides involved people who knew one another &/or were bar fights or the like?
    Seems lately been a lot of personal issues being dealt with by violence.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Cops really don’t do jack but bump up their requests for funds for nothing accomplished, suffice to say.

      Very few stats are justified.

  • Jack was the sherrif if weott. He kept all the junkies and drug addicts in line, he may of suffered from drug abuse himself but he was an easy guy to talk to and deffinatly not one to start fights for no reason. These two had been at it like the hatfeilds and mccoys, and they have been on / off friends. Im not sure what happened but if jacked stabbed this guy it was probably because he felt his life was being threatened.

    • Lame excuses for a murderer!

      Lol. What a joke dreamland u live in. That guy has created so many problems in this town. He didnt keep anyone in line, except the fools waiting for a hook up at his door. Cops been at the house time n time again for years! This outcome was inevitable from the behavior he has displayed over several years.

  • As sad as it is the homes involved are drug houses, they are always fighting, screaming, and banging on shit at all hours of the night.

  • Self cleaning oven………

  • They were practicing for bear river

  • What the hell is going on in Fortuna?

  • Cannot find my comments!!?? Wow that’s really good to know at least…that kymkemp alters it’s content…and can’t be trusted

  • Jack is a junkie and from an eye witness, he was super messed up that night…passing out in the back of the cop car — doubt he even knows/remembers what he did. Such a tragic loss…Jack is a crazy individual and I hope he gets everything he deserves. He and the victim’s brother have been going at it for a long time; lots of crazy fighting in the street late at night lately. And from what I’ve heard, the fighting is completely Jack’s fault. This entire situation is absurd and didn’t need to happen. Justice for the victim’s family…

    • From what i heard the victim tryed to break into jacks house and stuck a shotgun into his door and fired it off inside of jacks house. Jack was pissed off and got a restraining order against jordan. A week ago jack found his cat dead. Jack blamed this on the victim and his brother. Neither the victim nor jack are great citizens. However no one in weott is sad that jordan is gone. he was a looser.

      • All life is Precious!

        Ever heard of young & dumb? To bad this young n dumb kid will never get a chance to redeem himself. Who cares if u dont miss Jordan, but i’m sure his daughter will miss him. What’s the killer’s excuse? He’s in his late 40’s. What’s his excuse for suppling chemical death to all the young & dumb kids round here? He created all the elements for this perfect storm. If it really was self defense, he’s still as just as guilty, for creating the toxic enviroment that lead up to this horrible unnecessary loss of life.

      • I object to your calling this person a bitch.

      • you do not have the facts about the bogus restraining order incident you Have nothing of value to say and just being malicious in your hateful gossip. Jack lied about what happened which is WHY he failed to follow it thru. You have only accomplished more pain to our family. Stop hurting us when you really do not know, understand or care what it is you are talking about. The worst lies of all are the half truths that tell parts of the story an not the whole truth it is also what causes the deepest hurt pain sorrow and sadness when used in times like this. Do you speak for all in weott when you state Jordon will be missed by no one? No you are not. You have the right to speak for yourself, speak your opinion-unfortunately-you have overstepped your bounds when you take it upon yourself to encompass others who have expressed the opposite feelings as you have and that is what INVALIDATES you and any input that comes from you. Shut up.

  • Once when driving south stopped by Weyott to check it out. See if there are local businesses to support. Well hell get the heck out nothing there. As soon as I pulled off the exit tweekers be scuttling out of there spots. Felt like oh shit nasty…quickly made a U turn never again.

  • Long gone humboldt

    Truth be told using hatfeild/McCoy as reference for jack and Jordan it was a total love hate relationship. However jack did not go crazy, in fact he asked Jordan to leave his house several times, Jordan jumped jack and started choking him. Jack had the right to defend himself, and he did. Unfortunately Jordan was mortally injured and later died at the hospital. There were two witnesses. So before speculation gets out of hand… It was a bad situation made worse because of alcohol. Pray for jordons family I’m sure they are distraught and surely not thinking clearly. Jack is distraught as well, after all taking a life because forced to is worse then an accident.

    • Lame excuses for a murderer!

