Vandalism Is ‘a Slap in the Face,’ Says Leggett Fire Department


Vehicle caught on a security camera leaving rubber marks on the Leggett Firehouse’s driveway.

Leggett Valley Fire Department firefighters are frustrated at vandalism that occurred on their firehouse driveway this last Friday. “We just spent a bunch of money resurfacing our asphalt two weeks ago,” explained Ely Reighter, Chief of the Leggett Valley Volunteer Fire Department. “Then the car came and burned donuts all over the new stuff…It wasn’t even the money so much as some older gentlemen in the community spent all day doing it. It was a slap in the face.”

Reighter said that once vandalism occurs other vandals will add to the problem. “Someone will see one mark there and then they want to outdo them,” he pointed out. “Then they will go to the other side [which is dirt] and spin mud… .” Reighter said the firefighters then have to clean off the building which is time the volunteers would rather spend training to fight fires or raising money to purchase equipment. Leggett Fire has had multiple incidences of this kind of vandalism and worse which is why they installed security cameras.

“They spent four minutes [burning donuts] and the girl even got out and filmed it with her cell camera,” Reighter said. The firefighters know who made the mess. They are handling the problem themselves without contacting law enforcement. However, they said, the next vandal might not be so lucky.

“If you have extra time on your hands,” the Chief said, “why don’t you volunteer instead of vandalize us?”




  • In the old days… if caught the driver would be charged $100. a foot for the rubber marks. Maybe they should turn them in.

  • Well if you know who it is and you’re gonna handle it yourself what is the purpose of posting the story? Shaming I guess. Hope they have to make reparations.

  • Stupid is as stupid does!!so now they get to fix what they destroyed!!glad they put those camera’s up.

  • Better question might be, where is the official practice site for spins, handling, slides, and the other important manuvers needed for safe driving practice?
    New drivers didn’t see the fine mentioned in the test.
    New drivers testing their handling skills on wet pavement, don’t consider they might be vandalizing.
    But the kids sure know all about being good little robots for their tax propaganda pushers.

  • Make sure to get those darn kids some penalty time helping out with the department! I was a juvenile delinquent once…but getting caught and being made to be part of the team really spun me around. It gives you a stake in your community and makes it very hard to ruin stuff anymore.

  • I had friends who did this kinda stuff decades ago. Was usually on city streets or in big parking lots. We thought it was funny, though I saw it then too as a waste of material (esp the tires that guys would pour bleach on first to soften them up, to lay down more rubber; don’t get any ideas kids!!).
    THE DEEPER ISSUE is that young men are usually expressing power (often thru our car culture, which is the most immediate source of ‘power’) with this type activity. Our western (US, at least) societies don’t recognize them with ‘Rights of Passage’ rituals, which are found to be one way to acknowledge (young) men, their inherent power, etc. (There are likely similar offerings for young women). This is thought to help prevent, among other things, these activities, abuse against girls/women, etc., etc.
    This community has the consciousness and knowledgable men to offer this to young men here. And/or, there are organizations available, like ‘Boys to Men’, an outgrowth of The Mankind Project, etc. Super healthy and supportive opportunities!
    A larger conversation/opporunity is at hand, should the community want that.

  • Another option, in my opinion, would be [edit: we don’t allow commenters to advocate violence.]

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Sure that CalFire accountants were the legitimate target, but this wasn’t it.

    Oh, well…

    Just dig into the use or lose budget and get a pay raise.

    No real harm done and the Union profits, what’s the issue?

  • Nice car though.

  • I see that the dirtbag movement has some new conscripts.

  • J. Worthingham Fatback

    when I was a kid in grade school, 4 or 5 of us found an unlocked door into the auditorium at our grade school. We went in, and squirted a fire hose in the place. It took a guy a couple of hours to mop up the joint. One of the idiots I was with wrote our names in some mud outside the door, so we got caught. They made us all work 5 days a week for MOST OF THE SUMMER from 9 to 3 picking weeds and trimming trees and scrubbing floors and washing walkways at four schools in the district. We learned the hard way, plus the ambiance around home was edgy for a few weeks to say the least.

    They got their money back X 10, and we never screwed around with them again.

    But, I’m afraid that todays bum-ass kids might not learn from their consequences. I saw a post this am that said “There are three kinds of men: The ONE who learns by reading; the FEW who learn by observation; and the REST OF THEM who have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.” (Will Rogers)

  • MendoMadleggettLady

    Let’s just hope that their houses don’t catch on fire.

  • Hope they get it cleaned up.

  • Understanding community member

    How does anyone know what’s really even going on here? The real issue is someone disrespected the fire department not that they did some doughnuts. Also how does anyone know that the people didn’t feel terrible after they did what they did and are making it right? It seems like a lot of people are being very judge mental and think they are Holier than thou Like they have never made a mistake. Nobody is perfect! Did you ever do anything you shouldn’t have done? The important thing is to learn from your mistakes. “You can not grow to be old an wise without first being young and stupid.” People are going off like a crazy mad mob! What a bunch of uncivilized crazy poeple out there! Omg! it wasn’t that big of a deal! All
    The negativity on social media is worst then the disrespect that the individual or individuals did! Like I said before people are acting like an uncivilized mob and should think
    More positive!!! What a small town loving community, not! Ready to hang someone for being a little disrespectful an making a bad judgement call,Get a life! Love thy neighbor!

    • Everyone makes mistakes. I believe the best you can do afterwards is admit you did wrong and try and make it right.. No excuses/blame. Learn from your mistakes and please have more respect for our community in the future. Our community is special. We are all very close and most of us grew up together and should be there for each other. Obviously the Fire Department could involve the law, but it seems they are giving the family the opportunity to do the right thing.

    • Maybe these young adults did the donuts here and are not the ones doing the donut rings all over town and at all hours of the night. But, someone does.

  • The kids did it on purpose. So why should we love thy neighbor?! These kids knew exactly what they were doing. Don’t underestimate them.

  • Glad I survived adolescence. He probably didn’t have to pay for his own tires. Kids do dumb stuff. Not quite as dumb as the burn out competition at the Fortuna Car Show. Everytime I see a kid doing something stupid, destructive or rude. After I rail about “kids these days”. I remember at times, I was a little AH. too. The marks will fade.

  • Chicken of the Woods

    How do we know it’s kids? Could be 20 year old thuggalos bored with their xbox.

  • Our asphalt sealing project

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