Will Humboldt Vote to Free the Weed?

ballot marijuana legalization

Proposition 64 on the ballot [Photo provided by Joell Wade]

Residents of the Emerald Triangle began receiving their sample ballots this last week. Inside they will have a number of important and historic votes to make. Some might argue that not one is more important and historic for this region than Proposition 64, the vote to legalize recreational marijuana.

Reuters posted an article this morning titled California marijuana legalization faces unlikely foe: growers. They interview several anti-Proposition 64 growers. Then, in spite of citing the vote being evenly split between the pro Prop. 64 and the anti Prop 64 in two growers organizations, the article reports that growers in the area are against Proposition 64. (No, we can’t make sense of that either. Doesn’t an even split mean a tie?)

The article does address why some of the growers are against the proposition though. It states,

The California Growers Association took a neutral stance after a recent poll among its 750 farmers, distributors and retailers found a split: 31 percent supported, 31 percent opposed, and 38 percent were undecided.The larger Prop. 64 debate has focused on moral, social and health consequences of legalized pot use, but growers’ concerns are more prosaic. Some fear going legit will mean too much red tape and burdensome oversight. Some fear an onslaught of big business – and competition that could wipe them out.

In spite of the even split between pro and anti voters reported among the two growers’ organizations discussed in the piece, the article only quotes one pro legalization grower. The article states,

Chrystal Ortiz, a small farmer and operations manager for the Sun Growers Guild, said she supports Prop 64 because it would eliminate or reduce most criminal penalties, as well as prior convictions, for marijuana offenses.

“Primarily black and brown underprivileged people are the ones being affected by the illegality of cannabis,” she said.

With the world watching and even writing songs about the vote,

we’d like to take an informal and, undoubtedly, inaccurate survey of what voters here are likely to do.

Just click yes or no and then press “VOTE.” You may only vote once and the voting closes on October 11. Yes, you can game this but…why?

Also feel free to chime in with your opinion in the comment section.




  • I’d just leave it like it’s been for the last thirty yrs.got to keep a black market going for humboldt economic welfare .

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Or, just decriminalize it and enforce environmental laws.

      Look, decriminalizing is “legalizing for rec. use”, suffice to say.

      This is a pork barrel disguised power grab by gubbamint and corporate,LLC, track and trace types, etc….

      No on any state bill or prop or ballot measure that is not simply “decriminalize marijuana”.

      Growers and users all win with decriminalization, while gubbamint gets nothing but a responsibility they already have to protect the environment by enforcing laws already on the books.

      A no vote would really fuck up the bureaucrats and greedy deceivers at this stage, so please vote NO!

      Oh, and write to your local elected reps at the county and state levels and make sure to inform them to jump into a creek, “signed anonymous!”

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Actually, you make a case for decriminalization and enforcement of environmental laws. Like maybe laws already in force for commercial agriculture in general. Uh, oh, you might have a point. Seriously. Damn.

        • How many years will we have to wait until some perfection is reached?

          NEVER, that IS the answer.

          At NO time in the foreseeable future will ANY elected or electable politician and /or political party stand up and commit political suicide by advocating total decriminalization of weed. Any legalization effort will be laden with lots of conditions and regulations and taxes. That is, has been, and will be the facts.

          Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska all had a legalization process, try to introduce any of those processes here and it will be NOT GOOD ENOUGH ever for growers. Ever.

          IMO this is where greed is hiding behind the scenes: the propaganda effort being the basic good olde “Perfection is the Enemy of the Good”…in this case some supported by a combination of well meaning and underhanded motives.

          • Exactly! Well said.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Honest people don’t feel it is political suicide to do something the “right way”, as opposed to accepting something with known flaws and immoral, unethical regulatory over reaches, generally unnecessary and inconsequential takings…., IHO.

    • It’s all about money, and using the word “legalization” is an outright lie. HUGE in and out of state money flowing in each jurisdiction looking to “legalize.” Often written into the legislation (invariably written by those that would profit most), is LEO funding to go after EVERYONE and ANYONE that is not “licensed” to cultivate recreationally. Plant limits for personal use that are ridiculous. But these guys also realize that the black market will BOOM, and they want licensing money put into increased law enforcement to kill any competition whatsoever.

      Treat it like fucking tomatoes. Then its “legal.” Otherwise, stop lying.

  • Yes, it’s difficult to believe California wasn’t the first to approve legal adult use of pot. Time to step up and join the other states in legalization. Time to end the black market trade.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Nothing to legalize, just decriminalize and its the same effect without all the fraud by gubbamint and big corp types……looking to create chaos for tax and profit.

  • Ironically prop. 64 will end up putting more people in jail. Shows how well Ms. Ortiz studied the proposition before commenting. Reading is fundamental to making an educated decision.

