[UPDATE: Located] Jeep Liberty Stolen From Myrtletown

meghans-jeepA dark green Jeep Liberty was stolen from a Myrtletown driveway the night of October 5. It has front and back green New Hampshire plates,license # is 770224, and a “I <3 NOKOMIS” sticker on the rear. There is a scratch down the passenger side. It is missing part of its back wheel plastic trimming. It was reported missing to the Humboldt Sheriff’s Office yesterday morning. If you have any information please contact them at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE 10/11: We’ve been notified the Jeep has been located in Arcata.

UPDATE 10/24: The victim tells us, “Angela Gloria Jean Bosworth was arrested for this on October 8th!…She was arraigned today!”



  • Geeze right out of drive way.were the keys left in it?wow thiefs suck!!I hope you get it back,I miss my jeep!!

  • What a nightmare. Hope the out of state plates help get it back!

  • If you read the Consumer Report reviews on this vehicle the thief did the owner a favor as long as the insurance company will total it when found.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    More mother fucking kids……4 to be exact…..and one lived in the house…….inside job…….2 supervisors got much needed personal experience why kids these days are little shits…….too bad the 2 supes were not believers priorhand, always shmoozing parents and kids and monied interests……fucking kids these days need serious ass whoopings👹…..clown style, slobber knock out, cold cocked, pistol whipped, etc….fuck kids and their bullshit, time to punish vigilantism style…..

  • In these cases, it is important for citizens to know if the keys were left in the vehical. It can serve as a lesson to others or inform us that there is a car thief in the area who is capable of breaking into and hot wiring cars.

    Of course even mentioning that it was running, keys in the ignition may be considered “victim blaming”, these days.

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