[UPDATE 3:29 p.m.] Car Found Upside Down Over Embankment

Breaking news graphicA black car has been found over the edge of Hwy 199 at approximately post marker 8 which is west of Gasquet.  The vehicle is said to be 250 feet over the edge. Rescue personnel have rushed to the scene.

Emergency personnel on scene reported, “”We’re going to need traffic control. Right at the lights just before the construction site. 1:34 p.m.

The area has experienced a rash of accidents since the rain rolled in on Sunday. Yesterday, Gasquet Fire posted on their Facebook page, “So far Gasquet Fire has had three wrecks from our first rain storm of the year. Two roll overs and one car in the river. All minor injuries.”

UPDATE 2:20 p.m.: Dispatch is now saying the vehicle is 125 feet down the embankment, on its roof and lodged between rocks.

UPDATE 2:46 p.m.: Hwy 199 will be closed down for at least 90 minutes per scanner as the car is recovered.

UPDATE 3:29 p.m.: Photos of the accident scene.


Wreck on Hwy 199. [All Photos by Christie Sabin]

wreck on 199




  • Hope the driver is ok, could be the missing lady…

  • Oh no!! I hope no one is in it!! People really need to pay attention in the rain!

  • Oh no I hope this isn’t the lady missing from humboldt. Prayers!!!

    • She is an ex cop. She is always careful. They’re suspecting she lost her front right tire and with the rain… She lost control. She is my COUSIN

      • Please tell your auntie she has love and support from all of us that know her, she is a family friend of ours. So sorry for your family’s loss.

  • Sounds like it might be missing women that didnt show up in oregon

  • I was thinking she must have been traveling the Smith River Canyon Rd. Another road like Highway 36.

  • My dad is traveling that road as we speak !He was in cave junction around 1:30 today . His car is a dark blue sedan . He is 72 and recently widowed . I have just now texted him hoping to hear from him . Please update as soon as you can Kim. I am hoping to hear from him soon .

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    The California side breaks the lanes down and coming in from Oregon it’s a mess.

    Keeping the checkpoint open creates maniacs down road.

    Most are wired up on cash and Grant’s Pass junk food.

    Hundumery, spreading…

    Hope everything is OK, and the humdum that caused this is held accountable….

    Used to be a nice area out to GP, until hundumery started to happen.


  • It’s sounds like maybe they found the missing car.i hope she’s ok alot of wrecks be safe all

  • Reports she was located and died on impact. Peace to her husband & daughter…

  • I think there aren’t frequent updates on the CHP site possibly because of cell service issues in that area.

  • Hope everyone is well.

  • And???

  • Hoping for the best

    The CHP might not be updating for a reason.

  • J winbag glad I am out

    Is there any updates on the story??

  • What a sad unfortunate accident. I’m so sorry for the loved ones of this traveler. It happens so fast. 19 years ago tomorrow, Oct. 4, I was driving this very same Hwy 199 enroute to Salem – 10 am, light 1st rain so pavement was wet, slick. I had a good car, new tires & I was paying complete attention… Firebird hydroplaned & I lost control & went airborne, it overturned 3 times down an embankment. My seat belt saved my life as I was suspended upside down but I got free, kicked out passengers window, crawled up the 60 ft. to the highway. State trooper drove by & saw me, & we listened to the car explosions 1 after another – it was soon a fiery mess. I lost everything that was in the car – I was unscathed but for some glass embedded in my head. I had an angel looking after me that day & I reflect every year on this date with extreme gratitude. Found out later it’s called “Wonder Mountain”.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      That’s something that will alter your perspective of the universe.

      Know that road well and saw a car just miss that giant redwood in the hard forks.

      The serpentine in the air makes strange things happen.

  • https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2016/oct/4/eureka-woman-dies-highway-199-crash/ Yet another copy & paste from LoCO!!! Sadly it seems the woman who was reported missing yesterday has been found!!! Unfortunately for her & all who loved/knew her she was deceased!!!

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