We Know It Rained But, Please, No Burn Piles Yet

Firefighter pulling hose Aug11

Firefighter pulling hose August 11 at the Stafford Fire. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Hey, folks, we know it just rained and it looks safe to burn outdoors but Cal Fire has not yet reinstated outdoor burning. Burning was suspended July 1st for safety reasons and is not allowed yet.

Cal Fire can cite people for burning debris this time of year and the fines can be expensive. Salmon Creek Volunteer Fire Chief Matt Stark explained, “Calfire has been responding to illegal burns and the burn suspension is still in effect. For everyone’s safety and avoid paying a fine wait to burn until the ban is lifted. Contact your local Cal Fire station before lighting any piles.”




  • Good to know! Thanks for informing us of some many great things Kym!! I am sad I didn’t make it to your Citizen of the Year Award party. You deserve it Kym❣❣❣❣

  • Thanks for sounding the warning! You are certainly helping everyone! Not only from a citation but from possibly a needless tragedy if a fire escapes.

  • I heard that a BLM employee who lives at Patricks Point didn’t put out an illegal burn pile thoroughly, & 2-3 days later, on Sept 14, while he was at work, the embers started a grass fire in his back yard. Luckily my friend’s dog noticed the fire and called it to her attention, she called 911, and Blue Lake FD came and put it out. I don’t know why Blue Lake. The fellow now claims that a vacationer must have been walking his dog in his (BLM ee’s) yard and thrown down a cigarette – but BLFD said they found a McLeod that wasn’t theirs by the fire – a sensible tool for tending an illegal burn pile, not so much for walking a dog. Fire is sneaky, BLM employee seems to have been setting a bad example. I saw the burned site: 19 of my paces across.

  • Near the coast here, there was not much rain.

  • Henchman Of Justice

    HOJ calls this # @ 5:30 pm the day before a potential burn day to verify. (443-7665)

    Illegal burners just call too because on a legal burn day, those without permits can blend in….see how flawed Cal Fires bullshit is when it attempts to control with “farting in the wind policies” just for racketeering and laundering ill gotten stolen private sector earnings called fees but really illegal taxes.

    Right now, it is legal to burn in Ferndale, another local example of hipocrisy, not by Ferndale, but every other jurisdiction colluding with the State to grow Cal Fires bullshit shams as an agency…..and governor moonbeam is milking cows arching over the lunar surface……

    HOJ left message late last week with NCUAQD requesting a lift of the burn ban in Zone 1 only (coastal) to be forwarded to State OES and Cal Fire frauds.

  • It would be helpful to post the fine schedule. When folks see how much it might cost them to burn illegally, it might give them a reason to wait.

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