Motive in Fortuna Shooting Case May Have Been Revealed by Court Documents

Jon Goldberg and Tim Smith

Suspect Jon Goldberg and victim Tim Smith. 

The wife of Jon Goldberg, the man arrested for the shooting death of Fortuna Fire Captain, Tim Smith, told law enforcement that she and Tim Smith were having an affair, according to legal documents filmed and reported on by John Chiv. (Be aware that some of the court documents contain graphic descriptions that may be difficult for family and friends.)

According to the documents, Rachel Goldberg explained that she had received a call from Smith’s wife telling her she had found naked pictures of Rachel on Smith’s phone. Goldberg said she told her husband “about the affair that night.”

Chiv’s blog hosts photos of the documents which include statements from the victim’s wife and son. To see them and read his piece, click here.

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  • That was the first thing I thought .timm was dipping is wick in the wrong ink well.

    • M., I don’t even know where to start with this. But every following comment better be less crude or I’m deleting it.

      • Thank you for not allowing the crude behavior to continue here

        • This poor guy…..

          He was probably pretty happy with his life. He’s married, owns a home on 40 acres, has friends that are pillars of the community, a few greenhouses to supplement his income. He must have thought he had achieved a decent measure of success in his life and then, BAM!, he is broadsided with knowledge that was too powerful for him to deal with.

          After finding out of the affair, I am sure he was up all night , not only dealing with the rage associated with the betrayal from his wife and friend, but also trying to figure out why this occurred. What he ultimately deduces is that he wasn’t able to give his wife what she needed, so she went looking elsewhere for it. In his mind, as a man, he was inadequate.

          That’s a tough concept to accept.

          The image of himself that he portrayed to others didn’t quite measure up to what he perceived it to be, and now it was exposed. Neither his wife nor his friend thought enough of him to prevent the affair. Not only them, but others knew as well. Imagine him going over it, trying to figure out which of his other friends might have known, and why they didn’t reveal it to him.

          Thinking about how the community must be looking upon him had to be devastating. With what they must know, how could he face these people?

          His life, as he perceived it, was over.

          Naturally, striking back at those responsible for his humiliation had to occur. I have no doubt that he had 2 more targets in mind, his wife and then himself. If she had spent the night with him, it would have ended that way.

          Knowledge is power, Ignorance is bliss and Silence is golden.

          The real shame in all of this is that he absolutely didn’t need to know about the affair, but one vindictive woman and another that was most likely struggling with their own guilt, somehow couldn’t see that.

          • [Edit] wow how dare you speak like you know that for sure! A man lost his life, a wife is now a widow, and those boys are without their father…tragic. Nobody will ever know the truth because he wasn’t given a chance. And no matter what her didn’t deserve this. So for you to say it’s because of a jealous woman…[Edit]

            • Henchman Of Justice

              A woman is at the center of controversy for being a cheater with the dead guy.

              Jon is a hero to victims of abuse.

            • Tia…The word I used was “vindictive” followed shortly thereafter by the words “and another”, meaning I blame both of them.
              Tim’s wife already had her suspicions, so what did she do? She violated Tim’s privacy by searching his phone for proof. When she found it, she went off on both Tim and Rachel. That wasn’t enough for her….she wanted Rachel to suffer as much as possible, which is why she said to Rachel something along the lines of “either you tell him or I will”. The scenario I put forth is a reasonable one.

              Jon’s reaction , while regrettable, was completely foreseeable.

              Hell hath no fury…..

          • “He absolutely didn’t need know about the affair.” Had he known sooner he probably wouldn’t have felt so betrayed. People take wedding vows forsaking all others. Something like this is foreseeable which is why you don’t cheat. You talk to your husband and divorce him first. I feel the cheaters are equally to blame.

            • I don’t think that when he knew would have made a difference. How he found out sure does. If one of his friends had informed him, they could have provided some support, but instead, he had to navigate those muddy waters alone.

          • Oh sure, the problem was that he found out. Makes sense.

            • No, the reason Tim is dead is because Jon found out. That’s undeniable.

              • Henchman Of Justice

                Tim is a victim of his own circumstance……

              • The reason he is dead is because he was sleeping with another mans wife. Smith’s wife did what any moral person should do in her situation.

                • Britesunnyshinnydays

                  I think he is dead due to 5 gun shot wounds

                • Disagree. Making the murderers wive tell him created a potentially explosive situation. Since they were all supposedly friends the tragic outcome might have been foreseen and avoided. Yes an ugly fact to know your partner is having an affair but argument, confrontation, divorce would have been better. So sorry for all.

          • Concerned, you are correct in your assessment of this tragic drama that effects many people and causes pain for a long time.
            I have been in this situation before , like you, How does one stop the pain of betrayal, the overcoming pain of being deserted ? Women are not the only ones who feel the hurt of love. Sure murder will not fix anything but how does one make the time to think properly when you`re whole future and the future of you`re children is being burned down to the ground.
            At the most His crime is, Involuntary Manslaughter , 3 to 7 years at the most. crimes of passion are legal in many states.

