[UPDATE] One Deceased After Accident on Hwy 36 Today

CHP Feature FatalityA CHP spokesperson has confirmed that one person is deceased after a car accident on Hwy 36 this morning.

According to Gary Carpenter, administrator for Post Mountain VFD, at 10:41 a.m, Post Mountain Fire, Hayfork Fire, Cal Fire and Trinity County Life Support 303 were dispatched to milepost 33.65 on Hwy 36 about five miles east of the Hwy 36 and Hwy 3 intersection. A vehicle was discovered about 75′ over the bank.

The first report from the scene indicated that the driver was not breathing and unresponsive. Eventually, the driver was declared deceased, Carpenter said.

We will update with more information when we receive it.

UPDATE: Mad River Man Dies in Single Vehicle Accident on Hwy 36



  • My hubby drove past it.pulled over and called me so I didn’t freak knowing I was listening to scanner!!it looked bad.so very sorry.

  • The most dangerous road I have ever driven strikes again! If you’re not going to show it the respect it demands, then you should at least prepare yourself for a life changing event.

    I see it as yet another win for 36!!!

    I can only hope is was an out-of-state grower here only to take and not give back. Even better if they hadn’t started harvesting.

  • So the deceased person was a friend of my family. Please, I ask for respect… Thank you

  • I read Kym’s blog daily, and I find it to be very well worth reading , but then you read the comments that people leave and it makes one realize that there are a lot of pathetic people who have nothing better to do than to hate, be disrespectful , etc. the list is to long to type. In my opinion these people sit hiding behind their monitors flapping their gums not caring what pathetic bullshit spews from their lips. They feel so mighty hiding behind their monitors because in real life, which apparently they don’t have one because they are nothing more than miserable little piss ants who no one gives a flying F–K about because no one likes haters. Someday you might be the topic of a story and as they say ” KARMA IS A BITCH!!!”. I agree there is too much hate and hurt in this world, is this really how we want to spend our time here on earth doing nothing but hating and hurting? If so then beam me up Scottie!!!

  • It’s not the road it’s the bad drivers, there was another car over the side 35′ feet down at mp 18.47 on 36 in trinity last night about 7pm non injury just some cuts etc..

  • I agree it’s not the road, as long as it’s driven carefully. I’ve driven 36, 30+ years and haven’t had one accident.

  • I drive 36 many times a year pulling a trailer load of horses, especially during buck season…Have been ran off the road many times by folks going way to fast comming at me…I always allow those behind me to pass….You have to be careful on 36, especially around Buck Mtn….A little courtesy goes a long way…

  • I live since 2007 up in the area. And no, I don’t smoke it, I don’t grow it….. and yes, a special kind of people is driving like idiots on Hwy 36 ! Speeding, cutting corners, tailgating because they are all the time in a hurry and don’t care and don’t give a shit ! Special the beat up lifted trucks and cars with the funny smell !

    Ask the local towers and CHP who causes all the accident !

  • I have been driving 36 since ’83 and always wear my SEATBELT and stay on my side of the road..

  • This road is dangerous, the drivers that have driven it for years without incident, are wary in their driving no matter what road they are on. The unfamiliar to Hwy 36 are baited into trouble when they see the 55 mph speed limit, and they try to maintain it on sections of Hwy 36 that should be driven at speeds well below that.

  • I used to enjoy driving out 36 because it’s one of the prettiest drives in Humboldt County. Now it has a race track feel to it. It’s not a video game people.

  • Condolences to the family sorry for your loss

  • So sorry for the loss my husband was killed up there as well….by the airport drive with caution for sure..xx

  • So sorry for the loss my husband was killed up there as well….by the airport drive with caution for sure..xx

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