Arcata to Consider Proclamation Supporting Standing Rock Sioux

Standing rock protest in Eureka, ca By Bobby Kroeker

Standing Rock protest in Eureka. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

Press release:

Greetings all, tomorrow evening Wednesday, October 5th at 6:00 pm at the Arcata City Hall, a decision will be made regarding a proclamation to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Please consider attending and supporting. #NoDAPL!Standing rock proclamation



  • Hope this resolution does not have the same ending as the then city council’s 1991 Gulf War Resolution. The huge US flag near the US101 bridge of the Mad River was the result of that resolution.

  • It is what we all want to do 1000% we are with the Standing Rock Sioux and we are all the tribes of all colors red and yellow, black, brown and white…we are family and Sioux are our great peaceful leaders of our USA and our planet Earth mother home now we all together united will liberate the territory as we rise up for healing the rights of nature and indigenous people and our planet!

    Millions upon millions of us are standing with you forever! Be strong and of great courage! We send you big love and we receive big love from you full circle! This is the time the world is watching and we are the voices of truth and protections now!!!

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Shouldn’t they worry about arcata and it’s issues, instead of something that isn’t their concern?

    Why do Neo hippies always need a soap box cause?

    • Henchman Of Justice


      Here at home, the same Standing Rock Complaints occur too, just not oil.

      HOJ surmises in one hand, natives get pissed when they are excluded from public processes, but when local natives (Weott/Wiyot) are the major player in a public process and non native stakeholders are excluded, not a word of support for these excluded victims (mostly non natives) from the Kim Bergels of Eureka politics, now Arcata, who is next?

      Ya, when enough local victims of public processes wonder why they get no “standing support”, then maybe Humboldt County can crawl outta its poop shoot of an abyss.

      So much hope for an all female Eureka council, but alas, another hipocritical let down that serves the interest of outsiders over locals……same as the oil company’s position in Dakota/Lakotah territory.

      America is Hipocrisy, hipocrisy is America….no good values any longer, no good morals any longer, ethics flew the coup…..and dumb ass immigrants believe the American propaganda public relations to move here…….rubbish……immigrants are desired as economic slaves by the progressive liberals… a way, immigrant problems could be the karma punishment to all for the slave mentalities of too many politicians and elected agency types at all levels of gubbamint fraud.

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Order through chaos….

        By design.

        The statue of liberty is Columbia, a goddess worshipped by Babylon.

        Was there ever really a revolution?

        The militia was doing fine until Washington took over, yet who’s picture hangs in every founding temple.

        Order through chaos is the history of the empire.


  • You guys are crazy funny!!and the Mike drops and hits the floor

    • Henchman Of Justice

      What is crazy is nearly immediately after HOJ warns the community of a Cha Gah Cho fraudulant trail process where stakehokders were excluded from the process (making it fraudulant), the McKinleyville Land Trust (not to be trusted either, look who serves on the board lacking integrity and honor???) puts out a grande opening media statement…..oh pweeze…..hide those lies of the process….

      … if the insiders are not “profiling and tracking certain community activists online or publicly”…….what a hoot these local [edit] are doing slimeball politics…..

  • why not keep our water supplies safe. i stand with the resistance.

  • Arcata is a pit of hypocrisy. Remember their proclamation and electric rate hike to stop small grows in town? Something about they are “green” and can’t support such use of electrical because carbon footprint and they care so much…Ha Ha Ha! Now they are building out an industrial area for explicit use by cannabis growers and supplying electrical to them at industrial rates! Indeed- there is already a 700-light grow that is operating, fully permitted and approved by the city of Arcata. 700 Lights! That would be the equivalent of 100 -7 light operations formerly run by single moms in their garages. Only this one is run by a well-funded partnership including a famous football player so I guess it’s cooler or more respectable or something like that. Go Arcata! (You preachy bunch of hippiecrites!)

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