            • Britesunnyshinnydays

              When I left my wife there was no affair but she still tried to inflict as much pain on me as possible, definitely alot of hatred , funny how people’s true colors come out because they don’t get their way or expect someone to be their slave forever, best move I’ve made, I’m sure if it wasn’t for the money I would be dead , no affair needed, so is that a crime of passion without an affair?

      • Delete the first one too please.
        Your blog is so much better.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Good to know I’m not the bottom of the barrel, but getting a little dreggy. Terrible tragedy and yet another unbelievable Humboldt legal drama plays out.

      • Well stated Kym.

      • I dont understand what is “crude” about the comment. Was it the euphemism that you found offensive?

    • Henchman Of Justice


      Love Triangle Or Drug Related

      Another adulterer involved in a killing.

      Spouses, don’t get married and don’t have children if your gonna be an infidel.

      Crude behavior is apparantly TODAY’s road block for speech enthusiasts, so HOJ will avoid that pothole, pun intended.

  • Wowsers what if the guy says he was insane at the time cuz dude was tapping his wife think he might get off?

    • Crime of passion sounds like honor killing to me. Would you let someone off for an honor killing?! This is 1st Degree Murder…

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Ya, wifey murdered Hubby without actually mortally killing him…..

        What kinda justice for that shit?

        Cheaters are evil too!

      • Adultery is not an acceptable justification for murder unless you live in a christian/muslim bubble.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          No one ever said “ADULTERY” was illegal under the American injustice system.

          As such, Americans fuck over other Americans in a constant daily fuckfest…..too bad the laws in an unjust USA does not recognize infidelity as a capital offense…..punishable by however the victim decides….

      • To murder someone because they destroyed your life by betraying you, is not morally correct, but to me it is very understandable.

        • Destroyed your life? You must live a pretty shallow and meaningless life if it revolves around someone that apparently didn’t like you.

          • Im not sure if you are dim or trolling. You do understand that we aren’t talking about my life right? What makes you think she hated him?

            • Justarelationship

              Did not say hate, did say didn’t like , we our all brought into this world as individuals and may shit can a relationship anytime and anyway one feels like it, if that offends your moral compass oh well , Tim just didn’t bring a gun to a gun fight was his mistake

        • Henchman Of Justice


        • rubbish. There could have been discussion, argument, confrontation, fistfight. But no a gun and murder.

      • Some honor killings maybe crimes of passion but most are not.

      • In Shariah Law of the Islamic faith this type of killing is totally legal, I suggest a quick turn of faith to the Muslim Religion, and have an Imam give the verdict of justified honor killing.

    • Please…”tapping his wife?” She’s not a maple tree on his property.

    • There was premeditation on the murders part. Even in states where it’s a little easier to claim crime of passion he still would have had to catch them physically in the act and have a gun or weapon on his person and immediately commit the crime. But if the suspect even walks into another room in the house to grab a weapon that is considered premeditation. So a whole night to think about it and then murdering someone shows a great deal of premeditation, plus this is California and the crime of passion defense is used more often for victims of Domestic violence or other violent crimes that retaliate with murder on a different day then they were assaulted.

    • I think many would be temporarily insane after finding out their spouse betrayed them. Sounds like a very reasonable defence to me.

  • Kym, thank you for your unbiased and fair coverage of the news. We appreciate it.

    • I dont agree with this being unbiased. If everything and every comment is being censored to please the owner … or deleted … how is that not unbiased?

      • Karen, I allow the vast majority of comments but I have some rules–just like America is a free country BUT there are some rules.

        The rules for this website I’ve honed over many years (almost nine.) And I’ve thought very hard about them. My overriding concern is that I want to encourage free speech which means I can’t allow some people to bully others into silence.

        I don’t remember the last time I banned somebody. However, I do edit comments to remove things that are against my rules but I try very hard to remove the minimum possible no matter if I agree or disagree with the speaker.

        I don’t allow racist, sexist or homophobic slurs.

        I don’t allow comments inciting violence.

        I don’t allow people to accuse other people of crimes unless there are facts backing them up.

        I do encourage people to be kind and think carefully about what they are saying.

        I do encourage people to try and communicate thoughtfully and not just sneer at other lifestyles.

        I do listen if someone tells me I’m wrong or biased and I work hard to fix my errors if I agree.

        • Oh don’t forget that you delete people that don’t like dope growers and their illegal activity

          • Damn, bro, if that was the case you’d have been the first one banned but here you are using yet another anonymous name to talk about pot and I haven’t deleted you. It amazes me how folks insist that everyone who doesn’t think their way is trying to stop their speech. You come on the website and rant about the evils of marijuana growing over and over. I respond courteously and yet you still accuse me of deleting people because I have a different opinion than you.