      Stabbing someone in the heart 4times is self defense? Humm sure? We will see what forensics says later, than weak tweeker witness excuses for an old dealing killer who took a young mans life, who’s lil girl will grow up without her father now! He should live the rest of his life in prison, for stealing someone elses life, someone’s son, brother & father. Their pain is far greater than his sad regretful lame excuse of life still pumping toxic drug infested chemicals in his blood. He can be distraught in prison for the rest of his life. He deserves it considering how many families he has destroyed with the toxic chemicals he has pushed on children & community for years!

  • Who is the property owner slash landlord? Where’s their responsibility to the citizens of weott

    • They just collect their $.. I dont think they care. Their drivway runs past their rentals and nothing ever improves. Always horrible tenants.

      • The landlords are very compassionate people that understand the human condition.
        That’s why they worked with troubled people including myself.
        Thanks for adding insult to injury

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Where are the non property owners (renters, bums), and their responsibility to the people of Weott?

  • As a family member of the victim, please remember that the family is seeing these comments and are hurting right now. This family has been through enough already. Let the police do their job and get the facts out. Thank you

  • Two dead in Fortuna. We are told the location and the apparent cause, murder-suicide, in less than 48 hours. Murder in Weott. No address, no information from authorities, no arrests. Just “trust us” there is no danger to the community. The citizens of Weott, and SoHum, deserve to be informed. Not rumors, tweets, comments in websites. Real information, facts.

  • I knew Jordan and this is horrible. Regardless of the people who want to say nasty things. RIP and condolences to his family

  • A friend’s comment should be edited, the name calling and cussing makes this forum look trashy. Thanks to those who can leave mature comments.

    • And calling the victim a loser is OK? No respect what so ever! But calling a woman a bitch is trashy? I don’t know about anyone else.. Calling someone a loser not knowing facts and judging! As if the victims family need some judgemental b.s. on top of a hugh lose!That’s freaking trashy! Is that better!

  • Dust from Thunderdome has been settling on RHBB for a while now. Too bad. Still like your site best Kym. Sometimes I wish the PSYCHIC VAMPIRES and JUST PLAIN BLABBERMOUTHS could meet in a real ThunderDome. The Modern world. SIGH. In the 80’s Weott was a nice little town. Folks at Meager’s would say. “It’s a good town to live in, if you want to go to church”.

  • I still would like to know if anyone heard anything about the supposed shooting in Willow Creek last week.

  • Hey Humboldt County what about the hotel the Tweakers the abandoned vehicles the violence. The numerous police calls arrests child molesters. Hey law enforcement and County officials where are you? Hopefully safe in your own home

  • Long gone humboldt

    L, you seem confused my source is facts, it was ruled self defense by the cops, it was stated self defense by 2 witnesses who were in jacks house at the time of the incident, jack is not in jail, he was released that same night. Facts are facts. I am not being judgmental. Regardless of all the nasty comments being made,to lose someone so young and full of potential is heartbreaking. And in light of that pain any facts are going to be overlooked by the family as they start the process of grief. Denial being the first step. When it all boils down to it, it was a very bad situation that got completely out of hand because both parties were drinking that night, and alcohol just fueled the fire. Once again I am so sorry for the loss of life and pray that God holds the family tight in his arms so that they may heal in time.

    • Were you there and a witness with your own eyes? I was when the incident over the restraining order happened. Do not tell me I am confused by what I do know to have been the facts and please use your own name and stop hiding behind the amonimity of false names to cover who it is making false accusations based upon on inaccurate information to bias thoughts of others. Your perception appears slanted to conflict and stiring shit. As I said if you weren’t there do shut up

      • And by the way, as of this afternoon, this incident Does remain under an ongoing investigation with the outcome pending. the findings are not final.

        • Long gone humboldt

          How am I being biased, I only watched the channel 3 news, take a look at jordons Facebook page, it pretty much says everything you need to know! Pot and Guns, yeah he’s not violent or using drugs.

          • Say who you are not hiding your identity behind a false identity you have made, then stand up and then speak. if not spew your bs against my family else where. I will no longer engage with a chicken who hides themselves dispite the familiarity in your conversation, words and linguistic manners you use unmasking you and saddly tells what and where your true motivation is coming from 🤔

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