[UPDATE: Messaged Mother] 15-Year-Old Eureka Boy Missing Since Thursday

luke15-year-old Luke Matthew Paz of Eureka has been missing since Thursday afternoon. He was last seen about 3:10 after leaving Pacific View Charter School apparently on his way to his bus stop on Myrtle Avenue.

His mother said she received a text on Friday purporting to be from him saying he was in Blue Lake.

Luke is  5’3″ and weighs approximately 100 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes. [edit]He was last seen wearing tan pants and a white shirt and carrying a green backpack.

Luke may be with his girlfriend, said his mother but she doesn’t know that and she is very worried. Anyone with any knowledge of where he is, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or call his mother at (530) 305-5670.
UPDATE: Luke’s mother tells us that he contacted her this morning via Facebook to say that he is safe with friends.

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  • I pray that Matthew is safe and will contact those that are concerned for his welfare.

  • This hits too close to home – I pray for his safe return.

  • If only these kids could know the pain their leaving causes. Hope he comes home soon.

  • Where is the moustache in the pic?

  • I really do hope he is found, if your are interested in missing people check out the works of David Paulides and his missing 411 series of people that go missing in our state/national parks(rural areas) under mysterious circumstances with Yosemitie having the the largest cluster of missing people under this criteria, David has many hours of interviews that can be found on you tube, Rusty West also has a good channel on YT on this topic, many people are missing from Humboldt and our surrounding counties, maybe this information can shine light on some of these cases, Kym Kemp please check this out!

  • Praying he is safe and he comes home soon or is found.

  • Mathew, if you are reading this, please call your mother or someone to let them know you are ok. This is a parents worse nightmare.

  • I sure hope he’s just being a silly teenager and not calling his mom. Come home safe young man. Prayers to his worried Mom and family.

  • Doesn’t anybody know the girlfriend or where she lives? I’d say 3-4 days gone with no communication deserves more than his mother thinks “Luke may be with his girlfriend but doesn’t know”!!!!!

  • Henchman Of Justice

    Is Luke related to Brad Paz?

  • According to Lost Coast Outpost he has been “found” he according to them made a Facebook Messenger call!!! Here’s a direct copy & paste of that part: UPDATE, 10/2, 10:55 a.m.: The Outpost received a note this morning from Luke’s mother to let us know that she’d been contacted by her son:

    I got a Facebook messenger call from Luke at 10:10 a.m. He’s alive and safe in Willow Creek with some friends. He won’t tell me where or which friends but at least I know he’s alive. I’m not sure what steps are next. I’m waiting for the HCSO to call me back so I can tell them.

    I wanted to update you. Thank you again

  • Crest Mouth Watch

    It sounds like he might be in a trim trance for now.

  • I wouldn’t be so fast to say he’s okay because of a FB message……I would def want to speak to him to confirm it’s actually him. And what kind of excuse could the little sh** have for doing this to his mother?? Authorities need to throw his but in juvie for a spell so maybe he’ll think twice before doing this again.

  • A Facebook Messenger Call is good because it very likely means that she got to see his face while talking to him. At the very least, she got to hear his voice, thank goodness. Prayers for the family for a safe return.

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