            I’m bemused and bewildered.

        • I think as editor…it is your job. In my reckoning you do it with a pretty light hand. Your space, your rules

      • Henchman Of Justice


        Thanks for your fair critique, but this is a pro censorship, anti free speech blog site.

    • Henchman Of Justice


    • Henchman Of Justice

      True, but the “language delete list” ia always a surprise.

      Note: refer to the urban dictionary that the moderator uses. HOJ has one word he can’t use, has been warned, and respects Kym to humbly not use the “urban term”.

  • What is in the water in Fortuna??….wow

  • Cellphones will get you every time! Whether it’s someone seeing the naked pictures you took, or the bill payer reviewing telephone call and text logs.

  • No man can do very wrong by keeping his trousers buttoned.

  • It goes two ways, and there must be reasons that these two people strayed from their marriages. Murder was not the answer!

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Punishment is justified. Fuck all ya cheaters, you ruin society!

      • Yeah right! It’s society, specifically Christian society, that has made monogamy the “accepted” and expected way for everyone to live their life. Even the most upstanding Christian, I mean citizen, has a wandering eye at some point in their life. Venture outside the box people. Pun intended!

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Regardless, the audacity of cheaters just to brush it off like dust on the shoulder….is ludicrous.

          Cheating destroys so many lives, ya can’t say adults don’t know wth.

          To “put yourself out there” adversarially because of cheating….love is powerful and people “just loose it, crack”…..murder is always a human form, natural response that does occur.

          Imagine how many other victims wanted to murder the cheater, but refrained because of legal concerns?

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Agreed, but the religious angle works multiple scenarios like,

          1) Religion would have more death sentences or punishments for adultery

          2) Religion would not have more death sentences for adultery, but would defer to the “God” as being judge, jury and executioner for adulterers in “God’s” way (a man, not a woman)

          3) Non Religion which does not believe in 1 or 2 above and believe in an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

          4) Can’t forget those who believe 1-3 above does not provide justice or punishment for the offending perp, so punishment is weighted to the natural effect the victim succumbs too (which varies on an individual basis)

          5) The System is created to avoid 4 above, while massaging at best 1-3 above, but what inevitably happens when 5 above fails each and every case (pun intended), IS VIGILANTEISM because justice is never really served.

          Considering the merits of what works to prevent humans from breaking laws , it is always shown tough love and actual punishment works, whereas soft slaps and lack of real punishment is an encouragement to do it again and again, thus educating society that laws are meant to be broken….morals, ethics, manmade laws, etc….humans show none of it matters.

          Sad, very very sad…..human race does not respect itself, and thus does not respect others, other species, other forms of life…..fricken sad.

      • I hope I never get the chance to meet you. You reek of negativity. I can’t imagine that anyone would want to spend time with you. I smell your anxiety b.o. over the internet.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          What a hoot, news is only negative, HOJ critiques it as negative….and then the rest of the story.

          Good Day,


          • No, you take a bad situation and add fuel to the fire. Sorry you got cheated on, but maybe there was a reason. Get over it.

            • Henchman Of Justice

              Story is like swiss cheese….has holes, but tastes good.

              Fire? Fuel? Wth, lots of individuals fuel burning fire on this thread.


              • Britesunnyshinnydays

                Most make up the affair to cover up their own inadequacies, if someone wants out of a relationship with me , here is what I do , I LET THEM GO, no questions asked, the same goes for if someone cuts me off in traffic , let them go , I know it’s a tough concept but it works with no attorney fees

  • Unfortunately, another local Tragedy.

  • My heart really goes out to Tim Smith’s wife. I don’t know any of these people, but she, and if they have children, their children, are the true victims here. Tim and Mrs. Goldberg made their choices, Jon Goldberg certainly made his choice, but poor Mrs. Smith seems completely innocent. She finds out her husband is cheating one day, and the next day he is killed by his lover’s jealous husband. Holy smokes.

    • Or maybe she thought something like this would happen…Why would you contact the other woman? I doubt this is the case, but it could be…

      • Doesn’t that seem like a pretty wild stab at a woman who appears to be the victim? A lot of people have been taught to go to a person who has wronged you and have a conversation. The spouses of most people who have affairs do not kill them (or else the murder rate would really skyrocket.) So, how could she possibly have guessed this would happen?

        • you need to return to your LCOP Hobbit hole.

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Kym, so true… the beginning, but when adulterers became accustomed to “death sentences”, either marriages would drop down significantly or adultery would drop significantly……as would the death sentences…..everything evil drops significantly in a tough love scenario.

          Also, consider how many spouses cheated on really wanted to kill the cheater, but legal concerns prevented that outcome.

          Just because a person don’t kill a cheater does not mean they did not think of it.

          Just saying.


