Crime Program to Look at ‘Missing and Murdered’ in Humboldt County


Left to right: Christine Walters, Sheila Franks, Danielle Bertolini, Karen Mitchell, Jennifer “Jade” Wilmer

This afternoon a crime show will be looking at the deaths and disappearances of five women in Humboldt County. The women’s cases span over twenty years. Below is an excerpt from the show, Crime Watch Daily.

Unfortunately, for us here in the Emerald Triangle the times the show will air are less than ideal. It will air at 4 p.m. on KBVU and 1 a.m. on KECA. You can read about the cases in this article here  and follow the cases on this Facebook page.



  • Twinkle Winklestein

    Thank you very much for keeping this topic at the surface Kym. It’s so crucial for those effected, and to warn and remind all to be careful and watch out.

  • I hope they never ever stop looking.this is great.maybe a fresh eye,will see something missed.its a hope and some times that’s all it takes.lets hope and pray for these family’s

  • thank you kym! anyone interested in missing people should check out this link

  • Karen Mitchell…wow….its been a long time.

  • Kym we have had several bodies turn up this past year have they all been identified?

    • No. At least the skeleton found in the Eel near Stafford is unidentified or at least was a couple of weeks ago when I last talked to the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office.

      • What about the Converse (?) covered foot found sticking out of the ground near Piercy a while back? These scary stories never leave my heart…their poor families.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Yeah, right. We get incredible stories about bodies or extreme busts and never get the resolution. Was that the one where the family was picnicking on their favorite riverside spot and decided to remove trash? They picked up a shoe and there were bones in it. Was there any follow-up? Did I miss it?

  • I thought Karen Mitchell was a victim of the truck stop killer that turned in a lady part in a bag to the APD. Is that no longer believed to be true? So sad none the less, and yet we still have girl jumping in random trucks to drive way out where you get no cell reception and no one can hear you scream. Come on girls, It’s never the victim’s fault but I really wish more girls wouldn’t be so trusting and put themselves in sketchy situations. This is NOT the county to trust people, even those you’ve known for years.

    • The man featured in the documentary “the jinx” is a possible suspect, is his name richard herst? He comes from very wealthy family and is connected to many murders over the years. There’s a good NCJournal article about him online.

      I think Karen went missing a little after the truck driver serial killer turned himself into HCSO, and that he confessed to all murders he did. He was bring looked at for Jades disappearance as he picked up female hitch hikers and she was known to hitch to blue lake.
      He also kept evidence in his freezer.
      He had to bring that body part from his freezer to the HCSO as the first time he tried to turn himself in they didn’t believe him as he was in the good Ole boy network. Maybe that’s why we have so many missing folk, HCSO barely does their job unless you’ve hired them or are in their old skool network where they protect each other no matter what.

    • “girl jumping in random truck…” or girls or guy or guys or groups . while i endorse the buddy system as being slightly safer, i think it is only slightly. theres lotsa sketchy situations roun’ yar .please dont be stupid

    • It’s not the good old days anymore. Humboldt was peaceful and a bunch of four wheeling people. Not at all the same place i grew up in. I won’t even take out my recycle after dark, zombies digging through it. Funny, in my teens, rode my horse through this field, making daisy chains with girlfriends, talking about the next dance.

  • On right now crime watch daily

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Why so sexist?

    More men are missing, yet they aren’t allowed a voice?

    MGTOW has reason behind it…

    • Inspector Clauseau

      Damsels in distress is far more titillating. Females are innocent angels by default.

      • Inspector Clauseau this sounds exactly like something HOJ would say.

        • Honeydew Bridge Chump

          It’s not…

          Just showing the feminist agenda that openly considers men second class people who deserve no voice.

          MGTOW is bringing down their agenda by educating young men on their cause and how they should be treated for behaving like that.

    • Yes there are more men these days missing. Absolutely have a voice for them. Thank you for reminding people that it’s not just women missing.

  • Where are the women missing in hoopa ? Chick White and that other girl who probably was killed by that piece of shit [edit]

  • What about chick white

  • I don’t believe Karen Mitchell was ever thought to be a victim of the trucker,last name Ford.. Can’t remember first name. Last I heard they were thinking there might be a connection to Robert Durst. This is so heartbreaking. As a mother I cannot imagine the unknown. I thought they did find the remains of the girl from Maine though. Keeping all in my thoughts and prayers .

