One Person Being Transported to the Hospital; Another Reported to Have a Shotgun

Breaking news graphicAt 11 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is responding to the Weott area to the report of an argument involving a firearm.

The details are still coming in on the scanner but at this time we believe there is one stabbing victim being transported to Redwood Memorial Hospital. According to dispatch who is relaying information from a person on the scene, one man had a shotgun. There was a report of a man who was on his knees with his hands on his head.

UPDATE 11:07 p.m.: Deputies are on scene and one person has been detained.



  • Priscilla Galvin

    Heard the sirens as they were going past Myers Flat.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Could have been a pre ban shotgun with a bayonet lug.

  • So someone brought a knife to a gun fight, and won.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Ah, so 5 days after the Weott (Wiyot for insider Just Sayin) Cha Gah Cho revelation of a fraudulant trail public process , another Weott issue goes trailblazing…..

    It is Weott’s week this week, apparantly getting bored, so need to make announcements that Weott is alive and well…….alive.

  • We ought to go to Weott…..I just like saying that.

  • There were Many cop cars All Night outside this known drug den. Neighbor stabbed his neighbor. POS might finally be moving away permanent! Horray for Weott

    • Was it at the motel? Man I wish the owners would take some sort of action and either clean that place up or tear it down already. That place is awful and the lowlifes that live there need to be run out of town.

    • Excuse my comnent above. While being happy a sob might have to move, i forgot there might be a sad side to this story. I meant no harm. Im so sorry to the family of the man hurt. My condolences, excuse my rudeness.

  • I have friends in Weott! BE SAFE!! They are good people 🙂

  • People so quick to talk shit. Why don’t you just keep your rude ass comments to yourself as if this isnt tragic enough.
    Remember every person is someone son father brother it doesn’t matter.
    Have some fucking compassion assholes

  • Weott to stay away from there

  • The kid who was stabbed by known alcoholic and crackhead Jack Farley died last night apparently…..have some fucking respect!!!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump


  • My thoughts are with his family. So sorry for their loss…


  • Once again tragic has unleashed it’s ugly self onto humanity, and someone has lost their life and destroyed the lives of the families. It baffles me how a human being finds it so easy to take a life over probably nothing that was that important and now their life and their families lives will never be the same. Ask yourself was it worth it , now your life is going to be living like a caged animal. But at the moment your actions took this persons life , did it not cross your mind that your life was surely going to be spent behind bars and all the destruction your actions caused? People are so quick to use violence as an answer to situations and the outcome usually never ends good. I do believe that if myself or a family members life was being threatened to where it was me or the person trying to get into my home to hurt us I would defend my home and my family, this is a right as a human being we should have, but just to commit murder over something that probably was not much importance is not worth it. Violence never solves the problems , kick someone’s ass and the problem is still there, murder someone and not only their life is over but so is the persons who committed the action. And for all the morons who leave comments that are rude, hurtful and just hateful go FUCK YOURSELVES!!!!

  • Jordon was a Kind Hearted young Man who Loved his Baby Girl and his people with every part of his being.
    He was Good and we as a community lost a Beautiful wonderful soul. No Matter what the situation was last Night it was Handled completely wrong. I hope our Law enforcement take the time And Handle this in the Right way..
    Justice For Jordan and his precious Lil Girl that sadly now has to Grow up without her Daddy ever to be in her life again. It confusses me and anger’s me people have to handle things these day’s with violence it doesn’t solve anything it only Hurts everyone..
    Thankfully i know this fine young man is in peace with the Lord and doesn’t have to Suffer any longer.. You my dear friend will be Greatly Missed By many

  • I heard the mother of the man with the knife watched idly while her son held Jordy in a head lock stabbing him 4 times!
    That’s definately complicity!
    Murder 2 minimum in my opinion!
    People don’t stab someone in a headlock if your defending yourself! Especially 4 times!
    Hang the bastard!!!

  • I am a witness….it was not self defense…..Mr Farley has a violent criminal history…..[edit]

  • I hear the victim is [edit]. So they were both bad apples?? Idk just what I’ve heard.

    • Shut up!!! gossip at your own expense not mine and especially my family. Protect the innocent , let no harm come to them…..and that did include Jordie after his injury. So do shut up.

  • A straight shooter

    Terrible! What’s going on? Nobody Wins! RIP

  • I knew jordon , spent a lot of time with him a couple months ago..he and jack was good friends … Thats was my impression ..this is such a shock! Jordon was a kind hearted soul.. RIP Jordon you will be missed..and to his daughter and loved one’s. Sorry for your loss!

  • when stabbing someone. u stab to stop the aggression. if you reply please speak your true name.

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