      • So cover up cheating with lies? Wow!

    • Henchman Of Justice


      Cries go out to her and any children in either family.

      Can’t imagine Jon’s wife shaking at the popo station……wonder if she has second thoughts or regrets now.

      Jon is a hero for all people cheated on…..

      • Today, I’m tired and cranky and possibly not as fair as usual. If you have any desire to hang out spewing insults on this blog in the future, I’d go for a walk if I were you. Don’t push too hard today.

      • I realize you are trolling, but I’ll bite.
        I’ve been cheated on and as devestatingly painful it is, I reject that he is a hero. He is a murderer.

        • Don’t get married if you want to cheat! Everyone has probably been cheated on. Not everyone can control themselves in this situation.

          • Why not?

          • Britesunnyshinnydays

            Get real , we all know how it happens , boy meets girl in their teens , marry in late teens knowing not much of anything about their spouse , all down hill from there, most can’t get out because of finances , and usually both sides know marriage isn’t working but usually one is trying to control the other. No one is ever surprised by an affair, we’ll there is always the dense one .

        • Henchman Of Justice

          Not trolling, just understanding how many women have reacted in similar situations.

          Can’t imagine that flipping gender roles in marital abuse (which is also a form of emotional rape) would be met with hipocrisy.

  • Such personal information blasted out in the media. So very sad. Adults make mistakes but the kids shouldn’t have to bear this. Certainly no one should have to die because of an affair. My thoughts and prayers go out to both families. The pain and anger they must be going through is beyond belief.

    • I agree, I feel , although everyone wants answers, this is really not the time to air this family’s dirty laundry, in the midst of the grief they are already trying to process, now this, I feel that there is a time and a place, and this may have at the least, not been the time.

      • I know how hard it is for people to process these kinds of crimes. I especially notice that when the victims and suspects are essentially decent human beings that are part of our community we tend to want to avoid talking publically about whatever negative aspects might show. (Though most folks usually don’t have a hard time if the person is very poor, drug addicted or a minority. Then they just want to know more I’ve noticed.)

        However, legal statements showing motive are important and frankly, vastly better than wild speculation and gossip in my opinion.

    • Henchman Of Justice

      Blame court documents confuscious.

      • C.L aka hoj, you have crossed the line way to many times on this thread, as a personal friend of Tim smith the cheater you keep bagging on and I am asking you personally to stop commenting about my friend, you don’t know him his family or anything about them, so please take your mumbling to another thread or blog for that reason, we have all had enough of your ramblings, thank you and good bye;

  • It was really easy to figure out why this happened from the first post. But an eye for an eye is no way for a planet to run. It’s devastating to know someone took another mans life over infidelity. I’m so glad the wife went to the police station instead of home because chances are this would have been a double tragedy. R.I.P. Tim. Condolences to all his family, friends and the entire community he volunteered and risked his life for.

    • As a member of the victims family I am outraged and disgusted over this article. This is and should be a private matter and should never been posted on fb without having both sides of the story!!! People need to remember there are 2 sides to every story! My cousin is the victim here not the POS that murdered him [edit]😡😡😡😡😡😡

      • A lot of people knew about this way b4 this article. The fact that ur cousin was sneaking around on his wife and just simply got caught shows it takes two, and he would keep doing it had his wife not gone through his phone and caught his ass. The other woman in question is only partly to blame for her indiscretions, the rest goes to the killer that overreacted. Im sorry for your loss, it sounds like he was a nice guy otherwise ✌

        • I bet a lot of other guys are now questioning their wives about the community smoke detector check performed by the volunteer fire dept…

      • I agree, like I replied before, I realize the community wants answers, but this part of it is a private matter. This family is in the midst of grieving, and now has to see this, and deal with how THIS makes them feel?! You know how this small town works too, the nosy naysayers and the cackling hens. So now people are going to forget all the amazing things Tim did, and remember him for THIS instead? Kinda cold and heartless to throw these details out there at this point in time.

      • Honestly, it appears that Jon and Tim were good friends or at least Jon thought so from his statement, “I thought you were my friend”. If that is the case, Tim not only betrayed his own wife and children, he also betrayed his friend. Feelings of deep betrayal by a spouse and friend can evoke extreme emotional pain and anger leading to a devastating outcome like this one. Two families have been destroyed, and a life taken.

      • Court documents are public. The public has a right to know motive.

      • Sorry for everything you’re going through right now. I really think you should try and protect yourself from further pain by avoiding any social media for a while if at all possible and tell your friends and loved ones not to mention the news maybe? My heart goes out to you, take care of yourself.

      • He had sexual encounters with that *nasty wife*… Like you said two sides to every story. Both were wrong don’t blame the killer someone pushed him to those limits and that would be your cousin…

    • Henchman Of Justice

      This incident was beyond an eye for an eye.

      An eye for an eye in this situation would be a word that starts with “S” and ends in “g”.