    • Henchman Of Justice


      And part of the mirage is they try to hook you on reduced costs associated with back end prison effects, but totally avoid front end costs to administer, implement, oversee, regulate, etc…, not to mention making gubbamint bigger with more hirings, more pensions, etc…..and tax the shit and nail folks with fees or penalties, etc….to pay for bigger gubbamint.


  • In an effort to lure voters, Prop. 64 proponents are currently spreading deceptive and misleading information about a false prison crisis that supposedly only AUMA can save us from. But this is another deception: California has no prison crisis with regard to cannabis offenders – we typically don’t imprison cannabis offenders at all – and the Golden State is already independently freeing nonviolent drug offenders thanks to Prop. 47, a measure passed in 2014 that reduced personal possession of almost all drugs from felonies to misdemeanors. Furthermore, Prop. 47 is helping hundreds of thousands more offenders than Prop. 64 even pretends to.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      I have heard this argument before, typically by people who have not themselves been through the legal meat grinder of a cultivation or sales bust. True, low level, non-violent cannabis offenses may not result in jail time, but imprisonment is just part of the punishment. Win or lose, the ordeal of the legal process is enervating and expensive. A felony conviction follows you around and turns up in your job apps, your grant apps, everywhere a background check is required. A felony conviction costs you your gun rights, although in Calfornia you can vote. If Prop. 64 erases the felony convictions of non-violent offenders, it will be a major victory for compassion and justice.

      62 pages? Are they kidding?

      • Well said, legal expenses alone will kill your effort even if your bank accounts aren’t drained by the police as illegally obtained. Anything seized will be expensive to get back, and not a priority if they pile on every charge they can think of too.
        Like you said, prison is just part of the punishment, maybe even a welcome change from the legal process.

  • Decriminalization not legalized taxation. Excise taxes on natural plants and fermentables is bullshit. Just a bunch of greedy whores in Sacramento. How many politicians and voters have prostituted their position on pot, in the name of tax revenue?

  • Vote no! see past the deception

  • “we typically don’t imprison cannabis offenders at all”

    Now you are spreading deception because people do still go to prison in California for possession of cannabis. Whether it’s one person or a hundred people doesnt matter.

  • It really wouldn’t take 62 pages to “legalize” cannabis. It is a Trojan Horse the government needs to gain control and legally implement MMRSA in 2018. MMRSA has conflicts with Prop 215 & SB420 and it takes a voter approved proposition to supersede previous voter approved props.

    Get educated, actually read the 62 pages and see for yourself.

  • Vote YES – get the legit growers to comply with the law and be upstanding citizens in their community. Fill the coffers with tax revenue that comes back to our communities and is used to get rid of the illegal cartel grows and the greedy growers who don’t want to pay taxes or compete like other business. Vote against greedy illegal growers and the feds by passing Prop 64!!!!

    • What does a legit grower look like?
      Not like Patrick Murphy’s circus of clowns right? illegal cartel grows take place in all of the western states on public lands. Controlled by Uncle Sam! They have enough money to bomb Syria but not to eliminate these types of real environmental devastation. Seems like a Mis-allocation of federal funding. It’s the greedy growers that guest420 speaks of that will benefit from this proposition. Not the other way around. We have been here from the beginning. We built the brand by growing the best cannabis in the United States. We will continue to do so as always. If you think we’re ready to retire and let all these “newbies”take over. You got another thing coming. We will allow you to stay here and share this beautiful country. Just stop acting like you are g-d’s gift to weed. When you arrived in the 90’s. Remember when kush arrived? The natives down river are responsible for the amazing diversity we see here today. We use to not even be able to finish before thanksgiving with our Sativas. But Big Ol’ Pat Murphy wouldn’t remember that his was still bouncing on moms knee back in Georgia!

    • The tax money the government will receive will be squandered .

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Uh, the tax generated money is geared for meth and heroin (which ain’t marijuana related), hiring more county employees that add to pension problems, and generally take money out of people’s pocket without justification because an attempt to claim justification could only exist had the county and state enforced the environmental laws years and years ago up to now and some other market created impact could be ascertained, maybe……to say all you wrote was frankly a bad bout of rot gut exhumed in gaseous form after a stomach twist or two of course.

      You read naive, frankly with all due respect.

    • There will be no revenue . Humboldt growers will be “regulated ” completely out of the market. By 2023 corporations are allowed complete vertical integration.

  • I love the typical bureaucratic wording: “Provides” ( instead of mandates) for industry licensing and establishes blah blah. “Allows” local regulation and taxation.( aw, how nice, they’re allowing us to tax ourselves in addition to the state, and soon, Federal gov.) . In other words, we will decide for you how “free” people will interact with one another, what they can grow and consume, and how much of it we are going to confiscate through taxes.
    In addition, this wonderful prop will reduce criminal justice costs and bring in revenue ( that will undoubtedly go to the children for schools, the elderly for hospitals, and the indigent).
    Liberals remind me of Charlie Brown. No matter how many times Lucy pulls the football, Charlie falls for it again. Somehow people actually believe that they will be better off having the gov spend their money for them; it would be laughable if it weren’t so f!@#% irritating. As painful as it may be for some of you, HOJ is right. Decriminalize it and leave us the f!@#$ alone!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      HOJ thanks you too for educating us all.

