Benbow Home Invasion Suspect Arrested

On September 6, a home invasion was reported in the Meadow View Road area of Benbow. Armed individuals allegedly took cash and a gun. They also took the resident to another location in his own vehicle and left him. The resident was able to walk to a safe location and call law enforcement. [See here for that story.]

In the press release below, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office states they found and arrested a man they believe to be one of the armed invaders. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any one described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Home invasion suspect

Micah Tafari Keyes-Anderson

On 09/27/2016, at approximately 11:40 a.m., a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Sergeant conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Redway resident, Micah Tafari Keyes-Anderson (age 23), in the 400 block of Briceland Road, Redway. Keyes-Anderson was subsequently placed under arrest for a domestic violence incident stemming from an altercation just prior to the traffic stop. Keyes-Anderson’s vehicle was searched and the stolen shotgun taken during the Meadow View Road home invasion was located. Through the investigation, Keyes-Anderson was positively identified as one of the home invaders.

On 10/6/2016, Sheriff’s Deputies obtained a Ramey Warrant for the arrest of Keyes-Anderson for armed robbery and kidnapping.

At approximately 2:30 p.m., Sheriff’s Deputies responded to an address in the 100 block of Orchard Lane, Redway, and took Keyes-Anderson into custody without incident.

Keyes-Anderson was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked on charges of PC 211 (robbery) and PC 207 (kidnapping). Keyes-Anderson’s bail was set at $200,000.

The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to follow up on leads as to the identities of the remaining outstanding suspects. Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.



  • Good. Keep his ass in jail and don’t Prop 47 him.

  • They need a little better lighting in the booking photo room,

  • What kind of interrogation would get him to throw his friends under the bus

  • Thanks for the fire photo Kym! Keep the Redheaded Bimbo outta Benbow!

    • If you are unhappy with a website, perhaps visiting it and adding to its visitor count isn’t the best way to show your displeasure?

    • Im pretty fond of mine, but one is enough in my life. Thanks for the offer though.

    • “bimbo” is another offensive word that ought not to be allowed here.

      • You are correct. I generally am lenient when folks insult me though.

        • Kym
          If somebody craps on your front porch do you leave it?

          I am not particularly offended by much of any kind of language, however, when the language becomes tedious and juvenile it distracts from the conversation. That is what is regrettable to me.

          The good thing about your blog is that you have set rules and standards and you adhere to them. I think that you should apply the same standards about yourself. You are as good as anybody else on this blog.

          • It’s my hairshirt. I have to report so much ugly about other folks and I have so much power to delete negative comments that I’d rather err on the side of being too lenient when it comes to negative comments directed at me.

            • When you report on other people it is the truth. Do you really think that it is true that you are a “bimbo”?

              How can a person defend another’s honor who won’t defend themselves? I realize that the offending person probably used the term because it, cutely, rhymed, but come on, at least show some spunk. Dump that hair shirt! Do you think that your friends like seeing you called a bimbo?

              Remind them why you are Citizen of the Year. Sweep the crap of the porch with your “hairshirt”.

  • Is that a typo or is it really only two hundred thousand bail?! Wtf

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Seems very low for someone who actually is a threat to the community.

      • Agreed kidnapping, having a stolen gun, home invasion, being a general p.o.s. there should be no bail period, if he bails out he is very dangerous to everyone, he knows he facing years

  • As Long as he is wearing that shirt you couldn’t miss

  • lame racist comment…even if he is a piece

  • I don’t get this you see way more on Google earth terraserver etc.

  • Wonder if the victim will receive any firearms charges, if this is industry related?

  • So asking for more light for photos is racist? Nothing makes any sence anymore..unreal..

  • I find it strange the number of home invasions committed by dark skinned individuals seems high.

  • I have been watching your website for months now trying to find out if justice will prevail for my niece Faith. I’ve been up here in Humbolt many times over my years. My mother rode out the Great Depression up here in Red Crest. I spent months up here on vacation when I was a kid in Eureka, and working after the great flood of 1965. worked off and on through the 70s 80s in Eureka. Ran my VW onto the tracks drunk and cleared it in the Vista Del Mar parking lot. It became my favorite sleazy bar.
    reading this stuff is just disgusting. people who need their asses kicked rule the streets. I was always reluctant to move to Eureka because it is a cancer cluster, but Fortuna was always cool and Ferndale was great. now I don’t even want to visit. It belongs to the shitheads and the people wait for the cops to solve the problem for them. Sad. I want it to go back to all you can eat at the Samoa Cookhouse for $2.50. Now it’s how much for a gram of meth?

  • No sympathy for the growers. Ya grow weed ya take the risk. No crying.

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