Pedestrian Struck and Killed

At approximately 5:10 a.m. a vehicle struck a pedestrian on Airport Road north of McKinleyville. The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office was requested by 5:28 a.m. Meanwhile, the northbound lane was closed temporarily. The road was opened by 5:42 a.m.

We’ll update you with more information when we can.



  • Hope their ok! There’s alot of people who aren’t looking before they can’t run to the center lane in the freeway to stop,and run to the other need to be in the cross walk.its not legal 1st off 2nd it’s so dangerous.

  • Um… Airport Road is in McKinleyville, not north of it…..

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Wow…..may the emergency responders, LEO, coroner all have abundant wisdom as they investigate the case. And RIP to the pedestrian and may his or her family be able to be reached quickly. Mighty sad thing to read about.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    This time of year after the first rains hit, the piece of shit outsiders in the mj culture come to trim or leave the grow field.

    Plenty of road kill on 299 too… fact, it would not be a surprise that a dead, decomposed body is somewhere down an embankment alongside a road…..

    Typically, in meth town mack, walkers in the dark at weird hours are smacked out, meth junkiee thieves.

    If the deceased was a good person, rip.

    If the deceased is a mother fucker, so long sucker!

    • McGruff the crime dog

      Damn dude, give it a freakin’ rest already. [edit]

      • He does have a sad and ugly mind doesnt he? Has no idea who this was.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Ya, that is why an either/or style response was given.

          If the deceased was a good person, rip.

          If the deceased was a mother fucker, so long sucker.

          No need to stir shit.

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Do you need an Egg Mac Muffin from Mickey D’s with a spray of vinegar McGruff?

        Or, A Scooby Dooby Doo Sub Sandwich dipped in vinegar from Subway?

        Which is it?

    • NO SH!T!!!! We should be so lucky as to be rid of this Troll!!! He even gives Trolls a bad name with his comments!!!

  • Oralee McAlexander

    Oh my this is tragic! My condolences to the family of the deceased! Prayers for the person who hit this person! It was so Foggy last night/early morning and still dark very hard to see! I deliver newspapers in Arcata & it was so Foggy that I could barely see! I don’t know the situation on this accident or whether or not the person who was hit was properly illuminated……. so very sad 😢

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