  • So sad for all evolved


  • A memorial service for Tim has been scheduled for October 9th at the River Lodge in Fortuna, details are pending.

    If you would like to make donations in Tim’s memory, a memorial account has been set up at Redwood Capital Bank in Fortuna. Donations may be made there, or at the Fortuna Firehall.

    • Thank you very much for that info I appreciate it I have been trying to find out when the service was going to be I have been trying to reach some of the family members but I could totally understand it’s hard to answer the phone and be sociable in a situation like this but they are my family and I want to be there for them I don’t care what the circumstances are nobody’s perfect we all make mistakes it’s just quite the shock and yes just because an angel well I don’t know about an angel but she’s got a heart of gold I feel really bad for her and the kids and I guess shame on everybody else involved that’s all I have to say I don’t get it, honestly I guess common sense hand irrational mind of being in shock I probably would have called that chick to an better have my $0.02 worth I know you not think Jessica expected anything like that to happen I’m sure she’s more heartbroken than anybody is that was to have been together since 8th grade I know they loved each other

    • A GoFundMe page has also been set up.

  • Well now I guess now we can move on from “Good Man” and settle for “Beloved Local”. Two entirely different qualities. Kind of what I suspected when the story was first published.

    • Not that I’m excusing what Tim is accused of having done. But lots of good people do bad things. It doesn’t make them bad. One act or even a series of acts need to be weighed against the sum of someone’s existence. If we were all weighed against perfection, none of us would pass.

      • Bad things? Did someone catch Tim in the act with Rachel, cause nude pics of someone on a cell phone is far from what everyone here is insinuating, I guess I need to erase all pics on my phone so I am not accused for something that wasn’t going on

        • I didn’t say Tim did something bad (although he would be unlike the rest of humanity if he managed to make it through this life without doing anything.) I said, “what Tim is accused of having done.”

        • Well, have your wife or girlfriend go out and spend some time with one of your friends. Afterwords, look at the nude photos she took and tell me how you feel. Does it prove they had sex, no. Does it prove they had an intimate time together and spent at least part of that time without clothes, yes. Now, how do you feel?

          • “Tears on my pillow, pain in my heart, caused by you” Well not actually you, it’s just a song lyric.

            • Henchman Of Justice

              “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?”
              (originally by Lead Belly)

              My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me
              Tell me where did you sleep last night

              In the pines, in the pines
              Where the sun don’t ever shine
              I would shiver the whole night through

              My girl, my girl, where will you go
              I’m going where the cold wind blows

              In the pines, in the pines
              Where the sun don’t ever shine
              I would shiver the whole night through

              Her husband, was a hard working man
              Just about a mile from here
              His head was found in a driving wheel
              But his body never was found

              My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me
              Tell me where did you sleep last night

              In the pines, in the pines
              Where the sun don’t ever shine
              I would shiver the whole night through

              My girl, my girl, where will you go
              I’m going where the cold wind blows

              In the pines, in the pines
              Where the sun don’t ever shine
              I would shiver the whole night through

              My girl, my girl, don’t lie to me
              Tell me where did you sleep last night

              In the pines, in the pines
              Where the sun don’t ever shine
              I would shiver the whole night through

              My girl, my girl, where will you go
              I’m going where the cold wind blows

              In the pines, in the pines
              Where the sun don’t ever shine
              I would shiver the whole night through

        • Really, so he was just collecting nude photos of other mens wives…..Yeah, that’s the extent of it. It was an art collection. Good grief.

          • She sent him nude pics, no one said they were together, or he sent pics , do you just improvise as you go? How would I feel if I was looking through another person’s phone , like a control freak slash stalker.

        • The suspect’s wife admitted to LEO that she and the victim were having an affair.

      • Amen to that, and seriously that’s not for us to judge I’m sure the man upstairs will take care of that

  • so the men are to blame and the woman(likely lieing to BOTH men ) is innocent? HORSESHIT!!!

    • Man and woman are guilty of having an affair which betrayed the trust of their spouses. Man alone is guilty of murder…..pretty simple.

  • I dont think she will exactly get off scott free. She will forever be known in the community as the girl to watch out for because she will sleep with your husband

  • Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • No matter who was at fault it looks like everyone loses here 🙁

  • Well, if this is all true and if Jon gets Marci Kitchen’s attorney he’ll do no more than five years for a heat of passion manslaughter. Wow, good thing his wife didn’t come home or it may have been a double homicide.

  • So some peaple may say justified I say bull.she is just as guilty as my friend Tim was yet she breathes.only god can sorry still murder …

    • ‘American Hero” or ‘Beloved Local” ? Can you list the qualifications to be considered for American Hero? Last on the list for me is you must pass the eye test. Just sayin’. My $.02.