      HOJ thanks Kym Kemp for offering her community services.

      HOJ thanks everyone who has expressed their personal voices, writings, experiences, all the different angles on so many “little things lost in the macro overlay”.

      HOJ is no more “right” than anyone else on the same page of this issue…we are equals in the same cause…….

      We are all right, alright😉

  • I was once a staunch supporter of legalization who was initially planning to vote YES on 64 and was mildly impressed by the smoothness of Lt. Gov Newsom, but I am now leaning towards NO, because I find compelling arguments on both sides and my crush on Newsom has long since worn off. I have more reading to do in the next month before my final decision so I appreciate all well thought out arguments for or against.

    I can say that one thing I am not worried about is the Humboldt economy crashing if 64 passes. I’ve heard the fear mongering arguments for maintaining the status quo to save the local economy since 2010. Look what happened after Prop 19—The Green Rush covered the hills with huge dep greenhouses like a bad case of powdery mildew with ever bigger grows resulting in rapid expansion of negative environmental impacts to fragile watersheds that were already trying to recover and now are death zones for newly hatched salmonids, if the adults even make it back to spawn. It brought in entrepreneurs and huge cartel grows on public lands that have not had one iota of benefit to the communities they infest and it brought more grow related violent ripoffs and murders simply because there are huge amounts of cash to steal or fight over.

    All of the environmental damages of the Green Rush are already covered by existing laws, but what is lacking is the political will and funding to enforce them, and that’s something I’m not yet convinced Prop 64 will cure because, with or without 64, the Black Market has the whole country demanding every pound that can be smuggled out of here. And we know from long years of experience how expensive and ineffective outright prohibition enforcement and eradication has been. No, our problems aren’t going to go away until the vast majority of the country is saturated with legally produced weed that is priced competitively. The later point seemingly ignored by governments waiting to get their hands on the fresh source of taxes and licensing fees to support bloated bureaucracy.

    I believe that excessive licensing, regulatory fees and taxes will have the opposite effect of depressing bad growing practices because they add to the retail price consumers must pay and the bad actors have the profit advantage. I’m not totally against taxing recreational weed at a reasonable rate just like any other thing I buy, but medical MJ is an exception that should never be be taxed just like all medications for sick people.

    So I’m not sure I want to rush out and trade the Humboldt Outlaw culture for the Legalized culture of Big Corporate Weed five years down the road and feeding the hungry tax beasts from Day One. If only this issue was as easy for me as voting for president.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Totally appreciated your perspective and analyses.☺

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Yah, president is real easy. I need to read the whole p.64 manual, but I very much want to move in from the cold and incessant legal oppression. That tips it for me, so far, unless something very bad turns up in p.64 fine print. We have to thin out the two-legger vermin that increasingly infest this beautiful place and I don’t know how else to do it, if not through legalization.

  • Please Vote YES on 64. Although its not perfect (as any law ever is) it does afford a legitimate pathway for our beloved County to enter into the VAST and truly untapped legal canna market. We have the ways and means to create what can become a truly sustainable economic driver for generations. Its been a good run for the last 40 years. Its now time to move into and help define the next chapter in the amazing story that is Humboldt Homegrown!

    • Resident @ large

      Yeah, vague though it is,( revenues mostly dedicated to specific purposes ) I remember how ridiculous 215 was written but we wouldn’t be here now if not for it passing. Plus all the growers voting for not passing 19 to maintain the status quo. They should be held accountable in the here and now.

    • You are confused! The next story of humboldt homegrown will b a large corporations hiding behind the humboldt name.. And every old school grower will b out of a job.. You really think you have enough money to compete with huge corporations.. This is one of the last truly entrepreneurial professions in the great USA were mom and pop can survive and big corporations will kill this . Just like Walmart and Home Depot and all the other big boxes are making the rich richer and making us fall in line like sheep. Say goodbye to being your own boss hello big money taking away our paycheck to buy them another vacation house.
      Vote NO

    • Prop 64 is not about legal weed.its about corporate profit.

  • I will vote NO

  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.

    Free the weed!

    • Good is the enemy of great.

      This is highly flawed or it wouldn’t take 62 pages!!! I’m for legalization but this is not that. It is high regulation with none of the “tax revenue” used for schools or social programs. It is to be used for more enforcement, bigger government and leaves any future changes to the not “perfect” law to the government as it see fit.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Today over at THC,

      “….The project, however, was significantly more expensive, with a price tag pregged at more than $6 million. The county would have paid $5.93 per square foot, for a monthly rent of $89,620.

