[Update: Some Items Located] Stolen Keyboard, Etc.

Stolen Keyboard

Not the actual stolen items but ones like them.

A car was broken into in Garberville and multiple items were stolen. A Hammond SK2 keyboard, a Behringer amp, a backpack, keys among other things were taken. If you have any information please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE: Some of the items have been located, according to a post by the owner.



  • A word to the wise. Leave nothing visible in your vehicle in Garberville. It is a town filled with thieves and drug addicts with little or no law enforcement assigned there. Sadly, most of the law enforcement units that should be here are assigned to the area where our supervisor gleans the most votes and money.

  • Stealing from a musician deserves severe punishment!!!!

  • look for your goods at the sprowel creek offramp meth sales site….you can watch the zombie walk daily with the blonde female and redhead female leading the stray dogs by the collar from camp to lone pine inn…caught one trying the door to my car at post office last week—-wtf ? lock your vehicles people ! looks like a tweeker thief ? probably is……care for your hood—-on the west side we are taking photos/license numbers and compiling facts with other neighbors…..send the message—-NO MORE !

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