  • Didn’t mean to be rude I just didn’t know how else to say it sorry kim. I am sorry for Mrs smith .I just drove buy there looks like there is a free for all ,cleaning up the property cars all up and down the street looks like Mrs smith has alot of support from friends and family .it was the same way yesterday

  • Not a huge surprise I know another big shot at Fortuna Volunteer Fire Dept who is rather shameless in his philandering . Surprised that fellow Hasn’t ended up on wrong end of someone’s pistola first. These people do important job for that they should be commended but “hero worship ” is for chumps…

  • I love my wife but if I found out she had another guy, a divorce would suffice. Maybe drain the savings account and wreck her car before I filed but that would be it.

    • Britesunnyshinnydays

      Shit. I’d pay my wife to leave , no better yet I’d leave and give her everything and pay her thousands a month to leave me alone, that’s how 30 yrs of marriage goes

      • I must have a sick sense of humor because comments like this crack me up. You must be the one with the bumper sticker that says

        Lost dog and wife
        Reward for the return of dog

    • Sure, if you are thinking clearly at the time, many would not be. Personally I’d let this guy off with probation after a period of mandatory in-patient counseling.

      • Justarelationship

        Good idea , I’m sure he rolls down the freeway armed to the T , and if some person cuts him off they will get the same treatment as Tim. Good idea, I think living with a few guys bigger than him will be good counseling, plenty of hours in the day to talk things over with any day to day interruptions

  • This is so tragic. My daughter goes to bridgevillle school & we have been treated so kindly by Tim, Jessica & Rachel. I only have nice words to say about them. Unfortunately in this situation, the details-as ugly as they may be to some–show motive. They are public now because of the situation & investigation at hand.
    I urge each person to think before they type…there are children involved in this. After you & I stop talking about it, they will continue to live this horrible tragedy.

  • That’s funny shit right there .30 years can do it!!

    • Damn, I wonder if your wives feel the same? I’ve been with my guy since 1982. I would hurt like hell if I found he was having an affair. I’d set up a divorce, yes. But I’d be fair and trust him to be fair back. Just because he did one thing wrong (Okay, two or three things wrong–I can’t get him to put his dang beer bottles in the recycling either) doesn’t mean that I want to destroy him. If for no other reason than he is the only human being in the world that loves my kids as much as I do, I would not want to tear down his life.

      • Their wives hate them.

      • Until you find yourself in the position of having your life as you know it uprooted by an affair … its really hard to say how you would act. That’s why they call it a “crime of passion” … its not all black or white when its happening to you and your “life”. Murder doesnt make anything right … however, pain, betrayal, lying, cheating, and playing with other peoples lives and emotions will drive most people to do things they will regret later.

        • Then think about the consequences before you act, otherwise I hope people live with the regret forever, and most importantly don’t accuse or spred rumors of someone of having an affair without proof, by the way pics on a phone isn’t proof

      • Henchman Of Justice

        Kym, you would divorce your hubby over beer bottles and a recycling container….that is funny.

  • I can’t speak for him but I was joking. SORRY not a good time for jokes.

  • Forgiveness is key !!! Keep rallying behind either family and offer help. This situation will take time for healing to take place. Have witnessed many community minded folks offering help in a time of need. Fortuna is known for quality and caring individuals.

  • Funny as hell! Fully predictable consequences of doing someone else`s wife.

    • Dude! You couldn’t at least wait until after the funeral for this type of comment?

    • Hello all you very anonymous folks,
      If everyone posting comments to social media sites had to look the person or persons they are speaking about or with in the eye, you have a different conversation right now.
      There is no fixing what has happened and no way to express the pain that is felt, there is a way to be compassionate and caring for people you do or do not know who are hurting in an unimaginable way. It’s one thing to have a loved one pass from an illness or accident but for that person to be stolen by the actions of another is a pain like no other.[edit].

      • Surprised Kym is allowing this post or at least didn’t edit the part about “eye to eye”. So many funny things to do with that phone number. Somebody should post a Backpage ad.
        What exactly would you do Jake, if someone had something to say? Wait, Jake, from state farm? Are you wearing khakis?

        • Britesunnyshinnydays

          You jealous cause Jake stands up for a friend , would anyone do that for you.Here is a question for you, how long ago did Tim ask for a divorce, was he sleeping in a separate bed? Same for Rachel , oops didn’t cross your mind did it?

          • WHAT?? I could give a rats ass about either of their affairs or marital situation. How does that effect me or you? Who cares? You seem to. A life was taken. A wife lost a husband. Children lost a dad. Thats what important here. If you want drama, watch a soap opera. Nice name by the way.

            • Britesunnyshinnydays

              Just don’t like seeing dead people raked over the coals for allegations, that’s all.

              • Henchman Of Justice

                The wife of shooter alleged in court documents that she was having an affair with victim, interesting how alleged fits in that sentence.

        • I did edit it twice. I’m not sure if I did something or if something about the coding allowing a photo screwed with my edit. Hopefully, third time’s a charm.