      Due to the higher cost, the Department of Health and Human Services gave the resource center’s proposal a lower ranking than McKenny’s.

      One of the advantages of the family resource center proposal, however, is that any “profits” realized by the organization would be reinvested in its programs.

      “We were indeed disappointed by the county’s late changes to alter the scores on our nonprofit’s proposal. Bureaucratic rules and legal technicalities scored a victory over delivering the best possible product for our community,” stated Hillarie Beyer, executive director of the McKinleyville Family Resource Center. “However, appealing that decision would lead to more delays and our community needs this project now. We cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good. As the lead partner in programming, I will continue to work with all agencies involved to create an amazing, innovative project … This new facility will enable all of us to focus our efforts on that goal, which will in turn strengthen our entire community.”

      Beyer and representatives of the Department of Health and Human Services made a presentation in 2014 before the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee about the concept of creating such a hub. However, the department has not come back before the committee this year to get input on the project and its location”…..

      Culled portion – ….”We cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good. As the lead partner in programming, I will”…..

      Who is “I”? – Hillarie Beyer, executive director of the McKinleyville Family Resource Center.

      Is Yassssssss = Hillarie Beyer or a peer group groupee involved in local sham progressive liberal and neo con tax dollar schemes, pay to play scams who go around on blog sites over various community issues as sock puppets spewing propaganda that is laced in deceit?

      • No, I’m just a dude who wants pot to be legal. Like the majority of Californians voting on this, i’m a consumer. The perfect/good thing is a coinkydink

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Ya, youre one liner is not an everyday statement, nor one said by 2 different local people out of the blue in the same day, so had to inquire…….are you a groupee?

  • Vote no… A vote for 64 is a vote for big corporate takeover and total loss for the emerald triangle communities and local economies.

  • Prop 64 will Pass, The Price will Fall and the Exodus will begin! Then We get our town back! All the Assholes Who came here driven by GREED destroyed our Watersheds polluted our Town can get the hell out NOW

    • Henchman Of Justice

      But with the border problem issues, where will the illegals (who have ruined the environment) go if not kicked out of the country just to emigrate back?

      It is wrong to tax good, local people to pay for the environmental impacts illegals created or that legal outsiders create.

      Only decriminalization will resolve most issues, not legalization.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Wait, why would an outsider leave if production side taxes and fees in Humboldt are less than where these asshole outsiders came from in the first place?

      Local politicians are inviting outsiders to come here because it means more money in the gubbamint cofers…..same idea as importing retired folks from the urban areas who sell in a higher market, buy lower in Humboldt that which props up housing costs and reduces affordability options….it is a policy of claiming to help the disadvantaged, but really fostering the atmosphere to create more disadvantaged…..it is a mind bender no doubt.

    • People that come to YOUR town seeking to improve their lot in life are not assholes; xenophobes like you are. Locals bear just as much responsibility for destroying YOUR watershed and polluting YOUR town. When the exodus happens and ambitious people leave, you can have your shithole town back along with the meth zombies and lazy beggars. You guys can hang out together, unemployed, in a crashed economy, bragging about how long you’ve been a local.

    • The price of weed falling is largely a myth people keep repeating that’s borne of wishful thinking. It hasn’t happened in legalized states to the degree that would drive black market growers to close up and leave.

      Because of the high taxes and regulatory costs on growers the price will remain at a high enough level to continue to incentivize the black market, which can easily compete because it doesn’t pay taxes, licensing fees, or any of the other mandated costs legal growers will have to pay.

      I see the expansion of another facet of the market—the gray market. If people are legally allowed to grow six plants indoor or out of sight of the public then people will be able to grow a lot more weed than they consume. That means people will be supplying networks of friends and acquaintances with non-taxed buds and making some extra tax-free cash. That’s not an unfamiliar place to some of the older growers who started out before growing weed turned into a big business.

    • Weed from Humboldt has not travel south for years. Price of Humboldt
      wholesale weed has been lower then Colorado’s legal market. Humboldt will continue to service the entire country.

  • Headlines like this misrepresent the reality of what is being proposed. Prop 64 is not “Freeing” the weed. It is permitting, regulating and taxing the weed!! Decriminalization is proper. But creating a legal mechanism for establishing a permit/regulate/tax system is NOT “legalization”! It is a mechanism for allowing huge multi-national corporations to enter into production! This is not a paranoid rant- it is basic business and logic! Instead of mistakenly calling this “Freeing The Weed” I consider it more as “Enslaving The Weed”. Too much? Okay, how about “Corporatizing The Weed” or “Taking The Weed Profits”? I am not voting for this fake-ass power grab dressed up as “legalization” and “freedom” anymore than I did for that crappy Oaksterdam grab in Prop 19 a few years back![edit] Don’t fall for false advertising. Think this through. We deserve better. We can do better. We will get a better deal if we stand strong now. This is a corporate welfare program-this time they really are “coming for our jobs”.