  • J, your dead on about trusting people around here!

  • thanks for your attention to this issue Kym

    • Be carefull on dating sights too ladies!!! Creepo on jon chiv’s post today is on plenty of fish, same pic too! The upskirt, child molester creep is on there. I was stalked for a minute, no facebook for me! Be so careful of what you put out there. Really, be carefull on twitter, etc. Set’s you up for home invasion, etc. Kim kardashion is still shaking with ptsd, I’m sure. I feel bad for her.

      • Get Out A Here W KK

        Really, Kim K??? This is the real world, hers is not. She can afford PTSD. Gotta love America. Here is an entire family with ZERO talent and yet they are worth millions. For what? Ohhh, sex tape and a big ass. Thats right, I forgot about the magic combo to success. No I’m not jealous or a hater. Just calling it like I see it.

  • Ah, more bad press for Humboldt.
    Thanks Kym.

  • Anonymouse? No such thing anymore.They gottch ya # soon as you dial M for?

  • My sister in Christ has been looking for her granddaughter Danielle sense the day she became missing. I have never meet anyone that loves their family members more than my friend teri , knowing now that her previous granddaughter Danielle has gone home to heaven ,she has some peace, but I know she won’t have complete peace intill the person or people that did these terrible acts to those beautiful women are arrested .,so if anybody has any information on any of these cases please contact the crime department and it will anonymous. Blessings to you all

  • I still think Robert Durst killed karen,he knew her like he knew the others he old neighbor Wayne Adam ford was my neighbor growing up I played hide and seek,wholly shit I think I was lucky!!!they thought maybe he did some of these women,I hope not he scared the living crap out of me.we all would like to know what happen to these women

  • Oh wow I watched the videos.starting to make more creepy.

  • I know Sheila, she was staying with my friend Rich before she went missing, she gave me a camper shell a few days before that, I have talked to Melissa through Kym and wish positive energy to all involved, I also know of dude making rude comments about Daniel while drunk, we all know JJ is responsible, however he won’t agree to go fishing with us anymore…

    • Get Out A Here W KK

      Does he still live in Fortuna? I’ve heard the speculation before. If he is truly responsible, its hard to believe he is still up right and sucking wind.

  • Not to be skeptical but it is a pretty small county. Connections can be found anywhere. I am not saying it isn’t strange but tell me you haven’t shown up at a coworkers party in northern Humboldt and randomly bumped into ssomeone you knew in southern humboldt from high school.

    • Ya but how many people have admitted to the police that they were the last person to see two different girls alive a week apart? Serial killers are often very active then not active for years, so that is a coincidence that is a little more sketchy than the constant running into people that we all go through.

      • I think there is a connection between the two but not all five. I am merely pointing out you connect people because it is a small county.

    • as, . Calif has 58 counties, there are 44 counties in Calif smaller than Humboldt co, only 13 larger. Total sq miles of Humboldt is 3,600. Mendocino co has 3,510, Del Note has 1,003 and Trinity Co has 3,223 sq miles.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Humboldt is a small county in population. That was the point. Due to topography and economic reality, that population is concentrated into pockets of population on the coast and in the valleys, along major highways like 299, 36, 101. These small communities tend to reduce the ability to remain totally anonymous. That’s why I believe someone knows who the Hoopa arsonist(s) is, but burning up the Valley is OK I guess. Thank you for the geographic update and for highlighting the difference between cartographic size and population size.

  • So are there more missing/murdered women per capita in humboldt county or more missing/murdered men? WIthout knowing this, we can know if maybe we should be looking at the phenomenon of missing PEOPLE.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Chris Hansen should come and do a series called, To Catch A Grower.

    They could come to the house expecting payday, only to be questioned by Chris before the cops slam them to the ground as they try to leave.

  • Once again ….why is Tawya Marie Leavitt not included as an unsolved murder with these women?

    • Inda, I will gladly tell her story (It isn’t up to me to decide who goes on other people’s news sites though.) However, I need some help from people who knew her. My email is

    • Hi Inda, I am one of Tawnya’s cousins and just saw your post.
      When did you post it?

    • Inda, can you please tell me who you are in relation to Tawnya Marie Leavitt? I am her cousin and I have started working with Brenda to help solve Tawnya’s case. It has been onmy front burner since the day I found out that shewas found dead, and I will NEVER stop!

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