    • It seems Kym is offend by euphemisms, I think she would prefer to to sterilize your language and say something like, Fully predictable consequences of engaging in consensual sexual intercourse with someone else`s wife.

  • Can we expect a convoy to eradicate the “large number of marijuana plants”? Will the neighbors be caught up in it as well?

  • BOCK! BOCK! BOCK! cluck. BOCK, BOCK!

  • It’s not wise to throw stones if you live in a glass house.

  • Bridgeville is great

    Most of you on here are freaks with nothing better to do. Try volunteering the time you spend on here to YOUR community, it would be way more productive. If everyone who cheated on their spouses were deserving of being shot then we would have a major population control mechanism. Including most of you judgemental @ucks….this is a family matter stop playing god and be a volunteer!


  • so sick of this site and loastcoast outhouse being so PC this is the fucking internet if u dont agree with everything u little sissys say u delete their post so delete my post ban me i dont give a fuck

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Then go somewhere else. I hear the TD at LoCO lets you talk like a foul-mouthed toddler to your hearts delight. Go there.

  • Just one more comment about “tappin'” …
    It may be slang, rude or crude but why call it sexist?
    I heard a woman referring to me to her friend saying, “I’m hittin’ that.”

    Tappin,’ hittin’–its slang.
    We’re way too quick with PC stands: if you insult a woman its misogynist?
    And insulting a man is what?

    As far as the sex murder goes people are just crazy for sex, look at the scandals, the politicians, the teachers and priests; its so strong, desire, because we all want that, and when its taken away, well murder? The dude probably regrets it, but sex (and love), strong drive, drives people crazy.

  • If a married man chooses to have an affair with another mans wife he is putting himself in a very dangerous situation, especially when the husband of the women he is cheating with knows who he is and where he lives. the killer could have just as easy murdered mr Smiths wife and child after putting mr Smith down, for all he knows his decision to sleep with another mans wife cost his entire family there lives. Hard to believe such a “great guy” would put his family in that predicament..

    • You got that right, should have armed himself!! No foresight what so ever

    • That is exactly right.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      It could have gone many, many ways. He could have just said F-U” and left town never to be heard from again, or we could have had a murder-suicide or a shootout along the highway. Or this was some odd sex-roleplay thing that got out of hand. Nobody outside of them is really going to know for sure until it all goes to trial. For at least one person though, none of that matters anymore and at least two families, and their extended ones, that are irreparably damaged.

  • he did what every man or woman says they would do if caught spouce or partener cheatin. pics. not good.would rather have foe than friend do this to me.

    • Britesunnyshinnydays

      He didn’t do anything , court documents say he plead not guilty,he didn’t shoot Tim, so who shot him , shit we got ourselves an investigation. I bet he also says there was no affair , who isn’t lying?

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        You obviously have no idea how court systems and pleas work. Just because someone says “Not guilty” does not at all mean it’s the truth. It just means that it will go to trial and he can bail out of jail for a while until then. Are you calling the eyewitnesses liars?

  • Words of wisdom for a corrupt society

    20 Moreover thou shalt not lie carnally with thy neighbour’s wife, to defile thyself with her.

    21 And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the Lord.

    22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    23 Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.

    24 Defile not ye yourselves in any of these things: for in all these the nations are defiled which I cast out before you:

    25 And the land is defiled: therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it, and the land itself vomiteth out her inhabitants.

    26 Ye shall therefore keep my statutes and my judgments, and shall not commit any of these abominations; neither any of your own nation, nor any stranger that sojourneth among you:

    27 (For all these abominations have the men of the land done, which were before you, and the land is defiled;)

    28 That the land spue not you out also, when ye defile it, as it spued out the nations that were before you.

    29 For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people.

    30 Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I am the Lord your God.

    • Justarelationship

      Couple issues with your list, or the list , may need to add no 30 um no selfies, I mean nude selfies, yeah and not sure if I consider Tim a neighbor to Jon so that statement may need some clarification, and last when it says I am Lord your God, may be you could word it better, that’s like me going to work and hearing a 18 yr old kid tell me I am Thee Boss your Superior, doesn’t go over so well with everyone, just a couple suggestions

  • I find it interesting that of all the crime being committed here every day, the supposed motive is the thing being reported on in this case. “It appears to be a domestic dispute, and not a random act, and the public is not in danger” would have sufficed. Let all that other stuff play out in court.

    • I understand and I briefly considered taking that stance BUT the number of comments discussing this sometimes accurately and sometimes inaccurately showed to me that there needed to be more information to calm the gossip. Facts are the best way of calming human’s natural desire to discuss a problem until they figure out the cause.

  • Cant wait for more news to be posted on this site so this article will disappear to the bottom. Sick of seeing Jons face. What’s crazy is there has been no mention of any cannabis eradication. It was said there were 1000 plants. Did the HCSO not chip them? WOW! Murder someone and you still get to keep your plants. His neighbor sucks, so I would be busting him as well.

