One Injured After Traffic Collision on Broadway in Eureka

scannerOne person was injured after a traffic accident in front of KMART on Broadway in Eureka about 5:20 p.m. Both vehicles are out of the road but be alert for emergency vehicles responding to the area.



  • It really doesn’t surprise me. Traffic is often times still moving at 60 – 65 MPH at
    K-Mart even with the 45 MPH speed limit.

    • It doesn’t surprise me that some a-hole was trying to cross HWY 101 right there. I hope the stolen kmart shopping cart is ok:(

      • Glad this post wasn’t deleted!

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Why just this one?

          Why not Asshole, we all know what is being said?

          Not even HOJ has ever directly called another blogger Asshole or A-Hole……

          But censorship is worse, right?

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Ya, people crossing are a major problem, and it causes vehicle collisions too.

        The shopping carts litter that end of whacked Eureka.

        Like the whacked story and headline…..

        Headline – uses “collision”

        Story – uses “accident”

        Story and headline are press releases, no different than Obamacare…….pages of scribblings that no one reads, but passes along to unsuspecting consumers……

    • Tell that to Eureka Police department it’s their job to make sure laws are enforced but yet I see cop’s driving around on their cellphones all the time even citizens do ot

  • Folks do need to slow down there. The speed limit is posted, its not a suggested speed limit, it is the speed limit, slow down, and if you are late get up earlier or leave earlier to get where you are going, peoples lives are at risk including your own , slow down.

    • It doesn’t do any good to say anything to Epd over it they don’t do anything from the North Mall entrance stoplight all the way down to Kmart they just fly through here like it’s a race track

  • The tweekers are playing frogger again .

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