Manhunt Monday

John Wentworth




  • One of, if not the most, dangerous men in Humboldt, more violent home invasions and other crimes than anyone I have heard of. For our communities safety, please help LE find him.

  • I can make an ar style weapon at home but not a sling-shot?

    • IKR…well only until dec 31,2016. Then a whole bunch of unconstitutional guns laws go into effect in commifornia. If you haven’t heard about them yet I encourage you to look it up. Jerry Brown needs to GTFO.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Humboldt representing it’s future.

    He just needs a US out of hundumery and a Julia butterfly tattoo on his neck…

    Berries and crap-op with give him gift cards…

    All the parents of this generation made this….

    • Are you just hoj under another name? If not u shuld also go to loco and comment, that’s the place for rhetoric, name calling and generally blaming growers, transients, etc for things while offering nothing of value to assist the situation.

      By the way what the hell is a Julia butterfly tattoo? I’m sure she’d be interested to know.

  • Be interesting to know what part of the county he’s from or where he’s been hanging out .

  • That’s all he wanted for? He has to have done more then this or is someone they really want off the streets.

  • It’s getting crazier buy the minute.

  • Look for a young man wearing a turtleneck or colored shirt.

  • Free the homie worm!!! [edit]

  • He hangs in garberville and redway he used to hang with the tweaker Nicole all the time hit her mom’s white van that is always parked in the shop smart parking lot while you are at it.

  • This guy is as dangerous as it gets. He rolls with Dawson Patrick and Kenny Lee. Theyve been involved in many home invasions and even a murder this summer. Not sure why they are still free. Their names have come up on the loco booked numerous times over the past few years and they’re still free. They murdered Dana and they aren’t going to stop there because they have nothing to lose.

  • Talking shit is so easy to do online. This is what I know, this guy has helped me out of a bad way a few times, the same with Dawson and Kenny. Those are some really foul things to be saying if you don’t have any proof, and I didn’t read murder as one of the things he is wanted for so……

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