  • Justarelationship

    Typical grower , wife makes just enough for free health care and pays no federal income tax and gets a check from us for 8000 thousand dollars American as a earned income credit, FACT!!! Keep busting your ass America

  • …and that’s another reason to vote for Trump 2016. Making over a million in one year and we are suppose to bust our asses to pay for her earned income credit. Another crime in itself. The courts should make her pay it back to the system with interest owed… or the plants should be removed with our tax payin’ dollars… just sayin’.

  • Lt. Byran McWaters (Ferndale Fire)

    Kym perhaps you can explain to me the necessity to post police reports directly online. I know it was not your blog but my opinion is let the deceased get buried and memorial occur, which is this Sunday, before posting this kind of rubish. Very few here knew Tim or the actual situation(I knew Tim and do not know all the details of the situation-but he’s gone). All I’ve read is there were photos. That proves nothing and all this is disrespectful to his memory and the thousands of hours he volunteered to his community. I ask that the “media” honor those who serve our community (especially for free) and provide a 14 day moratorium on “news” regarding their demise. Then the Peanut Gallery can gorge if they actually cared the tiniest bit they’d follow the story for the duration.

    • I’m troubled that you are identifying yourself as a public employee of a govt agency, asking the press to suppress information regarding a murder and motive, because you think it disrespects your acquaintance.

      Unless Ferndale’s been annexed by China or North Korea, that’s just not how things work around here.

    • Bryan, I did originally think about not posting the motive. But I had been deleting comments with both true and false details of the alleged affair since within hours of the shooting. It’s been my experience that people gossip in an attempt to understand. If a news report gives factual information, this helps people stop gossiping and spreading rumors some of which were untrue. I made the decision that it was better to point readers towards what was currently believed to be the motive. In my opinion if people are going to talk, and they are always going to do that, it’s better that they have facts instead of rumors.

      As to the information being disrespectful to his memory, Captain Smith either did or did not have an affair. Either way it doesn’t change the many fine things he did in his life including all the hours he volunteered. I don’t think a moratorium on news regarding the death of people who are highly regarded is helpful to the community. People will seek answers. If they can’t get facts, they’ll gossip.

      I know when we care about someone we want to protect them and I honor that in you. Wanting to protect people is probably one of the things that made you want to be a firefighter. I hate when choices I make hurt people especially people who work to help others.

  • no matter who cheated or not Jon is the one who picked up a gun, loaded it, & went to Tim & shot him. There was many other ways to handle it & I’m sure Jon & the 2 women have gone over this in their minds many a time. Instead of blaming, just take responsibility for your own actions & do the next right thing for you to do. One way men use to handle things of this nature was to ‘punch it out’ with their fist. We all need to deal with anger in a better way. My heart goes out to all of them since they all are going thru heart breaking happenings.

  • You know everyone talks of what a wonderful guy Tim was and what a great example he set for the community. But that’s not true, he was involved in illegal activity, he cheated on his wife, he disrespected his marriage vows. He lived a secret life. That is the example that he set for his family. His wife must live the rest of her life knowing that she was the tipping point in all this. If he had just kept it in his pants and not disrespected himself and his family. None of this would have happened.

    • Justarelationship

      So you are saying Tim is to blame for everything, which is true , I think he paid the ultimate price , now it is time for Jon to pay the price for murdering Tim . See you in 10 Jon, all anyone has to do is Google jon goldberg fortuna , stuck with that for the rest of his life

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      If you dishonour your marriage, nothing else you do holds any merit.

      I wonder how many of the firefighters knew about this?

      Sad, but even sadder to defend the actions of the dishonourable.

  • Lt. Byran McWaters (Ferndale Fire)

    First Amendment:
    I am not an employee, I am a volunteer of 11 years. I have watched 18 yo pass, I have fought many fires, packaged many people in car accidents, performed CPR on folks that had passed prior to our arrival, and taught a few hundred kids fire safety, etc, etc. Tim had done much of the same – without pay but instead the pride in providing care to people that are in life threatening or life changing scenarios that only the TV can provide an idea of what is dealt with. I am proud of the work I do for our community and those that I work with, thus I do not hide behind made up blog names.

    I am not trying to protect Tim, he is gone, I am trying to protect his children, wife, family and friends that are grieving. I am NOT asking for censorship I am asking that the press respects those that are grieving long enough to bury their loved one/s before people, with nothing better to do than judge others, start filling in the blanks and talking crap.

    Kym: I completely respect your work and your efforts to both provide facts and challenge the idiots out there to be thoughtful in their posts, not just provide the knee jerk adolescent challenges to others problems.

    SusieQ: I will not waste the time but: It is not illegal in the state of California.

    Jar: true.

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