Seeking Work in the Cannabis Economy? Redwood Women’s Foundation Offers a Safety Workshop

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Manicuring marijuana. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Press release– (See the Facebook Event by clicking here):

Redwood Women’s Foundation Workshop
Wednesday October 12, 2016 6-8:00pm
Location: Humboldt Herbals Classroom, Eureka Ca
Registration Donation: $10 per attendee
Complete Registration using the Ticket link above
*This workshop is being offered to women in the industry, as well as community members and service providers.

Is a workshop hosted by Another Realm with Humboldt Area Center for Harm Reduction (HACHR) leading the discussion of, guidelines for safe hill work by using a Harm Reduction approach. Many communities that are entrenched in prohibition come with a set of strengths and weaknesses. Humboldt County is no different; we have many people in the cannabis community who are ethical and humane business folk and some who are absolutely not. However, there is a risk associated with working in an industry plagued by prohibition and this workshop discussion is centered on mitigating the harms that may come up for many who are working or seeking out work in the cannabis economy.

Sociologist and HACHR board chair Brandie Wilson will explore with us what a Harm Reduction approach looks like while working or looking for work in an industry that is not yet legal. HACHR is a local Harm Reduction non-profit whose mission is “To reduce harm to the Humboldt community through education, advocacy and services.” Brandie will be relying on her years of qualitative and quantitative sociological research of women in the cannabis industry. Brandie has been collecting field notes and conducting in-depth interviews with women and men in the Cannabis industry since 2009. It is the harmful drug policy of prohibition that is negatively impacting our community and presenting opportunities for unethical behavior in the Cannabis Community. This workshop brings forward the tools that many people over time, have gathered and shared with her on the topic of hill work, safety, violence, and ethics. This workshop is a discussion of those strategies and approaches for safety in the hills. As with any discussion please bring with you any suggestions and approaches that you have heard or know of for safety to add to the discussion. The more approaches we have to ending unethical behavior in the hills, the better.

Links to “The Underground; A Sociological exploration of women in the cannabis industry” by Brandie Wilson M.A.



  • Terrific links, thanks! af

  • This is awesome. I hope attendance is large. Thanks to those putting this workshop on!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      “*This workshop is being offered to women in the industry, as well as community members and service providers.”

      A Misandryst statement…..

      Why not say, “*This workshop is being offered to community members and service providers.?”

      Kym, did you censor this comment a week ago or upload a second post, cuz somehow the same original comment vanished, disappeared.

      • It was in the trash. I’m not sure why. I restored it.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Freudian slip? Although HOJ’s version may be more succint, I hardly think Kym was being bigoted against any group. “As well as community members and service providers” pretty well covers all of humanity. I certainly hope HOJ continues to remove beams from his own eye while looking for motes in others.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            HOJ never wrote at any time that Kym is bigoted, but the headline seemed to be sexist too, nor that Kym wrote the headline either because sure as shit, Kym was provided the information by a 3rd party source.

            Seeing a black female progressive liberal (who supports a very sexist female Liar named Hillary Clinton) connect “sexism” to anyone who claims Hillary turned a blind eye to her hubbies sexual assaults and discriminations is an eye opener to how the gentrification in politics has been played for decades now… the progressive liberals… is the “rape tactic”…..where the victim should never be accused of lying, pandering, making stuff up for ulterior purposes……ya, lots of people towing that line of social deceptivenesses.

            Thanks Kym, makes sense that at times, with all you review, that the trash can intermittently gets an accidental entry.

            Tired of the sexism no matter what the gender ID is😈.

          • Henchman Of Justice

            As far as headlites, HOJ prefers xenon bulbs.

  • If you dont know the risk you are taking, go home dummy. Man, woman, spainard, canadian, mexican, san francisco festy… You are entering the black market dummy. Act accordingly.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    *This workshop is being offered to women in the industry, as well as community members and service providers.

    Response: A misandryst’s message to diminish men……

    Why not just cut the PC bullshit crapola by writing it this way…..

    “*This workshop is being offered to community members and service providers.”

    Frickin’ feminist movement gone overboard… a sociologist brain teaser nonetheless.

  • Trust your gut. Vote with CGA. Everyone is entitaled to rights.

  • If pot was fully legal this wouldn’t be an issue, thanks dopers!

  • Blacktail Addict

    Maybe you should hold a workshop on how to get a real job.

  • Hey! Are you a young woman thinking of taking a job from a man you don’t know that requires you to go miles into the woods where there may be no cell reception or people you know? But he offers you money? Well, here’s a workshop that tells you how to do that safely?!! Umm…this just sounds really stupid. How about NOT encouraging anybody to come here for that kind of a job?

  • In our town we have the trimmigrants fill out applications and do on the spot interviews which we video record. We promise jobs but never pull through. Its our way of having a little fun while documenting the colorful folks that descend on our neck of the woods. We charge $10 and put the weirdest weirdos on a bus to Garbageville where we assure them to find wifi, cell service, free food and gainful employment! Happy Harveys. Tea Time.

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