Coasties Rescue Elderly Man

US_Coast_Guard_Helicopter_in_flight (1)

Coast Guard helicopter [Stock photo from Wikipedia by Vlad Lazarenko]

Press release from the Coast Guard:

 The Coast Guard medically evacuated a 76-year-old man Thursday from a 964-foot cruise ship approximately 30 miles southwest of Brookings, Ore.

Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay watchstanders received a report at approximately 1:10 p.m., of a 76-year-old male reportedly suffering from internal bleeding on the cruise ship Celebrity Infinity.

Due to the severity of his condition, a Coast Guard duty flight surgeon recommended that the man be taken to a hospital for treatment.

Sector Humboldt Bay personnel dispatched an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter rescue crew from Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay to assist.

The Dolphin crew arrived on scene at approximately 2:45 p.m., landed on the cruise ship to board the patient and a ship’s nurse into the helicopter and transported them to awaiting emergency medical services personnel at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Eureka, Calif.



  • Hey Kym, shouldn’t that be St. Joseph’s hospital and not St. Johns?

    • Yes, I didn’t catch their mistake. I fixed it now.

      • Hey Kym, Why not instead of elderly man you just say 76 year old man. He may be in better shape than you or me but after reading Loco’s “Old Man” and your “Elderly Man” ….as a senior citizen, it offended me. I’m pretty sure they’re a bunch of people of that age who don’t like being referred to as Old or Elderly. Ok now on to something serious. Seriously, Have a nice day!

        • Jeez, what next? I can’t call a two-year-old a toddler? When did elderly become an insult. As I’m creeping up on 60 myself, how about we reclaim the word “elderly” as a form of empowerment as in “That elderly woman has so much wisdom; let’s ask her.”

          • Twenty years ago, when I was 50 something, I was representing my client in a preliminary hearing. Several of his buddies were in attendance. At the end of the hearing several cops got in the faces of the buddies and threatened them with arrest. I interjected myself between them and the kopskies threatened to arrest me. To cover themselves they wrote a report about how I had interfered with their investigation, etc., etc.. I still had most of my hair, my beard wasn’t yet white and I was running every day and hiking and biking on weekends.

            I’m pretty sure that when they described me as an “elderly defense attorney” they, at least, meant it to be insulting.

        • Instead of complaining about the proper term to describe a 76 year old how about you just thank your lucky stars you were blessed enough to grow old. There are so many people that die young that would give anything to grow old. I watched my mother suffer in agonizing pain for four years then die at 31, would you rather that over a few wrinkles and being called old or elderly or even decreped. It nauseates me to my core to hear people complain about growing old, appreciate every second of that shit.

        • HAHAHAHA! You’re joking right? you know that words have definitions don’t you?

        • sharpen your pencil

          For shit sakes, it is a fact that at 76 the man is indeed elderly. Find something of importance to get fired up about! You apparently fall under the category of old geezer!

  • Yay coasties!!hope the gentlemen will be ok,and back to cruising!!I’m rocking being aged!!!age is a state of mind,your as old as you feel!!heard them body may be old,but my mind is as young as EVER

  • Hey Kym should of been a comma no a question mark you spelled a word wrong come on people cut her some slack!

    • For reals, focused so much on the trivial shit and correcting someone that works 24/7, if it’s legible they should just read it!

  • I would like to see if you could correct spelling of every word in every comment give her a break GOOD JOB KYM!!!

  • Good job group hum bay you guys n gals rocked it semper paratus

  • Anybody under 35 is just a kid.

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