    • Although I agree with your main theme it appears the latest polling shows that state-wide the voters have bought AUMA and will pass it. We’re not going to get a better deal unless there are remedies available through future legislation (I don’t know if that’s possible since I haven’t read the prop word for word). In five years the big boys get to play. And when the big boys play they will have the ability to stifle competition through manipulating the market to their advantage, which always means more profits for their shareholders.

  • Twinkle Winklestein

    Vote No!, no no no no. It is not good in so many ways.

  • In all honesty, I don’t see it making that much of a difference if recreational passes or not…Why is this? Because as it is MMRSA already passed and thousands of people are gearing up there huge commercial medical grows as I type this. The way I see it, the weed market in general (black market and legal market) prices are just around the corner from plummeting to the point that it probably won’t even be that profitable (if profitable at all) to grow. So ya, I’d say vote No, just because theres a small chance this game might go on for a little while longer if recreational doesn’t pass. Either way though I’d say there’s only a few good years left (If that)

    • I agree with you. Although I think it’s really hard to predict. But you are probably right and I think people should vote no. Let’s keep it interesting. But we do need to find a way to get rid of all the new and annoying grow-bros that are displacing all the locals.

    • Humboldt supplies the nation , California market has been irrelevant for years.

  • Its far from perfect, it fails small growers, it is not legalization, it is decriminalization. But voting no means people will lose their freedom over cannabis.

    • [edit] This is absolutely legalization, not decriminalization. Learn the difference. We do not have “freedom over cannabis” to lose. By voting yes we gain regulation not freedom.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Voting “no” does not jeopardize “proper decriminalization” at any point, yesterday, today or tomorrow.

      Voting Yes takes away rights from the majority to funnel taxes and profits to the few.

      Full decriminalization means:

      1) you can puff without fear

      2) you can grow without fear provided you are not causing environmental degredations.

      3) no fear of prosecution for being in possession….

      4) You can posess a firearm without being called a felon

      Just for starters…..

      So much more too, but only if and when all levels of gubbamint recognize “full” decriminalization, not partially, not in parts, not in bits and pieces and certainly not 60+ pages…..plus thousands of other pages not yet part of the 60+ pages….and certainly several hundred more pages at the local level.

      A simple sales tax on non medical consumption is the only fair “taking” once decriminalization in full is confirmed…..no real paperwork to create a sales tax that already exists.

      • You nailed it again HOJ.
        FWIW, decriminalizing is what Darrell Castle promotes, for many of the reasons you listed. I hope voters give him a chance, despite the media blackout on him.

  • Denver PD running out of places to store confiscated weed. You think things are getting worse these days? Darker days are coming for our environment.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    If it’s taxed, the weed isn’t free.

    Government filth deserves not even the dirt off the feet of growers.

    Who counts your squash…

    Not a dime, anytime!

    Government trash can kiss our grads!

  • marijuana belongs to everybody.

    im for complete decriminalization. i cant in good conscience support a clearly monetary motive disquised as both “legal” (not really at all) and for the benefit of the people (decriminalization would be for the people).

    • No one has mentioned the other states with marijuana related regs going to vote. The more states that have approved voter acceptance the more pressure on the Feds to normalize to society’s wishes. States right vs federal government.

      • the weed is not being freed.

        nobody’s mentioned how illegal marijuana is going to continue to be in other countries, either. globally, historically, it’s a clear case of our govt. monopolizing what’s been somebody else’s way of life, and proving that our government’s mode as an institution is to dramatically prioritize their monetary profit over anybody’s free human life on earth. marijuana is a brand-new “industry” that’s been around thousands of years. marijuana can and does help people in what many call miraculous ways. marijuana is a completely unique life form. imagine if nobody voted to “legalize” marijuana anywhere in the USA. everybody knows marijuana could just as well be completely decriminalized. to a relative few, it might as well be. society’s wishes can are being exercised, how about the rest of the population be “allowed” to exercise as freely? it’s somebody’s job description that makes the marijuana busts. in broad daylight, your own Humboldt County government, as an institution, is looking at you as their money first, and as an equal and intelligent human being second. “we need the money” said Estelle fennel, not even a month after voting herself a raise. evolution has to buckle up in the back seat because of those folks.

  • Vote NO! Every corporate billionaire is coming on board for the “green gold rush” all lined up to profit from the end of prohibition across USA this Nov 2016… Here in homeboldt our environment has been invaded massively by mafia greed heads illegal grows devastations by those who plan on making $25 million and do not care for organic medicinal standards, do not care about our mountains, forests, rivers, creeks, streams, wildlife, humanity, rights of nature or all living things!

