Rain’s Coming; Growers Are Scrambling


Fall rainbow. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

According to the National Weather Service out of Eureka,

Light rain showers can be expected in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties Friday night through Saturday.

Additional light to moderate rain will likely spread over all of northwest California on Sunday. Though the rain is not expected to be heavy…this will be the first rain of the season for many areas. Built up oil on roadways will make the roads very slick. Motorists are encouraged to be prepared for difficult driving conditions this weekend.

Cannabis farmers are scrambling to get their harvest protected. (It’s a little early for the majority of the outdoor flowers to be harvested.)

Marijuana bud after rain

Purple Rain

Expect to see a run on leaf blowers (used for drying the rain out of still growing buds), tarps, garbage bags and totes (for carrying cut bud), and snippers. The small towns that are already full of migrant workers hoping to be hired on for the season will get an influx of growers needing to get last minute supplies.



  • Great photos!!we need the rain,pot molds damn it jim!!!

  • Horray, me and the redwoods and rivers and animals and every little plant not started by pot growers rejoice!!! Bring it on it giant bucket loads, this area needs it!!

  • Yes bring the rain. And p.s. shaking or blowing your plants with leaf blower will a. Spread any mold or rot there is, and b. Will make water get into buds even easier, especially don’t forget the dew that can easily roll in. Roll away.

  • Rain, I Don’t Mind
    Shine, The Weather’s Fine

  • Uncover the woodpile; plan a picnic!

  • ” (It’s a little early for the majority of the outdoor flowers to be harvested.)” At least you know about the correct time frame of the outdoor harvest kym, unlike trimmers that have been loitering around town for the past month and a half, and businesses like Trimscenes that had a harvest party on september 18th. (Not putting down trim scenes, just question there timing on doing that, unless I misunderstood and it was a dep harvest party.)

    • Nowadays, dep is such a significant part of the process that a dep harvest party and dep trimmers seem necessary.


        • Hmm,alittle math for you “Mr. I know everything about it all”…3000pounds per grow* 3000grows =9 million pounds. You’d like it harvested before it melts and trimmed with 30days of being ready. What size workforce do you need for five weeks? Would you prefer the unemployed to sit all year waiting or to flow in for two Months a year? It takes a good trimmer about 8hours to achieve a full pound.

    • The Trim Scene Solutions casual crop exchange is a monthly event. next one is oct 23. they skipped august because of reggae.

  • Well the bugatians are going to saturate the market .because the humboldt co sheriff office .has let them slide .no big busted that the readers of this blog are aware of .oh I almost forgot the Mexicans to .

    • Dude no matter how long you’ve been here you seem pretty ignorant and Racist. The Mexicans? There are far more white boys blowing up, sorry dude.

      • Pretty sure he’s talking about the insane amount of gorilla grows scattered around the triangle that are run by cartels . The fact that they are Mexican have nothing to with why , that just happens to be where they are from . His statements are true .

  • Im welcoming this first rain, hopefully it will knock off a good amount of the dust off the plants. Ive found its much better to just do nothing when the rain comes, blowers just spread the mold, better to just let em do their thing.

  • Kym I really love your photo!!!! Mother-Nature bring on the rain!!!! Our area is way to dry, the rivers need it for the fish, every living creature needs it!!!

  • LOL! The time of year that separates the experienced from the unexperienced. I love it. So much premature weed when the rains start hitting. Dumbasses spending all this time on their herb, only to chop it down early because of rain. Rain on!


  • Finally, some good news.

  • We need lots of rain this year. I am ready for it even though my backyard floods. Any suggestion for solving this? Bring on the rain! Sunshine gets boring also.

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