That Low Flying Helicopter? It Was PG&E’s

helicopter with poles

A helicopter hauling utility poles. It is not the one that was seen today. [Photo provided by PG&E]

Information from PG&E’s Deanna Contreras,

Yes, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) conducted low-level helicopter patrols today in lower Humboldt and Mendocino Counties to inspect electric distribution lines for maintenance. A helicopter flew low, around 500 feet over Bridgeville and then also from Alderpoint to Briceland to Cummings and areas in between. PG&E patrols remote power lines by helicopter as part of its continuing effort to ensure safety and reliability of its electric system. If there are issues identified, it’s possible the helicopter flew at a lower altitude.

PG&E patrols and inspects all of its lines annually – nearly 134,000 miles – to ensure safety and reliability, and to identify equipment in need of repair. This allows PG&E to proactively schedule repairs that might otherwise result in power outages. In rough country, or such remote areas, the most efficient and sometimes only way to accomplish this is by helicopter.

PG&E uses a helicopter company to fly the PG&E inspectors. The same helicopters used for the patrols may have been used by other organizations for different purposes.



  • Is it not interesting they pick this time of year for checking the transmission lines in this area?

  • No it is not. As hard as it may be for you to believe, many lives and businesses do not revolve around marijuana. This is not a conspiracy. It’s PG&E doing their job. Simple as that.

  • Yes, Interesting, can’t be that they want to check the lines right before the winter storms kick in, when vegetation like bushes and trees are at their fullest and closest to power lines and transformers..and they can see where the trouble spot may be later on…

    Remember, the entire universe does not revolve around the cannabis crop, though a lot of folks want to think so…

    • PG&E doesn’t decide on Friday to start a project like this next week. It can take years of planning, permitting and coordination with other projects to avoid long term outages. Some sensitive raptors will have fledged by Fall. Literally, dozens of Federal and State regulatory agencies weigh in to allow this type of construction to move forward.

  • Who was in the blue heli flying low over Old Harris road area yesterday? No lines anywhere near where I saw them….

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