Be Aware That Sales Folk From Low Rated Company Are Working the Area

SFE energyYesterday, a sales representative knocked on a Fortuna man’s door. “He said he was with SFE Energy, and wanted to see my PG&E bill, to see if I was being charged the correct rate for my gas,” explained the Fortuna man who wishes to remain anonymous.

The sales representative used high pressure tactics, according to the local resident. “He proceeded to talk talk talk about how I might be overcharged…He kept asking to see my bill, or wanted to make a phone call with me to check something, but he was never really clear on why we would be making a call, or to whom.”

The Better Business Bureau gives SFE Energy an F in its rating system and does not accredit them. In the last three years they’ve had 55 complaints about the company.

If you should be approached by a salesperson, please read carefully before signing any contract. Most of the complaints online refer to utility bills rising afterwards and not being able to cancel the service without paying a fee.



  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    The easiest way to save money on your pg&e bill is just go on the CARE program.

    • Also take advantage of the free heater checkups and cleanings. There’s a lot of free help (for a lot of things) if you know where to look.

      These SFE people swing through Arcata every few months hitting up apartment complexes looking for unwarry college students. Last time they came by they immedietly pulled out a phone and said they were recording the conversation, then “asked” (in the most demanding way) to see my bill to check if I was being overcharged. When I asked if they were from PGE or the government they just turned away and moved on to the next apartment.

      I’m never sure if what they’re doing is just annoying or actually worth reporting.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        That’s true. Wrapping your hot water heater with insulation is another way to save money.

        Also, solar panels can be found easily, and these new plug and play inverters are easy to hook up.

        They plug right into a wall socket and put power into your home’s grid. Nobody will know you have one, so no need for permits.

        These are a great way to use solar panels from garage sales, abandoned homes, or grow sites when they go to Costa Rica in the winter.

        Recycling and up cycling is a great way to save.

  • they got my mom 2 years ago . 85 and easily confused at what they asking and switched her to them . a week later i came up there for her birthday and called PG&E and told them and they switched her back for free and lodged complaint on her behalf .

  • Want to really reduce your power bill?Once a week turn off your main breaker fer 3-4 days, and eat all the thawing freezer burnt doe meat from four years ago. BBQin your woodstove, or even more fun for the kids , have a pit fire and do marshmallows with freezer burnt grammies. At the same time saves the family.

  • If you have an electric hot water heater put a timer on it. It will cut an average power bill by $40 a month. Most people use hot water morning and evening. Keeping it hot 24 hrs/day is expensive.

  • The came by my house in Eureka. YOung guy said he was with PG&E and wanted to make sure I was being charged the correct amount on my gas bill. I saw his shirt said the name of some other company and told him that I have a no soliciting sign, and not to come back.

  • Ugh these guys came to my house the other day. such a disaster! I was home alone with my 1 year old and our 2 dogs (one is only a puppy) and when he came up to the house he didn’t close the gate! So of course when I opened my door while holding my son the puppy shot out of the house and out the gate. There I was with no shoes on, holding a one year old and chasing my 4mo old puppy up and down the street. He just stood there and watched! Didn’t even try to help. Then when I finally got the dog back in the yard he still tried to sell me whatever he was trying to sell. Some peoples kids.

  • They came by my house in McKinleyville this afternoon (11/8). He said he was from “the company that PG&E gets their gas from” and wanted to see my bill. I told him I’d have to dig it up and to come back later. He said no – I had to do it now if I wanted freedom from big winter bills. The companies information online is very careful to not promise any savings using them, by which I conclude that those who say they end up paying more are probably correct. Anyway, nobody should ever take a deal from a stranger who says you have to DO IT RIGHT NOW OR LOOSE OUT.

  • The people who hate saving money

    Lol.. your all bonkers..

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