    I do not think the CA drought will ever be healed as long as such gross grim gruesome abuses of our waters, air, lands/soils, all environmental crimes by huuuuuuuuge recreational cannabis poisonous crap that is killing our forests, creeks, rivers, wildlife
    All this recreational like I said it should never be allowed to be grown by commercial AG biz poisons PETRO CHEMS reversing our many years of environmental actions and restorations created by the heart of the back to landers and heirloom organic ECO conscious growers from the real LUTHER Burbank botany seeds strains propagations for finest cannabis seeds world famous good old seeds. OY VAY! The destructions from so many thousands of illegal mega grows gone mad for recreational cannabis, is obscene beyond grotesque war! The monster madness of the county of Humboldt not having $to go bust these massive illegal recreational cannabis grows… Is going FOREWARD with plan to use the tax money that comes from mega $millions from this commercial poison crap… To go after and levy massive ECO citations for illegal grading, illegal logging, illegal springs and creeks diversions, illegal water collections systems, use of Big AG BIZ killer poison PETRO CHEMS and killer rodenticides! This just seems so all backwards and upside down madness made ever more odious by our environmental crises!

    I cannot vote for 64 it is founded in the poison chemical industrial corporate mafia in total opposition to our sacred heirloom organic medicinal methods and materials!
    This 64 is how to take a fabulous medicinal harmless herb and turn it into a heinous harmful poison product for profiteers with no respect or honor for our medicine that has brought cannabis to the light of such fame flaming that we are in the Dragon’s jaws of horrors of darker than dark sides of end of black market prohibition… When the herb is prosituted by methods and materials of great harms to human health, our environments and all living things! Recreational is darker than the black prohibition ever was already on overwhelm. Vote NO on 64 and have the courage to defend our rights to health and happiness and rights of nature and a real total rewrite into a real healthy recreational cannabis plan. Screw NORML neutered out one trick pony for “legalization any way you want to grow it”… Too loose and no botanical authenticity.

    Hell they gonna come out with some corporate patented GMO cannabis full of glyphosate and weird non cannabis synthetic fibers from Growth Hormones patented SCI-FI corporate cannabis on steroids!

    I have said for decades that we must protect all legal cannabis according to our strict heirloom certified organic standards. Healthy high grade medicinals are what has brought cannabis such fame and glory. I do not see any merit in allowing our herbal medicine to be turned into a poison industry destroying everything in it’s wake and bringing great harms hazards dangers and death. We need to do this right or do not do it! It is already a massive crisis issue here and throughout CA.

    The Millionaires and billionaires are salivating about profiteering from this and who is protecting the sacred medicine for all?

    Please if Kym wants to edit my comments for facts checks… Thanks much… I am so concerned about the cannabis crossroads consciousness! I send you love!

  • No no no terribly written law.

  • FWIW, I agree with the No commentators.

    Edit to add. Funny coincidence. KrisAnne Hall today was reminding us that nowhere in the Constitution does government have a delegated role to govern plants.
    It’s a hard episode to grasp, but very enlightening.

  • Progress ?”They wanna see how much you’ll pay, for what ya used to get for free.”

  • AUMA/64 is being sold to city folks as a social justice initiative that will “end the failed drug war.”

    Here in the SOJ, though, “local control” means nothing will change with 64’s passage: numerous producing counties with excellent climate, more abundant water than the Triangle, and good access to transportation routes are opting for cannabis-dry. These counties, according to recent studies, have some of the highest rates of cannabis use in the state, but the Powers That Be in these places would like to “make it go away,” or, failing that, to assimilate it to a crime-crisis discourse and keep on fighting it with law enforcement.

    The counties I’m talking about include Siskiyou, Shasta, Tehama, and Butte. The bone of “local control” tossed to anti-cannabis forces in these places means the criminalization of thousands of cannabis producers whose livelihoods depend, in whole or part, on the cannabis market. While there has been a lot of pro-64 talk about the “disparate impacts” of the drug war on urban people of color, there has been almost nothing said about the social costs of continuing the war on cannabis in the “Ban Wagon” counties under MMRSA/AUMA. In fact, most everyone seems ready to toss Ban Wagon growers under the bus.

    I care about the social justice aspect of shutting these thousands of folks out of the legal market and targeting them with enforcement. But even for those who don’t care about that, it would be wise to consider more fully how knowingly creating this dynamic is likely to send many, many producers to the newly-black market, and to undermine many of the noble goals of legal regulation.

    If cannabis prohibition is based on lies, undoing it should begin with telling the truth. Instead, we are looking at a slick campaign that started with a big lie: official proponent Dr. Donald Lyman saying that “of course” cannabis is a “dangerous and ill-advised” substance, which is why it has to be tightly regulated. It looks much more like a way for the well-funded to take over the market than a restoration of social justice.

  • Small to midsized growers have more of a fighting chance economically to stick with the medical regulatory framework. The crafters of the AMUA never took the current cannabis producing regions into account. Their motivation is a $$ grab. The only provision in it that protects smaller, existing grows was fought for by the CGA (California Growers Association). It keeps a cap on grow size for only the first five years.
    Vote NO.
    Tell your friends and family.

