Donations Left After Hours Are Part of the Trash Mess, Says Thrift Store in Letter to the Editor


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To the Southern Humboldt Community,

The Garberville Thrift Store appreciates all of your generous donations. However we ask that you only drop off during business hours Monday-Friday from 10am to 5 pm.

The donations left after hours are making [their] way into these transient camps that the ERCP crew and the Town Patrol are working so hard to clean up! If you can’t come during business hours call 923-0167 to set up a time that is convenient for you. We take gently used clothing without rips or stains and houseware items in working order.

Thank You
  • Laytonville Rock


  • Sad it has to come to that, a matter of laziness on the part of the “donor” when you’re doing a great service to people in need. Thank you for going beyond & may the situation improve!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      1) What if a person works during day hours.

      2) transients are thieves, another example

      3) some donations are trash, but the donator knew that, which makes a donator a litterer who is too cheap to pay for refuse disposal.

  • Could be that some people have chosen to ‘donate’ things and by leaving them outside the Thrift Store they also making them available to those who couldn’t afford them even at a thrift store.
    No, it’s not the best way to handle things but where I live now I know people who chose to do this…
    The other thing is that some people might not want to just throw things away but aren’t sure how reusable their items are. If they just ‘drop them off’ then no one knows who left them and if they’re not usable, the store can throw them away.

    The real downside is when people come to look through what was left and make a mess.
    Don’t know how many people have internet access but posting under Free Stuff on craigslist
    is a way to give things away, I do that.

  • The Salvation Army Thrift Store closed in McKinleyville because of all the crap donations made after hours. They had a $50,000 a year trash bill for all their Humboldt stores. The clothing and junk furniture that was left outside the store would then be dragged into the nearby forest and left as trash. The McKinleyville Land Trust volunteers spent a lot of time over the years dragging out the trash while the store was open. “Donations” left after hours are usually the junk nobody wants. How about a HD video camera outisde the store in Garberville?

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Yep, you are right.

      Jill Geist (Duffy)(former county supervisor) dealt with complaints for years and years and years.

      HOJ took pics of the apocolypse, called environmental health, spoke with store employees to see what help they needed or ideas, etc…inevitably, nothing works except a HUGE WALL, so the business closed.

      The garbage made its way into riparian areas, hobos destroying Weott Native Indigenous ceremonial land, etc…..

      But then the Weott with the County Planning lied about site conditions (did not send out a public notice too to some as required) in order to destroy the land more by building additional trails to put more people on the land, even though the Weotts lied and conspired with county on current site conditions.

      First, it was bad to have people because the land is to be preserved……

      The collusion is to use homeless to create “new trails”, then, to get rid of the homeless, create a public trail over the homeless made argument, use grants, and viola, normal people use homeless made argument to make uneasy the homeless who relocate to another trail. (Same as in Eureka which just got a misappropriated grant after homeless made issues surfaced… was a set up for sure to get funds)

      Previously, only animal trails existed on Weott ceremonial land as historic human use is not readily identifiable except for the bums that invaded.

      Yes, the thrift store is now HealthSport.

      Seperate Flaw – Public Employees with county public works (Tom Mattson on down) turn a blind eye to the poor design of Central Avenue…….where the county designs dedicated turn lanes to be used illegally…..there is no northbound lefthand turn lane for Healthsport, Kmart, McDonalds, etc….at the far south end of shopping center, YET, everyday, piece of shit drivers are in a turn lane not for them at all taking a n/b left hand turn because drivers are too fucking selfish and lazy to drive a couple hundred feet more north to the 4 way intersection. (The worst is semis servicing businesses)

      Thing is, a person does mention this stuff before any road improvements or design engineering takes place (sometimes years in advance), and yet it does not get fixed. What kind of lawsuit is it when a driver complains on record and recorded often about a road section design as flawed, then gets injured or killed in a collission caused by an illegal left hand turn attempt by a piece of shit human driver…..precedent setting for sure.

      Again, another example that makes HOJ anti American gubbamint……spending money to fuck shit up worse is the American gubbamint way.

      Personally, The Five (@ the H.B.H.D.) make all other boards and committees look way inferior.

      Patrick Higgons and crew ain’t doing too shabby.

  • Voila… poor Viola

  • Wow, did HOJ drink too many espressos? What a freaking rant! All this insinuation about the process not being followed to build the trails at Chah Gah Cho. Not true. And why are we bringing the Wiyots into this? They were consulted. (It’s Wiyot Indians not Weott, btw.)

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Not a surprise JS comments on this Chah Gah Cho deceit of a process? Hows the pension plan going these days?

      The process was not fully followed, not all stakeholders were contacted or included…..(same claim by Standing Rock Sioux in their dilemna)(happens here in Hickdoldt county too). Wiyots (non voice recognition written version, har har) are not only stakeholder, brush up on noticing requirements.

      There were not existing trails, but animal paths (black bears) and homeless tracks nearest building dumpster….development paperwork did not honestly match on the ground facts.

      If ya preserve land, ya don’t develop trails (but call them existing when they don’t actually exist)(or as in Eureka, use a grant that is specifically to be apportioned only for protection of existing trails, not developing new trails, but Humboldt lives off of subsidies that are very politically maneuverible, apparently), then claim its ok because more people get access to “take in whatever pleasures” at the expense and degredation of the surrounding natural environment that was perfect when left alone… trails, no trash, no bums…. but heck, not as if Wiyot or Weott leadership was using it for ceremonial purposes anymore…..just saying…..processes are flawed intentionally, knowingly….when gubbamints control processes of development on behalf of the public too.

      Do you have a preferred espresso not so hoppidy?🐇🐇🐇


  • This has always been a problem everywhere back in the 70’s goodwill had big metal boxes in s.f.. Plus people try and dump so much absolute garbage dumped on them at the second hand store it’s awful at times, I have seen it. They should get the chance to reject some of that garbage. The garbage bill they pay must be big. Thanks for what you do thrifty

  • after reading this, it just reminded me about how bad I need to drop some clothes off there. (during business hours of course) I got a good amount of brand new clothes that have never been worn for one reason or another (tags still on most) as well as a bunch of clothes that have been worn very little and that I would like very much to not have any more. I’ll have to make time soon, do clothes need to be washed before being donated?

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