Humboldt Last Week: The Fortuna Homicide

Are you a podcast listener? If you are, you know how easily you can get addicted. Podcasts can be downloaded on a phone and listened to while driving or doing chores. Tedious tasks whiz by while you get caught up on your favorite subjects.

Myles Cochrane

Myles Cochrane recapping the local news for his new podcast, Humboldt Last Week.

A new podcast about Humboldt popped up three weeks ago. Myles Cochrane, the host, says he tries to deliver a quick summary of the local news “in a sort-of laid back, hopefully accessible way.” On Humboldt Last Week, he smoothly runs through a recap of the big stories of the week and then brings on guests to give their perspective.

Last week he focused on Chris Renner who pled guilty to child abuse. This week he delved into the moral issues around the Tim Smith homicide. One of the guests he interviews is this reporter. 

Listen to it here and see if the podcast becomes a weekly addictions. Like and follow Humboldt Last Week’s Facebook page and you’ll be notified when new episodes come out.




  • Is it technically a podcast if you stream it from a site and not through the podcast app?

    • Is a Coke machine still a Coke machine if I buy a Sprite from it?

    • Yes. There is no such thing as “the” podcast app. There are MANY podcasts apps and they were created long after podcasts themselves. Traditionally podcast are streamed or downloaded directly without the use of an app. That is still probably the most common way that podcast are consumed.

  • Pretty cool feature, thanks for the share,
    I like your thought process btw.

  • Ha!! That’s funny … ol Myles “delved into the moral issues”

    I haven’t listen to the audio yet but Im betting he didnt mention why his wife dumped his ass.

  • Thanks for sharing, Kym, and thanks again for you voice of wisdom in the community!

    If anyone ever has comments, questions, or story ideas, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m an open book.

  • I listened. The reporting was crisp and clear and I appreciated the insights into the stories. This comes as a much needed adjunct to the local radio news scene. So much of what’s available seems censored in the interest of advertisers and so-called community standards. God forbid we hear that the decedent was having an affair, or that the room where an unfortunate woman murdered in her home smelled of her death…

  • Henchman Of Justice

    “So much of what’s available seems censored in the interest of advertisers and so-called community standards.”

    Thank You for sharing that on this blog site about censorship by local media journalists for subjective community standards….(clarification – HOJ adds “subjective” and “local(s)”, but it is implied)

  • I don’t get anything that hoj says. He rants about issues that aren’t relavent to the blog .he just goes on and on and on .

  • I agree with M

  • I think it’s important to consider the comment the Kym made regarding the impact of murder rippling through a community, can just as well be applied to adultery.

    Also comments to the effect of, doing a bad thing does not make a person wholly bad, can be applied to both the men in this case. “Everyone has the capability of making mistakes.”

    • I live for the bad ,cause that makes life interesting, but I also live for the good,would rather have a exciting short life than a long dull one.

  • I can’t believe anyone would blame the “victims” wife (there is clearly more than one victim here, one of them is now a murderer, allegedly)

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