  • For those that won’t read the actual 62 pages of regulation and make a voting decision based what is really written into Prop 64 instead of the hype of legalization/decriminalization here is a cheat sheet.


    14 reasons you should vote “Know” on 64 that cites specific language in the proposition. If you plan to vote yes it is worth you time to confirm your vote or open your eyes to what is really hiding in this Trojan horse.

  • Yes on Proposition 64.

  • Heads up. The candidate who is adamant about decriminalizing drugs & abolishing government over reach, is in need of Calif delegates, to assure he is a registered write-in in Calif like he is in most states.
    Darrell Castle. (2R’s)
    His VP is Scott Bradley

    As you can imagine, the corporate media has a blackout on him.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of government leasing our “public” resources to foreign nations while bitchin about american citizens being greedy & reckless.

  • I don’t think it’s going to matter one way or the other. If it passes there will be some who will try to be legitimate. They will be the decoys to take the heat off of all the others who will continue to grow like they’re growing now. Big grows are illegal now, right? They smuggle their weed out of State mostly, so there is no way they can come clean. The only way for it to work is legalize nation wide.

    There will be some money collected from the legal growers, and I guess that would be good, but it’s not fair for the legitimate grower to try and compete with those who don’t comply.

  • It’s fascinating to see that state wide this has overwhelming passing votes. So is it just the Humboldt growers trying to block it?

    • you obviously have not read prop 64

    • During the Prop 19 discussions every grower I know said they were voting no to keep it illegal so they could continue to rake in their black market money, nobody spoke of the poorly written law itself. The grower scene has been heavily polluted by greed for a very long time now. The good ones are still out there but I know very, very few. All this talk about mom and pop growers, I get it in a way, but mom and pop businesses in the way we think of them as a society in general aren’t businesses bringing in hundreds of thousands, or even millions, a year, tax free. They don’t vacation in the tropics every year. And mom and pop businesses have to get permits, licences, and pay taxes. These arguments are bordering on whiney at this point. It’s obvious this will pass, large margins in the poles, and many conservatives who in the past would’ve voted no are also watching CO and want to see that tax money. Fix your shit, get your permits, or take the risk and don’t.
      And Meaghan, I hardly know where to start unraveling your misinformation, for one, “heirloom” refers to varieties 50 years or older so I guess you’re advocating growing hemp strains or strains from areas of the world with a completely different climate that wouldn’t be happy here. Don’t underestimate the incredible breeding that has happened here in the last 30+ years. Luther Burbank specalized in creating new hybrids, the oppisite of what you’re saying. Hybrids are created with the intention of creating better crops, enhancing production, flavor, really any trait you desire. Though tomatoes been bred to have thick skins and a long shelf life (addressing the problems with shipping tomatoes traditionally), and that comes at a cost of inferior flavor, tomatoes are available year round now, people wanted that. They were bred them that way in response to consumer demand. If you want tomatoes in winter in NY, you understand that, and can still grow those flavorful heirlooms in the summer. They both have their place. Are you really more afraid of a regularily inspected AG company who is held to standards of practice, or some dude in the hills who drives to OR to get the chemicals banned in CA to use to kill his mites the day before harvest? Talk to any garden shop employee and you’ll be scared about what the outlaw AG methods are at this point. GMO plants don’t contain glyphosate, they’re adapted to be able to have it applied without suffering the usual symptoms. I see your concern comes from a good place but you should check your own facts, you’re probably afraid of things you need not be.
      Additionally, could breeders maybe think of their own names now? You all know Gorilla Glue is surely a trademarked name, might be some legal issues down the line, plus come on, Gorilla Glue? Are we still 13 looking at our black light Hendrix poster? Time to elevate our businesses to the level of our product.

        • No, doesn’t look like people think it is important enough to read what is really in this thing. You can pitch your theory that greedy growers are pushing a no vote just to keep things they way they are. Not true, the game has already changed for those coming out of the shadows. I implore you to read what is in this thing because it certainly doesn’t end prohibition. 29 grams, you’re in trouble. More than 6 plants per household, your’re in trouble and that’s if the city or county you live in decides to let you cultivate outdoors. Tax revenue doesn’t go to general fund or social services but into funding enforcement of the regulations with no oversight of this new lucrative government revenue stream.

          If you have actually read the entire proposition and you still think this is how things should be then by all means vote yes. Just don’t be like the rest of the sheeple that don’t educate themselves and complain later that the government has run a muck.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            Not to mention the nanny staters will constantly cause 64 pages to expand…..look at Oregon where extra pages of laws were added to protect children….no more marketed weed with names like girl scout cookies, or skywalker, etc….everyone voting yes has their heads up their ass so far, that the light of day is a foregone memory.

  • readbetweenthelines October 5, 2016 7:51 pm
    “Humboldt supplies the nation , California market has been irrelevant for years.”

    Compton, a city south of Los Angeles, more recently known as a warehouse city (where import goods are stored) and as the origin of a lot of gangsta rap (N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton) is
    now becoming know for both certain warehouses and other gang elements:

    “27,000 marijuana plants worth $6.1 million”

    “4,200 live plants and 200 pounds of cured pot valued at $7.5 million..”

    and the only reason the Sheriff’s Department caught them is they were given tips…

    A lot of companies went out of business with the financial meltdown of 2008 and there’s plenty of empty warehouses ready to be rented, few questions asked, all over LA County (and who knows where else).

    For every person who appreciates a good craft beer and will pay for it, there are thousands who will think with their wallet and buy the mass-produced brands. I think the same thing applies to ‘brands’ when it comes to weed.
    And when it comes to buyers, what proof do they have as far as its origin? How many people bought cold pressed olive oil from Italy? And how many of those got the real thing and how many got oil from a half dozen other countries that was fraudulently sold as Italian?
    How many brand name articles of clothing, purses, footwear and such have a famous label and how many are knock-offs?
    So to establish a ‘brand’ is going to take more than just saying ‘this is where it’s from’. It’s kind of like buying Rx drugs from Canada. You can’t buy them from a company in the US but you can from a company in Canada. So how do you know that Canadian company is reputable?

    There are a lot of propositions on this ballot and I’m working my way through all of them (some are pretty easy to say ‘no’ to…like any that will cost taxpayers now or later) so I can’t say if this Prop is good. I can certainly understand the concerns on both sides but keep your eye on the target and don’t get distracted by the other ‘ifs’.
    I knew people downriver who worked at developing new strains and bringing in seeds from all over. Good, decent folk, Bob and Shannon Smith. She had a green thumb that went all the way up her arm. I swear her plants loved her the way they responded to her. I remember her saying of some kush seeds that the only way she could get them to germinate was on top of fresh horse manure. Now that was devotion to duty and the brand!

  • yes or no…nothing will change…quit crying you babies. the black market isnt going anywhere. you may get pushed out of the legal market, that is very possible. but until the demand from the east coast and the bible belt is curbed the end result is a black market here…sure there will be more and more growers, weather they are from goergia, minnesota, chicago, bulgaria, locals or laotians but that would have happened regardless of legality right here anyways… bottom line there is money in cannabis, and high demand. corporations will be forced to operate legally, and are required to look out solely for the bottom dollar interests of the shareholders, so their mass produced shit sold at 7-11 will be just that. the prices will drop a bit, and the consequences will go up… but the sheriff wants work, so he needs all of you, the feds want work so they need all of you, and the smokers want weed so they need all of you, which should shine a light on the high demand for growers and product. the only difference is there will be more enforcement(thing 80’s-90’s) and more of you at the middle mans place showing your wares, and more of you getting your product passed for the other guys for whatever reason. its high time you started working on your business skills and business relations, integrity, quality control, supply and demand,because those very real job skills are going to be required legal or not. this would have happened regardless. it happens to every commodity in every community. personally i love listening to you creeps cry about legalisation when its the actual end result of this capitalist system you so worship and defend with your red neck rhetoric. you are not red necks/country boys. you have way too much money to qualify or identify with that. you are not born with a southern drawl. your truck doesnt qualify you.red necks grow corn with the weed slaughter their own meat, fix their own fences, and make their own hooch..you are not hippies either, way too much $$ for that as well. blowing 2k per month at the organic food section on your trim crew or drinking organic milk alternatives doesnt give you principle, or character,,, the old days are gone. you just arent going to be able to sell your 50 pounds of shit weed and crappy trim to just anyone..make a quick 100k spend it on flashy diesel rigs for you and your girl, forget your balloon payment, and make a quick 60 more over the winter to cover it before the note holder forcloses..you just aren’t going to be able to be the tweaker on the avenue with 5 pounds in your car from the other article to survive anymore. legal or not you will be forced to engage in real business. the tweakers will be forced into rip offs and roberies, and those too will increase…wake up call humboldt. how many of you can read, write, and do arithmetic? we will soon see…how many of you know your neighbors? how many of you can bridge those gaps, lifestyle, ethnic/language, education, and come together with those around you to make your little neighborhood survive? i doubt many. its a dog eat dog industry right now, its getting worse..if i were a betting man id bet that most of you are so self centered, and personal gain oriented, that you lacked ever developing the business and social skills in the first place to power through the coming changes. the minority that has them will survive. they are probably the 20 people at the golden tarps that attended the legal forums/discussions, while the rest of you idiots spent your day out back smoking sub par dabs at the bar…you big guys who didn’t attend because you were too busy, you aren’t worried, because you never intended to be on the legal market, own three 100+ acre properties and realize the $$ is in the dirt literally, and you as well as i know the black market isn’t going anywhere…

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